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  1. Ok, thank you a lot for fixes but I lost my data from a mission Q_Q
  2. You must search through the planets UI and search for the name of the other planets, you must know that not all planets are connected between them so you much search the way in every planet to get in the one you really want to be :>
  3. We MUST ride PONYS and we will fight them in Tennoland lol :D Yeah, you may question yourself, ridding ponys against ponys? YES, why not *¬*
  4. I paid just for the Platinum but I want the other things of the pack and I'm just impatient to see what is next in Warframe *¬*
  5. Nice idea, we will see what they will release for Primes :)
  6. Yep, I known that but another users (and of this kind there are a really lot) will get very angry whit this if they payed that amount of cash for nothing (well, they would think that for nothing because they won't see anything in-game and they will get more angry) and they possibly will claim for their landmarks whit not apropiated words if you know what I mean, and today in my particular case I was searching for it and I didn't see it so :>, that's all, I known that in next patchs they will put it on but I just asked for, thank you by the way, and see you in war :D
  7. :okay: Now I'm really sad (I don't know if there are more Grand Master whit this trouble) but at the moment I've searched for the name of a mission in.-game and I didn't see nothing u_ù, I suppose that in the next patch there will be more missiones and my name will appear there but I bought the pack 3 weeks ago I think and well, I'ts kinda weird for me because I was waiting for it and I can't find it (call me stupid or whatever, BUT I CAN'T FOUND IT), so now I wanna know... - Anyone more haves this problem? - Did you see my Solar Landmark? (Then you can say that I'm really blind) - In the
  8. It will be awesome, that's all we can say :>
  9. You've played too much WoW or LoL. I can't realize this kinda of gameplay in war, that would fu.ck it 100%
  10. Nothing more I think, they could make that crafting gives you some EXP :S
  11. I love the game, I have most of the Warframes at 30 and a lots of guns and melee and I'm rank 7 whit 181h played or more. I love my ACC and I don't want to restart it because I love to keep what I've done whit me but anyway if they restart it I will play another time to get all what I get until now. when I reach all stuff to 30? I will keep playing, I play whit a friend and we have a lot of fun in Warframe so we enjoy it :D
  12. Playing Solo is a lifestyle. I know is funnier and harder in multiplayer but I can't stand that situations because I've never try to release them in a match so better I play by myself against an army and I'll show to me how my Skill can safe my &#!.
  13. They are lovely and when you are on Solo there only normal grenades that explodes when they touch you after a time but you go whit friends there are electrical ones that electrify you and stuns you and a ally haves to help you, also it get down your shield when you are stuned.
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