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  1. Baruuk Xaku (Helminth:Mag) Revenant Khora Hildryn (Helminth:Chroma) -c0y
  2. All you need to do is to pay attention to the news in the orbiter. Every time NW ends, there will be a short gap for this material. So stock up your Nithain beforehand, easy as that. -c0y
  3. I don't feel it is that bad. It's a small map with some way-point and other issues, yes. But I personally believe, that remaking Deimos is a waste of time. I'd rather vote for: "Please make The Duviri Paradox better instead" -Coy
  4. Second this. Additionally it would be not optional anymore... because you need it to max the damage.
  5. Unfortunately this doesn't work well. The dog is too often far away when he spreads his heal. In a 36 endurance run he might heal 2 or 3 times... not reliable, but I took him with me as there is no other choice. Expect Voidrig to be at 30% health max most of the time. -Coy
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