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  1. This has been an interesting experience. So here's a FAQ: "Are you an idiot?" Yeah, probably "Why would anybody pay that much for a stupid lich?" Good question, most wouldn't. But when you've played this game for years, you start to find pleasure in simple things. I hunted this lich through "Butt Crakk Controlled Territory". I had an excuse to say all the silly little childish things to myself in my head whenever she shows up on my screen. She makes me smile. What is that worth? I don't know. "You seriously won't take any less than 20k?" Honestly, I don't k
  2. When I'm in a mission and under attack, I always can count on my dearest Butt Crakk. She mows down the mobs with her Kuva Quartakk, So I can extract and go get me a snack. And when on my Railjack I gather a crew, My Butt Crakk will surely know just what to do. That is unless she simply starts to unravel, She does after all have a fear of space travel. Here's the thing. I'm not sure I really want to sell her. But maybe you want her more than I do. So I'm accepting offers over 10k Think I'm being ridiculous? That's fair.
  3. A stat screen for Kubrow/Kavat, that accurately gives information on color, size, stats, maybe even lineage.
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