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  1. from what i've seen so far i have no complaints only thing is i hope there are more combos, that you can aim your attacks while blocking (so you can target low and high enemies or vertical swings) and that pressing heavy attacks get combos to or integrated into combos as well.
  2. The thing with Life strike is that i think it’ll be put on heavy attacks. Thats why im hoping that heavy attacks have combos to go with them and that they dont have it use up your entire combo meter.
  3. Alls im saying is the finisher button needs to be a different button other than whats used for attacking.
  4. If you have to reload a gun and/or hack a console do u hack the console or reload the gun.
  5. Walk up to an enemy under finisher effects, the button prompt appears and you hit the reload button
  6. 1. Have the unused reload button be used for special moves with the particular melee or be an interactive ability. For instance it can be the stealth finisher button that way when ur in a horde of enemies you wont have to stop and stealth kill someone while meleeing. 2. Take all the combos and remove the hold, pause and directional inputs for them. Make it to where heavy attacks and the reload feature i mentioned be a part of the combos. Holding the buttons will make the attack be a slower but charged version of the rgeular attack in the combo. Ex. If during a combo they do a vertical swing or a spin it’ll be the exact same thing but a wind up to it and a somewhat fast finish. Maybe this could be how life strike works for those thay use it or channeling attacks. There should be a combo tree for heavy attacks as well. Start with a heavy but it could switch to a light attack and back to heavy or a special attack (special = the reload button thats not used) 3. When blocking make it to where you can aim ur attacks like Excalibur’s exalted blade minus the energy waves. 4. Air combos and much more stealth finishers for all weapons. All i got for now
  7. I like this. You build up the spore dmg then drain some energy (depending in strength) to make Miasma stronger. Spreading spores could work for me too. i have to see this for myself. I see alot of ppl complaining but ive seen some stuff and she is much more active and seems less power hungry. I can see if she was like Vauban or Mag but u technically only have to use spore a couple times the cheapest ability she has and toxic lash a good looking ability now with a decent cost. Now its on the player to move around and keep the damage building versus standing around and/or camping with the molt spore combo. Either im missing something or ppl liked not working much with Saryn but again o’ll have to see for myself.
  8. So techcnically youre making it easier for teammates while building up your dmg. Seems good for a first ability. Honestly before this her first was waaaay to overkill to be a first ability.
  9. I thought spores spreads when they dont die from spores so your teammates can kill them and spread them as well.
  10. if you mean like when your activating something like an elevator or picking up stars then yes like that just on enemies for finishers. Since melee does nothing else i say why not add a feature where with whatever melee weapon you have you do something unique like throw the glaive since theres no other thing for it in melee. Its not like you’ll be mashing it like the light attack button which gets annoying when there is a crowd of enemies open for finishers and you forced to single target all of them or use your abilities and guns which im tryna avoid doing.
  11. It should still work i said reload would be for finishers mainly meaning certain conditions needed to bet met. Enemy has to be on the ground, blind or sleep. Something like that. It would be for interacting. Why cant it be used to reload if your not close enough or in a situation like that. Thanks for the feedback Urlan Also i forgot to say this before. Combo attacks can include light, heavy and the stealth/finisher button input where you are able to hold the button anytime during the combo to use some combo meter. That way there would be no need for hold, pause and directional inputs to make melee more comfortable. Since sword and gun melee could be something melee should have a special attack when not in certain situations. It could be grabs, spin attacks, a short leaping ground slam, rushing attack, glaive throw.
  12. Since there is a free button with the removal of channeling i feel that can be used to switch stances. Switching during combos would do an attack that stuns enemies and starts a new combo. The reload button can be used for finishers and stealth kills. I feel having regular attacks as the button to do finishers can be rather annoying when there are a bunch of enemies open for finishers. Also more finisher animations would be great. Pressing the weapon swap button would be the new heavy attack button and you would have to hold it to switch weapons (only when your not meleeing though). There would be heavy attack combos as well as light but less buttons for heavy than light. Aerial combos? Light attacks for combos and heavys will ground slam. Since there combining blocking and channeling i feel they should reduce the energy cost significantly since u have no choice, Im guessing they’ll do that anyway, but put in a mechanic where i time your block to get some form of reward. Could be energy back, all enemies get debuffed, stuns, melee dmg up or even pairs of these. When blocking you can aim your melee swings horizontally (light) and verticaly (heavy). Blocking and finisher button would do an alternate ser of finishers/stealth kills when theres an opening. Holding light, heavy attack during combos, stance switch and finisher button will drain a portion of the combo meter. These will activate lifestrike and the longer you hold a button the more it drains the combo increasing power, range, crit dmg, status and crit chance. Combos can still be performed with the entire meter. Holding ground slam would have an aoe effect.
  13. Reload button is unused. Why not make that the interact/stealth/finisher button that can also be used during combos instead hold, pause and directional inputs.
  14. Then what would u recommend to fix it if it were to change? How about depending on the weapons block before the change the bar would fillup instead and not cost anything for a brief moment.
  15. There could be a bar for how much blocking u can do before it drains your energy. Timing blocks will restore the bar or give energy back. Timed blocks stun enemies around u when meleed and reflect bullets back at enemies stunning them breifly.
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