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  1. 2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Teitaka! Big appreciation for your continued feedback/suggestions on the Relic UI screen changes.

    Some continued changes in the works that speak to your above suggestions are:

    1. Moving the rarity bar below the items in both the Reward screen and Relic Manager screen
    2. Adding owned label back but instead of x5 it is ‘5 Owned’
    3. Adding your name back to the list, we had removed it because it was duplicated, but we removed the other one, so we’ll bring it back in the list of names that moves around

    Just a slice of the pie with more to come - thanks! 

    Since when hiding really important info is considered making UI better? Every iteration of new changes are utterly bad, and counter intuitive, same with warframe powers, etc. Just trying to evaluate which stat am I seeing right now should not be a problem, huh?

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  2. Motes, buffs - haste = makes melee combos broken. HP and healing = not scaling well enough. Electro = I mean, wth, why is this even a thing? If you wanted hard CC, just make Breach work as intended, and with no clipping to walls, which will make it actually usefull. Also, Wisps are already flamed by using this on Def.

    Breach Surge is flawed, as any other tracing ability. It lacks directional power, often misses, is useless in corridors and in low ceiling spaces. 

    Sol - really, another skippable ability, with super boring design, ultimate blinding the player ability, and making you a living target for any higher level enemies. And yes, you can't kill them fast enough until they are in a corridor, because directional beam.


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  3. On 2019-05-14 at 11:44 PM, zhellon said:

    She has good control against infected. Toxin only problem, and antinoxinn prime can solve this problem. Hildryn, is one of the few frames that really feel good.

    She can do jack S#&$ to replenish shields and get overshields which are her base def. Really, toxin is not a problem when you can cast and remove status.

  4. Revenants 4 is not "bad" in terms of damage etc, it's bad by design. It is the same as it was with press 4 Ash, Press 4 Banshee, Ember, and so on. This is just lazy design. Lately, they had few interesting ideas that went sideways (Garuda - because making it almost melee frame with better claws than Valkyr is always bad, Hildryn with wtf is this 4th even supposed to be, and now this - Wisp who even is not a wisp). Really, they have themed frames earlier, for ex Saryn, Oberon, etc. Now they release Wisp which would suppose to be opposing and complementing Oberon's abilieties, but noo, closest thing we got to a "wisp" is Titania. This is just screaming lazy design again. And again. Making her almost stationary because why not, in a game about mobility. It's almost as the same mistake made with Hildryn - second Mag treatment, making her strongest against 1 faction, and totally useless against infested, because she can't get use her skills on them properly to instigate overshields except for Sentinel/other players help.


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  5. So, it's been going for a while, and You as DE promised will look into things considering Nezha rework, but since then almost nothing changed. Thrown weapons and their collision detect and bounces + target tracking is broken still. It would be fun to use some of the more weapons considering we can have Glaive + Kitgun for ultimate fun combo, but considering playing even as a host and seeing time and time again as the Glaive/Chakram/Falcon bounces off something which is not the enemy when it clearly should, and then flying off the radar, is in all no fun at all. I was hoping that Melee changes would make more work towards achieveing things that work on other types of weapons/frames. Please, get someone to finally acknowledge that this system needs a re-check, and fix at least target tracking. Right now, thrown is used mainly when used as throwing through line of enemies, instead of bouncing. And we have some nice mods which are laying around because they don't work as intended.

  6. 23 minutes ago, AwkwardLazarow said:

    I have seen a lot of people claiming 'I can one-shot any lvl 100+ mobs' like seriously what mobs, and with what weapons, riven included or weapons with some mods. id imagine a sniper does a good job taking out things but it isnt good for close combat, for close does everyone use maiming strike and slide all over the map? Im really curious to know what these end-game players are using, like show me yours builds or tell me how you do it. And do you use it with a dps frame or dont need to, it would be easy to one shot with chroma but thats not gonna make a weapons good its just the chroma

    Easiest solution would be to ask them, since they claim this happens. Usually, you can make any mid/high tier weapon nuking enemies, it's just that, what is needed. Also rivens made this game imbalanced even more in those terms.

  7. 25 minutes ago, DreisterDino said:

    So, i was watching Devstream #127 today, and at ~47:50 when Rebecca has problems killing the enemies, and i think Sheldon asks "did you mod the weapon?", Reb replies with:

    "I did, this is high level, so.. we are starting at 35" and later

    "its gonna be tricky for players a little bit"...


    She also says "scaling will be much faster", but if lvl35 is considered high, i really wonder what will be considered fast 😁


    I think i have lost all faith at that exact moment that we will ever be able to face Sortie3-stage-lvl enemies without having to spend a long time in a mission... i just want to have missions that start at level 100 so i dont have to go through the boring warm-up part each time....


    Ah let me say this upfront because one answer that always comes up when someone speaks about wanting high level content is "you just want exclusive rewards and feel like you are better then the casuals"....nope thats really not the case, i simply enjoy playing against tougher enemies a lot more... one example of high level content that is completly optional would be high-level-fissures (i suggested them already), meaning we get 4 endless missions that start at level 100. Nobody gets anything exclusive for doing this kind of content, nobody needs to feel forced to do it, you can get everything you get there in any other fissure aswell - but the ones that like to fight higher level enemies can do that.




    Anyone else feels the same? I know it has been just a short sequence and a sentence, but it was enough to kill the bit of hope i had 😑


    Edit: Btw, the new gamemode in general sounds interesting at least, but when it starts at level 35, i really couldnt care less about buffs or debuffs, because i dont notice any of those^^ Edit2: Although this is a normal starchart-mission, i think describing level 35 enemies as "high" is a little odd...not asking to put lvl 100 missions on the normal starchart also...just wanted to express that there is an even larger gap between the definitions of high-level than i thought before^^

    Sorry to say that, but Reb is almost an off for me when it comes to this game. Casuals I run sorties with are better then this.

