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  1. Is it just me misreading it, or does the "Valence Fusion" sound like a non-value adding grinding mechanic that may or may not add powercreep but seems pointless anyway?
  2. Hi, you can always use the standalone version: https://www.warframe.com/download This might as well be one of the best versions in this case, due to being standalone. No nasty api's / wrappers coming from some stores.
  3. Kindly be noted that the below is my personal opinion and that I do not feel entitled to any kind of demands in this feedback. It could be a beautiful thing to not have same weapon variants re-released with better attributes. I understand that Prime is one of the ways to gain financial upkeep for the game and isn't generally impossible to obtain, however it just feels like getting the same feeling weapon forma'ed a few times again once the prime counterpart is out. Makes me think of a necessary time and resource waste if one wants to rationally balance between a strong equipment and being able to focus on the actually entertaining content. In my opinion grinding on Hydron or (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught for many hours yearly is not even close to the definition of enjoyable content. Now what I think of "resource waste" goes both ways. Warframe materials and player time could be dedicated to yet unseen content - a new whip & blade, a fresh revolver, a wheel-lock pistol, and so on - which could have been developed by the team instead of re-releasing vanilla content with a golden finish. A logical exchange of hours from reused content to brand new content for both the players and the developers. Or maybe an entirely new mission type paired up with a newly designed graphic tileset. I personally would like that very much over three or even seven 'new' primes.
  4. I like Microsoft's move of system unification by discontinuing technologically obsolete OS software, at some point we'll only have Windows 10 from the Windows system branch and a lot of the compatibility issues might go to the past. After all, many user configurations will be narrowed down to fewer systems. Less trouble, less repetitive troubleshooting to do.
  5. I think that it's a really constructive opinion on what exactly changed in Warframe's overall feel from a player's perspective. I play for fun myself, as do many of my clanmates playing since the initial open launch when you could still buy these founder packages with Excalibur Prime, and yet none of us is Mastery Rank 28. 🙂 It's true that given our accounts have been present for many years we're not focusing on the grinding part of the game - if something we like is around, sure, we'll pick up the materials for it and craft the thing. We also did get Ivara the classical way through Spy missions. However, in the end we don't care if we're MR 15, 16, 18 or 23 and so on. This is where I believe Warframe development should not stick to the 'everything adds to the endless MR grind, and when you finally hit MR 30, then we'll just increase the max to MR 40' (not an actual quote, but business assumption). The question is, why would anybody care for that and focus on the tiny number as something major? I think that there's no proper way to answer that, as it's too subjective. I've seen people go for it for more initial mod space on their stuff at rank 0, however at some point there will be nothing to level (like at current MR 28) so that mod space is just a figurehead impression of progress. Now, don't get me wrong, I prefer that MR gives that tiny modspace boost and some really unnoticeable utility boosts rather than straight up stats, as that would be a balancing nightmare and transform the game into an eastern grindfest where strength is measured in thousands of hours spent and/or sneakily botted. During my gameplay I've often seen a higher MR player bash a lower MR player while openly expressing their MR difference (superiority/inferiority). Relating to my above text that would mean at least a part of the community uses it to measure or add up to the personal ego - I'll not go into detail whether it's compensating for something or not. So where the heck am I going? Well, the answer is - I think that a considerable number of the playerbase focuses on this archaic, endless grind style Mastery Rank, instead of going for their own fun and enjoyment that's not publicly measured or shown, but rather felt on the inside (imagine like, "Aaah, this Corinth sounds and shoots too good, it's ballistic music for my ears"). Who or what should be blamed? Well, nobody! Blaming isn't cool, even if there are visible, considerable design problems. So based on reading the above what do we know? That the only kind of progress is tied to a system of endless, mostly purposeless grind. That from my previous post there's something wrong that happened with the old style enemies who could just keep inflating tens of levels above a hundred and would still be just an uninteresting cannon fodder without any kind of personality. What to do then? One might think at a glimpse "let's add power meaning to MR then to have progress" but let's stop there! Did we come here to play Tibia / Metin / Black Desert Online / any other semi-infinitely power-scaling MMO game? Hell nah! We came here to play Warframe, so let's stay on playing that game in its own, unique design. Player freedom, lots of customisability, and once more - unique design; all of it and many more characteristics make it one of the best free-to-play games. I mean we could fiddle all we want by attempting to give MR a purpose, streamlining player progress better while avoiding the semi-infinite grind, etc. However the actual move should come from the developers themselves, I won't pretend or claim that I know more than them about their own game - after all they have the data in their hands, and this is why that data coupled with many awesome ideas passing this forum could create great things together. Peace for now, gotta work. 🙂
  6. Thank you for keeping up with the weapon usage statistics, well done on maintaining the game in a balanced, healthy state!
  7. I first started playing the game 6 years ago and I personally like the updates. They're working hard on rebalancing the game and adding new gameplay features. Warframe overall felt way too easy at some point starting from a few years ago. The enemies lacked character, ammunition was abundant and everything was one-hitted with ridiculous over-the-cap damage. The times when enemies were dangerous to the characters and ammo was running out forcing the player to use really risky melee were really enjoyable to me and my clanmates. With the last rebalancing done to the weapons such as Arca Plasmor, Fulmin, some Kitguns, the melee system and so on everything looks like it's going to be way more challenging in the future, and no longer a permanent easy mode theme park with inflating, crazy numbers flying everywhere. When the Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna were added I noticed something awesome - the new level 30 enemies were both stronger and better equipped in terms of different things they're doing while engaged in combat than the classic enemies you encounter on the generic spaceship missions. All of this makes me feel confident that if they keep up fine-tuning the game they'll surely appease at least to me and the other folks who enjoy a fair amount of challenge. Thank you for reading.
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