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  1. Think you could at least tone down the ridiculously high enemy spawn rate. Would like to see you get shot at from 20+ enemies plus mother orb, see how long you last. Increasing the frustration doesn't make us want to play more, but rage quit. And the continuous warframe ability & mod nerfs while super buffing enemies isn't exactly fair either. All I'm really asking in the long run is fair play from all sides. Think about it at least please? And for pity's sake, this a corpus tileset not grineer. Magnetics & gas is what we are supposed to be using, not radiation. At least be consistent with faction elementals. Happy Holidays DE Team PS Some bugs to fix: 1 If someone in team besides host initiates Profit Taker 4, then host can't skip the animation. 2 If host migrates during Profit Taker 4 mission, the remaining players will not get the reward displayed in the yellow box upon completion, IE Ammo Chain for instance. In fact, the yellow box fails to appear altogether.
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