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  1. Hi, I’m Gara, but my friends call me Ruby. They think I have a heart of glass that makes me afraid to get hurt. My New Year’s resolution is to be ADVENTUROUS. I’m shy but confident, honest and respectful. Being transparent is the basis of a relationship with me. I’m a fighter-protector. I’ll surround you with love when needed, but never overwhelm you. Respect me and I will respect you. Interested in a strong confident person who understands that a heart of glass can be broken, but then the shards become deadly. Can you navigate through my splinter storm?
  2. I think it is time that DE caught up with the times and made it possible to customise the OPERATOR so that we can have her look more like a real female of today's world. YES I said SHE because the females of our world are demanding more and have moved forward. NO I am not a female, but I prefer to have a female avatar that can look like a real woman/female and not one based on the stereotypical 13 year old european cat-walk model type. If I was 13 years old then I probably would not have an issue with this, but I am way more than 13 and I still do enjoy the BEST MMO ever! So DE please think about better customisation options for the operator. Thank you!! Happy Holidays!!
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