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  1. Would love to see this, and even if they don't turn out to be user defined, would be a great way to add individuality to different weapon categories. Good concept!
  2. Not gonna lie this could be the new stealth mission next to spy. I'm down to see this some day.
  3. Sometimes it's nice to have a visual cue, plus I'd enjoy fiddling with it and looking at its details up close.
  4. I've been messing around making some mockups for what could be a new look for the modding page. Most functions remain the same, with a few additions. The first image features vertical scrolling and a weapon display (that would be so cool if one could rotate), along with a snazzy Orokin background. I took a lot of inspiration from an old image Steve tweeted. Let me know if there's anything I missed, I tend to not notice small details a lot! Here's a more traditional horizontal scroll layout with the orbiter backdrop
  5. Player suggestions have always come and gone, and while it may seem that many go unnoticed, it's understood that they often don't mesh well with your intended vision of the game, and for that reason they can't be implemented. With the release of Empyrean, how close can you say your final vision/ideal for the game is to realisation?
  6. Heyo! 1. Plains and Orb both came with a slew of new resources, but because their economies are somewhat self contained (they utilize their own exclusive resources as opposed to already existing ones), their viability as an option to advance core game progress is disputable (a good portion of existing gear uses starchart resources to craft, which these expansions do not reward as much, if at all). What can we expect from Empyrean in the way of economy integration? 2. How will railjack interact with existing star chart nodes? Will planets receive specific rail jack nodes or will we be able to fly to each one in the ship? Right now the demos showcase sort of miniature versions of normal missions when your board ruins or ships. Will we get a rework to the old "drop down from the vents" missions? 3. The new lighting tech is pure eye candy. Can we see more of it pretty please?
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