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  1. I'm still having this problem! I also notice there are a couple more bugs with controller where it isn't working probably. Like finnishcoffee said a few and even the sprint is constantly not working like it should when toggled on. any update would be greatly appreciated. 😃
  2. I love playing warframe when I'm off work, but the grinding to farm for certain things is a little too much. Especially when it might take you a lot longer to complete the farm or have to wait till next time to achieve the goal. When would we be able to see a possibility of farming that'll help those who work full time, where it doesn't feel like it's draining out the fun but yet still enjoyable to play? without it sucking your life source. Lol! Maybe increase the percentage a bit to obtain most items? Yes, I could spend the money, but honestly that's not exactly the point of this topic. Thank you for reading! Hope to see what may come out of this and thank you for making a game like this free for everyone to play!
  3. When connecting controller to play, have to adjust the main keyboard + mouse settings instead of controller settings. It's like it knows it is using controller but not actually using controller settings. could it be a problem or a bug? cause not even the setting to check to use controller aim assist works with controller. Tried using different controllers all ended the same output. mind taking a look and help a tenno find a solution? Thank you!
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