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  1. On 2019-12-18 at 6:55 PM, Leqesai said:

    I suggest you try the respectful approach when attempting to voice your concerns. 

    You most certainly will not be taken seriously if half of your post is just railing on the game because of personal bias. 

    I had done that, and I am done with that. Personal? Check the forums, get some info in game, learn some more.

  2. On 2019-12-18 at 5:31 PM, Andevarg said:

    They literally just buffed drop rates on avionics, that's a 50% boost to drop rate. Considering mobility, recruit yourself a decent pilot and use some speed avionics. It really isn't that hard to maneuver, and archwing has blink. Honestly, if it were a few missions to build a mk2 or mk3 there would be no feeling of actual achievement or reward. Instant Gratification isn't something we need more of.

    What does anything you pointed has to do with loot/etc I pointed? 

  3. The grind is getting out of hand, quickly. Also, in this kind of missions, there should be PERMANENT pickup for all, which means people focus on tasks, and not on flying all over the place trying to collect anything that they can before despawn/mission/end/whatever. Clearly, You at DE had some good intentions about Railjack, but the game mode is flawed as hell, and not fun to play after a while. It is just another farm this or that, with no real fun and reward given, considering drop rates...

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  4. Every update, we stray further from the main game. There is so many issues with current gameplay, and all you do is push more, then drop it, and push another. Please, take some time to revisit older stuff. Like, boss fights, one frame to dominate only fights (eidolons for ex.), and enemy scaling issues which really need some rework after all these years. Pushing new bulletsponges in space is not the method some of us want to see.

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  5. On 2019-12-08 at 10:20 PM, spirit_of_76 said:

    either I have extremely good luck or you are making it harder than it is because I have one of each of the requiem mods and I was not using rad shares or trying particularly hard heck most of the time I don't do any thing with kuva I have not spawned a lich yet because I was waiting to get the needed mods to do that.  and this was will me playing once or twice a week since the update.  

    also it is not suposed to be newb friendly it is part of the end game if you did not rush to the end there would not be a problem.  

    Mod combo, not mod as a mod. It's annoying as hell, and tbh, counter intuitive when it comes into Warframe playstyle. It's another layer of grind just to grind, without real award.

  6. Vauban:

    Squishy. Anything over 70- level is almost one shotting him, and the armor "gain" mechanic does not compensate it, and is wayy to slow to actually make up for his base stats and lack of any damage reduction. 


    1. Almost always lost somewhere, instead of following you and picking closest targets, they tend to wander off and start attaching to random gone away enemy, which makes you recast them in hope for actually being of any use. Also, considering electricity as CC, they are way to random, and the proc is way too low to make any difference in your survival, especially on the move.

    2. Flechette should behave like a turret, instead of just random rotator. Tether - what is it, some poor mans effect? It hardly does anything other than capture two or even one random enemy and drag them through the floor/walls/whatever is in the way. Speed pads... Well, I pretend they are not there, because they suck anyway. Damage boost - there is a whole gallery of frames which do it better. Almost useless.

    3. Moderatly fine, targeting and delay mechanic needs some tweaking, because it tends to go off full random sometimes.

    4. Base range is still way too low, this ability should be not only Vaubans CC and buff, but also, capable of "locking down" areas. We can already make much better use of other frames, for example, Khora and her dome which also acts as target practice for enemies.

    Passive is ok, considering it gives some synergy to 3 and 4.

    Other than that, I do find him still, energy hungry, micro heavy and not so armored in terms of survival. I can have fun times with his kit, but mostly on lich missions, he tends to drop like a fly from even lighter enemies, and armor buff buildup is way too slow now.

  7. 1 minute ago, Zebiko said:

    You need to complete the war within quest to have access to the lich system, so anyone doing it isn't new. Not sure how fast someone can get to it though if they had someone taxi them through the whole game, which isn't a good thing to do.

    Do you even read? You can do it fast now. Very fast. 


