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  1. Tenno!


    A brief update: Our team is still working on releasing 18.4.10 today.  We'll keep you posted if there are any further delays, but until then we recommend you Focus on this thread for any new updates!


    Thanks for your patience!




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  2. The problem with Draco is its good for literally everything apart from cores

    for mid to late game leveling weapons becomes very tedious especially during the Formaing process you just wanna level it the 3/4 times for the build to be complete and dont want to deal with the tedium that comes with leveling this makes Draco one of the best ways to level, unless you have a friend with Loki Orthos Prime this is in general the fastest way,

    but there's more

    leveling would be enough to convince many to play draco but not just that but the enemy spawns and numbers also make it impeccable for farming reputation so your basically killing 2 birds with one stone

    but wait there's more

    Orokin Cells, one of the three what I like to call Ultra Rare resources along with Neurodes and Neural Sensors these resources are a pain to get and often have to be farmed off of bosses however both of Orokin Cells bosses have really annoying tedious Invulnerability phases not to mention Orokin Cells are used in EVERYTHING, 10-15 per Prime weapon at least 1 per frame 1 for every catalyst and 1 for every Forma and 1 for every Reactor not to mention a selection of normal weapons use these goddamn things too but Draco also allows you to get Orokin Cells and is probably one of the best places to farm them

    it basically does all the things you need to farm, and due to its level its not bad for credits either, thats the real problem

  3. the only reason I play grineer missions,

    with their superior armour

    superior heavies

    superior numbers

    superior damage

    superior health pool

    superior trap systems (Disrupt doors/arc trap>laser doors)


    is because I hate Nullifiers with a passion

    if they are introduced into grineer missions the corpus may as well give up now

    cos Im never going back to a grineer planet again

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  4. TBH the thing that makes the bosses off for me is the lack of melee support

    you released a new melee system then made tons of flying and weak spot bosses

    The only grineer bosses where melee is an actual options are Vor, and the Bosses yet to be reworked

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