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  1. On a similar note, I'd also love it if we can get K-drives in missions, and Archwings in missions with open tile sets. K-drives would actually be useful in some tile sets like Corpus Planet.
  2. I was very excited about Helminth and replacing abilities until I discovered what abilities we could replace, and now I can't find the motivation to bother with Deimos anymore. There are three things I loathe about the current Helminth system. It costs resources to subsume I'm already forking out a warframe, why must I also pay for it? Charge me to replace abilities, not eat warframes. You can only replace one ability per frame. Gone are my dreams of replacing 1 and 3 on Inaros. Gone are my dreams of replacing 1, 3, and 4 on Loki. This is a very stupid restr
  3. Boosters would have dramatically shorter time value I'd be quite happy to trade the 18 hour login booster for a 6 hour I-can-pop-it-when-I-want booster. It really sucks to login in the morning, discover I have an 18 hour booster, then have to go to work. Those are the only ones I feel should be modified. Even if they have a one week expiry on them to ensure you use them that week. It'd also help mitigate the feeling of being forced to play content you didn't want to play today. Either that, or those 18 hour boosters should be limited to weekends.
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