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  1. id definitely prefer mind control being passive. Telekinesis is a very good idea but i was feeling she shouldnt have that cause some other frames have an ability somewhat like this but it depends on what you do with it. I feel all of her abilities if not most should ignore armor and shields except for some special units cause of the fact that her abilities should effect the brain. I want her to be a great supporter but damage dealer at the same time like how Wisp is right now. i still like the idea of the 1 where she fires a wave of psychic energy that damages and debuffs enemy accuracy while increasing ally power strength. Can be charged to spread and do more damage at the cost of some range. She cant move while charging this. When 4 is active it uses stored damage and adds a DoT. Her 2 can be a telekinetic AoE that causes enemies in range to levitate debuffing there defenses making them more susceptible to psychic abilities for a duration. Enemies recieve a Dot when her 4 is active and they begin to levitate when Nyx approaches getting debuffed. 3. Psychic bubble with hp that abosrbs incoming damage for Nyx and allies with a bubble on. When the bubble is destroyed enemies take damage, stunned briefly and become confused attacking allies. 4. She starts a psychic frenzy. Enemies nearby upon activation become confused. She does short range palm bursts that are chargeable and can switch between firing modes between psychic beams and bombs. Aiming allows for the beam to do more damage, intensifies (spread a little) and uses stored energy. Enemies that get close to Nyx are stunned briefly (Closer ranged Silence). Fyi stored energy is damage and status procs absorbed from bubbles. i know a lot wont like this but i feel we’re at a point where frames can not be stationary for too long. I would like her moving and not wasting time but im not to to sure about these abilities. Just ideas i think would be cool.
  2. I’d change his 4 to an exalted body armor with gauntlets along with the rumblers. One throws rocks and the other petrifies enemies but they both melee. The more rubble you have on you the more damage you do. I’d change his 2 to instant body armor with hp for allies. Pieces break off creating rubble for Atlas to absorb and the armor has to be destroyed before anyone takes damage. Increase the amount for his passive.
  3. 1. It should be customizable like exalted weapons. Damage scales with combo meter giving him a sort of ranged melee attack. Holding it makes him rapid fire. 2. Smokescreen can make nearby allies invisible and leaves a cloud behind that allies can pass through to become invisible. The cloud cause enemies to choke leaving them open to finishers. If invisible and near enemies they will begin choking. 3. Can teleport anywhere regardless of having a target. Holding it causes a miniature classic bladestorm but ash doesnt teleport into it. Teleporting after doing this will allow you to join in the blade storm. (How it is now) 4. Exalted Short Sword with hidden blades that does mainly slash dmg. He gets a blood combo counter that goes up the more blood is spilled. Clones will randomly appear starting bleed procs increasing in attacks the higher the counter is through line of sight. Shuriken and melee damage increase the higher it goes. Smokescreen now dots but no bleeding. Teleport now insta kills target or makes a slash aoe in vicinity where teleport lands. Slow decay of blood counter when not fighting. Allies causing blood to spill boosts the counter as well but at a significantly lesser rate. Customizable Thats all i got
  4. What i would do to Valkyr is change her 1 to something like landslide. She’ll dash at enemies attacking with both her Riplines ( she does have 2 right?) Consistently. Every hit boosts her damage and costs less as long as you keep the chain going. Not aiming at someone causes her to leap in that direction. Her 3 Is split into 2. She’ll do a three hit ripline combo ending with an X shaped slash wave when pressed and holding it will have her put a claw in the ground and yank up debris in some devastating rage explosion. Pressing drains some of her attack from the one and Holding drains all of it increasing the damage of both skills for some power. Her 4 needs a redesign. The more you attack enemies the longer the claws become increasing the range and boosting her other abilities. idk lol im tryna think of something for her cause she does have two riplines. Why doesnt she use them and slice up more enemies you know. Edit: Her 1 would be a 4 hit combo. 1 hit with both riplines followed by a cross slash wave followed by a ground pound with them. Her first 2 hits have her lunge while the last 2 minimizes movement. Damage increases for every hit constantly. Id change her 3 to something that allows her to absorb damage done to allies and taking it upon herself. This damage would increase her damage and give damage reduction to nearby allies for more survivablity
  5. I was thinkin of Psylocke from X men and the fact that shes supposedly female excalibur. I wouldnt mind if her 4 was a mind nuke on everyone around her but i think exalted weapons or a state of some sort that a frame could go into would be better since exalted weapons can be much more diverse. She could just throw devastating kunais at ads but i feel she needed that Excalibur but not so much excalibur touch. The psyblades would form around her hands like claws. Frost Ember and Saryn maybe even Volt have 4s that are similar but have different elements and features. I was thinking that destroying ones mind would leave them unable to ever do anything to you ever again by turning them into a vegetable lol. Ruthless i know Instead of the blades she could just use the psychic kunai instead like a mobile Peace Maker or something idk.
  6. To me Nyx needs a rework with a different type if approach. I was thinking of some ways to change but im not 100% sure about it. passive: All of her abilities have a 20% chance of mind controlling enemies who would otherwise have died to the ability. 1. A psychic cone that damages, debuffs damage and lowers accuracy. Allies who are in the cone get a power strength buff. 2. Nyx pulls out a psyblade and does a combo attack up to 5 times. Air cast will do a psychic dive bomb attack. Enemies hit by this ability recieve a DoT. Confused enemies take more damage 3. Psychic shield (NOT ABSORB) that gives dmg reduction and prevents status procs. This takes status procs and builds dmg to a set amount (Mesa’s 1). This can be cast on allies creating a shield for Nyx and target allowing for her yo max the dmg quicker. When you use another ability it will deal the damage along with the status procs as mental pain. It can be refreshed and doing so will cause an aoe that confuses enemies. 4. She creates two psyblades that has there own melee stance. She creates psychic kunai that will seek out enemies. Confused enemies take more damage. All of her abilities stun none of them knock enemies down. While her 3 is up there will be a number going to 100% and using abilities restarts this along with the status procs so you want this on all allies to build up everything quicker. Basically all of these procs is her remembering what hit her or her allies affected by her and dealing all of this back at enemies as mental damage. Thoughts anybody?
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