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  1. You need conservation items to reach rank3 standing down there in order to get the Helminth segment
  2. Drops are not obtainable for EU as the streams are at impossible times for the working class -coy
  3. Revenant is perfect as he is, no rework needed imo -c0y
  4. I use Excalibur with Stropha, just because I usually don't use him that often. Basically you can use any frame with Stropha, this gun-blade kills hordes of 120+ with one or two clicks -coy
  5. Thats a good decision. I use Stropha in my current setup and this weapon is a bit over the top already - even without riven. There is absolutely no need to push this weapon imo. -coy
  6. So far 3 Essences out of ~20Missions on 4 planets -coy
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