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  8. Balefire is a weak mans Staticor. Even worse, it slows you down to a crawl and drains your only way of survival. Really, Baruuk has a MUCH better Exalted weapon. With more oomph to it and sweeping range, considering combos.

    Shield Pillage - against 40+ Corpus, works great. Against any other faction - well go figure, used against Grineer it doesn't scale with armor (why?) providing miniscule amounts of shields back, and on Infested - does nothing, making this frame obsolete for higher runs in terms of rest of her skills. If you make a skill that does x% of something, make it work at x% - not some weird calc that is affecting it right now. And also, all those survival skills should work on amount of %, not flat amount of HP/Shield/Armor enemy has. This way you are nuked to oblivion because you spend more on casting abilities that you are able to recover since shields take damage too.

    Haven - it's either one way or the other, where you want to go with this. Right now, it is not only not so great for squad members, but only pretty much doing nothing at 200% power against 50+ enemies. Also, LOS damage and boost for allies in a game that identifies low rocks as los breaking obstacles - funny.

    Aegis Storm - really, needs a total rebalance on what it does, as it ain't fun to use in any way than visuals or some occasional energy orb farm for group. Constrains regarding Shield Pillage and also, limiting her to only Balefire is a big turn off to be actually useful in real gameplay. Also, in corridors, camera is doing crazy things to keep up with the frame. It should be phased out a bit to actually cover what this ability does.


    And finally: where is the synergy between skills? Where is any kind of dependency other than that I have to use Shield Pillage to recover shields?

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  9. 1 hour ago, BratwurstBob said:

    I left the fight inside Deck 12 after 3 quick deaths as I wanted to bring a different frame. Now the Deck is sealed and I can't enter anymore? Also, whenever somebody joins me for a team they never actually do? I stay solo, is that intended? Can't enter again once I broke off a fight, also intended? I'm really confused about this, as I did the fractures but not really the scan thing.

    It's bugged after adding that fight. There should be different queue for that, they put it into OV itself, which results in all kind of fups.

  10. Hildryn Shield should be replenished more consistently - also with Infested - it is a drain + damage, and removing consistency on different enemy types hinders Hildryns usefulnes. Also, Tatsu should have a working Passive, which is nonexistent right now in real gameplay?

  11. New melee made using Syndicate weapons with quick melee obsolete, which is really something bad considering I could get affi from team to actually proc status/armor/energy whatever. It seems you had not done enough tests on how it impacts PVP and some PVE combo either. As far as I like the idea of flow of the combat, either make syndicate procs independent of the weapon, or fix current situation with them other way.

  12. Can you - at DE - finally get the hint to actually make quest markers and explanation on what to do within quests? This lackluster attitude considering "go figure" is getting really old really fast. Being confused at what to do, and where to do it, is just bad game design. Also, how come we need to close 100 fissures to "complete" this event? Which is tedious chore, nothing fun to work with. Also, grind locking new frame - great choice of introduction to the game. You had previous feedback from countless players, complaining that grind is off scale and is boring - I had more fun doing endless T4 missions than going to OV to fight in this pseudo open world. How come you don't change routine from "go there, defend that for 5 mins, repeat" since this is the worst part this game has in open environment?

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  13. Sealing fissures is a chore. Really, boring, uninspired, still spawn stuck and clustered borefest. Really, up your open world game, this game was clearly not made to be one. Forcing players to do this for an emblem and vandal this many times is mind blowing.

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  14. 20 hours ago, RAZORLIGHT said:

    The spawn rate/enemy density in this special alert is great (playing solo), could be even higher before enemy scaling gets meh.

    Alot better than normal missions, i hope this isnt a placebo effect 😉

    It doesn't even do anything to fully equipped frame. Was a bit tired, fell asleep at 15, woke up 3 mins later to find my Baruk still in one piece, with Kavat chewing on some Lancers.

  15. Hey DE. Go watch how you make a boss fight somewhere where it is successful. Monster Hunter, WoW for mechanics, I dunno. Even old space shooters had better ones. Don't reinvent the wheel where you clearly have no clue how to. This boss clusterf... is gonna hit the unused shelf as soon as people will get what they need. Also. Limit weapons and mods more, who needs them anyway. Right?

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  16. Still no fix for Nezha Blazing chakram bouncing off targets without targeting/splitting when affected by spikes. Garuda's "stagger" on 1st is barely noticable, and not reliable in advertised 8m range. Garuda's 4 PoV is too low. Instead of making it cone, make it AoE circle cast to put up to tier with other frames debuff abilities.

  17. 18 hours ago, WingedCrusade said:

    Well I dunno about level 6842 Gunners but if I ever have the time and am not either watching a 1 year old or working I could try to run like 20 or so minutes xD

    A mix of Simulacrum and normal gameplay as I try to clear the starchart (mostly hovering around Sedna), but regardless the damage numbers are still impressive, and you can’t just discount or instantly assume Simulacrum, (even though its purpose is testing builds hmm?)

    Starchart? Really? Sigh.

    Simulacrum is good for testing builds, if you dont disable AI and enable god mode. Also, has no impact on group play, because other frames and weapons wreck enemies much faster. 

    Even after current changes, her 4 is slow. It should be sped up to 50%, not by 33%. Also, lowering effective FOV for this type of attack is plainly stupid, because it narrows real life usage even more than it should.

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