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  1. Will DE make him a rework or at least a little change on his 3, 2 and how str scales on his 4?
  2. if i'm not wrong, DE some devstreams ago showed that Hydroid is the second one in being less played in the whole game for every mission type.
  3. for those ppl who are saying that i dont know how to use hydroid, you can check my profile up. Hydroid grants 100% extra loot once the enemy is grabbed by the tentacles (you can test it with low and High Str power, low str = less crappy skill, high str = the mob will fly far far awaay) the fact: needs to be grabbed, unlike Khora, she only will have to press 4 with high range (we don't know if her mod is affected by str) and there it is. EDIT: yeah, english is not my mother language
  4. with the last update, you guys can get your own conclusions we will miss you, C'thulhu Jones~
  5. Khora = new hydroid RIP hydroid for farming, thx DE -.-
  6. it's only need to put a vote for everyone in the squad who wants to skip cutscenes, if more than half agrees, then skip it...
  7. PLease DE, pls, allow us to skip the dialogues when you are picking the bounty for the Profit-taker
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