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  1. There seems no reason to chose any other plating since one is the strongest, attach some bonus to them(like ability efficiency, duration or range these three should work good since quite a bunch of mods seem low on the range) and "close the gap" between them, make them similar and to be chosen mostly because of passive bonus not because of overall strength. For mods, i like how there are now more ways to do it, although i dont feel like damage for battle mods is there. Especially with the fact now energy is connected to frame but efficiency is not(forces to go with certain frames/certain mod
  2. Since last major update 29.10.0 There have been some issues with delay on actions in crafting. Claiming item/starting craft since last update delays possibility to craft/claim new item for about 1-2 sec which is interrupting any tries to craft/claim, this one affects any kind of crafting/claiming in numbers higher than one, the delay seems laggy and unwanted. Mostly triggers ocd since you can't do something when you should be able to (crafting multiple things gets to be a pain bcs of this delay not even mentioning gear crafting.) Not much of a gamebreaking bug but quite tedious and i
  3. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [holding Tab menu open while trying to mount any part of railjack(pilot/gunner etc.) keeps the ui screen of mission open and blocks disabling it until leaving current place(leaving piloting/gunner mount) not much of a gamebraking yet quite annoying since it forces players which constantly check tab to remount railjack.] VISUAL: [ ] REPRODUCTION: [Hold Tab while mounting any part of railjack(pilot gunner front cannon etc.)] EXPECTED RESULT: [after releasing tab button ui should hide if we mount any railjack part.] OBSERVED RESULT:
  4. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Occured twice, once when i was doing defense on veil proxima arc silver i used my specter(xaku specter with trumna equiped) and was playing as xaku with helios scanning around in both cases, in first case i used necramech from start to end and after last wave it teleported me back to railjack turned off entire ui and gave no rewards at all with cephalon cy saying that mission is aborted. In second case the only difference was that i did not use necramech and only used xaku's 4 and 2 ability.] VISUAL: [ ] REPRODUCTION: [Not much of a clue eit
  5. Allow crew to use forge. Double tap blink seems to not work sometimes, maybe swap it for double shift and use it as it is with archwing. Allow to set crewmember on "follow" which will allow him to get out of railjack and join us on a mission when going onto crewships or to defend/destroy something. For gunnery i'd suggest swapping out last perk for bullet magnet mechanic (instead of snapping your aim and breaking your finger from spamming it) make it automatically curve our shoots/lasers(change how they work basically) and allow for a few degrees of missiong so this way enemies
  6. Missions seem quite like workaround instead of accual railjack missions, we dont even get enough affinity to level up our plexus in reasonable time, most of missions are focused on ignoring railjack component which is bad, we dont fight hordes of ships etc we just do normal missions but with the usage of exclusive railjack taxi. Crewmembers killing units should grant us railjack exp. Make missions simple yet involving, simple ideas to make it interesting yet involving RJ: - Running away from fleet while destroying some roadblocks. - Basic extermination. (make crewships destroyab
  7. Crewmates bugging when you order them too many times and refusing to change thier position (aswell they seem to have invisible heads at that point) Not sure if intended but crewmates do not contribute to railjack affinity which makes them basically block most of affinity gains when beeing a gunner.
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