    1 minute ago, mrbubblepants said:

    its supposed to be anti newbi though. Yes a newbi can end up in a misson where 1 spawns and get wrecked, but that happens with stalker aswell. By the time u can even spawn a lich you have spent a few days/weeks/months learning how to play.

    Yeah no. Stalker is still killable, requires effort, but still. Liches are not, they require stupid "relic mods" combo which is either bought or obtained by excessive farming. This is counter intuitive and not player friendly.

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  8. So, as I suspected, he falls short everywhere right now. Too energy heavy, too slow with the ball, too dependent on energy for tanking premise, and tbh, idea of forcing player to use 1st to actually use any other abilities is just mediocre at best. His 4 should be either synergized better to be actually useful in teams etc, or just remade into something else, because right now it is hot garbage considering that most of frames tend to deal with targets faster/more reliable/without clunky controls issues.

    Reduce drain, switch from that silly idea of energy increase over time, which is really annoying on other frames as well, and introduce maybe a change to buff mechanics? Like, consume 3-4 to receive better buff etc.? This would be much more efficient and superior to actually just another energy hungry frame.

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  9. Well, welcome to DE type of reworks. They only seem to play them at 30 max. Most of frames which are numbers based tend to fall off at 70-80, also, they cannot even rebalance tedious fights like Eidolons, to be more frame/weapon viable. So, don't expect miracles in this department. 

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  10. Ember needs immediate fix for her 3rd, which drops on obstacles, level, etc., not igniting enemies. This is her not only CC but debuff skill, so it is crucial right now for her kit to work as intended. Was doint arbi on void def, stairs, small fences, etc, all nullify her ability and make her overcasting which with current cast cost, is not so perfect. 

  11. 2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Teitaka! Big appreciation for your continued feedback/suggestions on the Relic UI screen changes.

    Some continued changes in the works that speak to your above suggestions are:

    1. Moving the rarity bar below the items in both the Reward screen and Relic Manager screen
    2. Adding owned label back but instead of x5 it is ‘5 Owned’
    3. Adding your name back to the list, we had removed it because it was duplicated, but we removed the other one, so we’ll bring it back in the list of names that moves around

    Just a slice of the pie with more to come - thanks! 

    Since when hiding really important info is considered making UI better? Every iteration of new changes are utterly bad, and counter intuitive, same with warframe powers, etc. Just trying to evaluate which stat am I seeing right now should not be a problem, huh?

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  12. Hildryn Shield should be replenished more consistently - also with Infested - it is a drain + damage, and removing consistency on different enemy types hinders Hildryns usefulnes. Also, Tatsu should have a working Passive, which is nonexistent right now in real gameplay?

  13. Sealing fissures is a chore. Really, boring, uninspired, still spawn stuck and clustered borefest. Really, up your open world game, this game was clearly not made to be one. Forcing players to do this for an emblem and vandal this many times is mind blowing.

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  14. 20 hours ago, RAZORLIGHT said:

    The spawn rate/enemy density in this special alert is great (playing solo), could be even higher before enemy scaling gets meh.

    Alot better than normal missions, i hope this isnt a placebo effect 😉

    It doesn't even do anything to fully equipped frame. Was a bit tired, fell asleep at 15, woke up 3 mins later to find my Baruk still in one piece, with Kavat chewing on some Lancers.

  15. Hey DE. Go watch how you make a boss fight somewhere where it is successful. Monster Hunter, WoW for mechanics, I dunno. Even old space shooters had better ones. Don't reinvent the wheel where you clearly have no clue how to. This boss clusterf... is gonna hit the unused shelf as soon as people will get what they need. Also. Limit weapons and mods more, who needs them anyway. Right?

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  16. Still no fix for Nezha Blazing chakram bouncing off targets without targeting/splitting when affected by spikes. Garuda's "stagger" on 1st is barely noticable, and not reliable in advertised 8m range. Garuda's 4 PoV is too low. Instead of making it cone, make it AoE circle cast to put up to tier with other frames debuff abilities.

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