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  1. For it, it'd be:

    - Dera (real challenge to use, unless you're using Volt's Electric Shield)

    - Sobek (not many things feel as satisfying as running into a room and blasting the enemy's face with a hail of pellets at an insane ROF)

    - Gorgon Wraith (Rambo 2.0, and I used to play with LMGs a lot in Battlefield 3)

    - Vulkar (just for its status chance)

    - Twin Gremlins (useful for pretty much all factions, with the right mods...)

    - Seer (same as above, but with even higher damage and status chance)


    Now, if only DE didn't nerf the Puncture damage of the Jaw Sword, it would've seen much more use from me after Melee 2.0 was released (really loved it in Melee 1.0 and was my go-to melee for Grineer missions due to the Puncture damage). And the Bo ragdoll effects.

  2. Usually it's going to be any new frame that I craft. But when I'm out of frames, I run as Excalibur (Balanced build with Pendragon helm), Nekros (Shroud helm, Efficiency + Duration build with 3 ability slots, switches between Soul Punch & Terrify depending on mission ) or Ash (Scorpion helm, All skills + Melee build).


    Been away from Youtube-vid-making for quite some time now, and decided to get back into it by doing a Warframe mini-montage centered around Melee 2.0 (since Warframe is my main game nowadays). Only 5 weapons were used because I mostly use these types and up to now only have one stance for each (Staff, Dual Sword, Longsword, Katana and Scythe).


    Would like to hear the community's feedback (and sorry for the lack of melee skill >.<)

  4. So I'm trying to decide on a sidearm to try to get to replace my lato for right now.  Should I go for the LEX or would it be better to try to bug people to take me on missions to get the resources for a Viper (or two?)

    Lex is pretty good, especially against Grineer. It was also my first pistol post-Lato and has been with me ever since! Love it, then and now.

    I never got the regular Viper (or its akimbo version), but I do have the Twin Wraiths version (its mostly the same gun, with just a few stat tweaks and its dual-wielded).


    Lex features:

    - High damage (High Puncture damage)

    - Good accuracy (Hence why some people call it the "Pocket Sniper")

    - Very ammo efficient

    - Decent crit chance

    - High recoil 

    - Slow fire rate (Good or bad depending on your playstyle)

    - Small magazine size

    - Slow reload speed


    Viper features:

    - Very, very high fire rate

    - Good damage (Mostly Impact)

    - Decent crit chance

    - Decent reload speed

    - Small magazine size (For an auto-pistol)

    - Not-very-good ammo efficiency

    - Not-very-good accuracy

    - Low status/proc chance


    Also, welcome to Warframe! Feel free to add me, however I'm in the Asian region so it might be tough to find a nice time to play together.

  5.  Okay he keeps saying a trading tab but I have no idea what that is? I don't have it and have no idea where to find it.  Could you help me find this trading tab?


    Yeah he was talking about somewhere in the tabs with like add / invite and stuff. I know the 3 icons on the side with the chat bubble, the friends button and the shield button for clan. He keeps telling me that inside one of those is the trading tab but I don't have it. I have no idea what he is talking about.

    Its in the Bubble icon. There are ~4 chat tabs in there, "Region", "Clan", "Recruitment" and "Trading". Post what you want to sell/buy in the Trading tab. Once you find a seller/buyer, go to your dojo and invite him/her by right-clicking on their name and selecting "Invite"

  6. The dojo I know of. I have traded a few things with clanmates. What he was telling me is something in the chat windows in game that brings up some trade window or something. That is what I can't figure out.

    He's probably talking about the "Trading" tab, which should be next to the "Recruitment" tab if I remember correctly. This is where people put up their offers for stuff. Be warned though, your offers can get drowned out very quickly here, and more people are selling stuff than buying.

  7. Im always playing solo when farming, consider that my clan (I am the Warlord) is more empty than the moon is, thus, there is no team to begin with.

    Well, if that's the case, I recommend trying pubs JUST for Oxium farming (since you've said that your clan is not that active nowadays). Who knows your luck might change...

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