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  1. IGN: -Bliekord- MR: 23 Current clan: Freezing Death Country: Canada Interested in joining: Quasars Discord ID: Hibiya#3891 About me: [insert generic excuse for emblem] Looking for a community to enjoy challenging end game content with, I started playing since 2013 but have been off and on every now and then, but I always find myself coming back for hard endurance runs such as Eidolons. I am one of the author for a 5x3 Guide and a part of the ORH, and I'd think I would be a good asset to this clan.
  2. -Bliekord-

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Dab on those raids xddddd who cares about vets! who cares about these stacks of arcane energize i've earned over the years! lets just force vets play POE! how fun!! :D
  3. -Bliekord-

    Contest: "let Me Buy That Part For You!" - Week 1

    i really like swords but i have no plat to get good ones. ign - bliekord Dakra prime dp