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  1. For sisters it does seem like good system, except for lack of choice which weapon will she have which is really bad when you added the parvos granum as additional condition. For Kuva Liches, they don't seem to get angry, after doing 7 missions my lich finally managed to get to fumming state where sister is at it after 3-4. I'd suggest to increase murmur gain and anger increase of thrall to this of a robodog or if not just increase the anger meter. While sisters seem composed liches for sure don't so i think we should be set more on meeting them almost every 2nd mission. That way we would avoid problem which is the durration of finishing sister vs finishing lich...which right now seems to be at 2:1 ratio.
  2. TYPE: Renaming weapon. DESCRIPTION: Can't rename any of Tenet primary and secondary weapons and only few of Kuva weapons are possible to rename.EXPECTED RESULT: Possibility to rename weapon.OBSERVED RESULT: Tenet and kuva(only Seer, Tonkor, Chakkhurr and Drakgoon show up) primary and secondary weapons don't show up at rude zuud rename menu.REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%ADDITIONAL INFO: Might be possible for new kuva weapons to have the same bug. Edit: Adding some kuva weapons missing from rename possibility.
  3. You can still pet him manually on orbiter, just not through console.
  4. As much as i wait for any update that comes this one feels like litteraly noone tried what is happening, dmg scaling from sisters is all over the place, litteraly annoying fights with cc disabilities and everything thrown together to make us ping pong between sister/hounds/specters. instead of dropping one rank from system u kept 5 rank kuva lich/sister where last one feels like its forced. no speedup and only attached forced copy paste railjack mission... Yareli mission is sooooooo long and badly shown/ordered, kid litteraly almost dead and u go back and forth orbiter>openworld> orbiter, and cap of points too high bcs not every race(not even half of them) match criteria...tips arent even right for tricks...especially that you need to hold for every trick for at least full sec otherwise no matter if you manage to do the trick it does not count. Helminth upgrades force those who subsumed all frames to simply spam thier resources - bad for resource economy. just give lvls those who had subsumed frames over exp limit they deserve them...and those upgrades are basically non existant except for the last one which allows to search for ayatans etc. thats quite okayish. The weekly bonus system forces to spam resources just to get your buffs once in a while, bad way to do it. should allow to upgrade frames of our choice with stats depending on thier popularity that way we would bring weak frames back to life. melee/gun changes are well quite bad to be honest. you cut off 1/3 of melee dmg and did nothing to guns, instead you should have granted 1/3 of stats to all primary mods and then add arcanes. that kind of flow forces players to play around lower dmg with forced grind...while you nerfed the dmg reduction of tenno. Glass frames are already squishy and they are simply oneshooted now bcs of this update. Overall this update left ugly aftertaste and it's the first time i'm fully disappointed in you DE. Thats sad because i have been supporting you for years and all you do since year is nerf/copy paste things instead of rebalance everything from scratch or just boost one side. Yareli got doubled numbers in day since realease when sevagoth suffers from bugs and low stats since the start and got only a small buff. PS: Sisters without hounds on railjack defender position what is it, so we get sister on our side but her dog just runs away? Yours truly 5k+ hours player.
  5. Parvos sisters as they are fun concept with hounds etc. they are overpowered once certain kit comes to play, reviving thier hound, disabling ability, creating specters of your frame with your weapons which are way tankier than you are is simply too hard to deal with especially that they have reduced damage...unload a bit from thier kit or decrease thier dmg resistance, it's not fun to be stuck for 2 minutes in xaku's gaze (yes specter can stunlock me in gaze) just to not be able to destroy any shield and be oneshooted by either yourself or anything else that comes from flashy battle. If 30 rank few thousands hours player has a problem with new part of game it's sure to be a bit overloaded.
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