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  1. I recommend Octavia for you. Your sub-optimal weapons/mods are not that important anymore with her, because the mobs including the Acolyte will kill themself. Just keep your music up and running -c0y
  2. The full power is back at LVL30 for the warframe (like before), not MR30. It seems you mixed it up a little. -c0y
  3. Your warframe turns lvl0 , but with all 4 abilities available because you are MR10 -c0y
  4. Please READ the initial post; nothing will be taken away from anybody! Its simply gives you a little QoL bonus if you get higher in the MR ranks. It is a buff, a little one and not necessary in my opinion, but it is a buff. Take it and say thank you DE -c0y
  5. The Warframe doesn't matter, anyone will work. Simply play solo and use Xoris only. -c0y
  6. This should be posted in Game translation bugs instead https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1531-game-translations-loc/ -c0y
  7. Excalibur is a very good warframe to pass the junctions on the star chart. I see him as a good choice for beginners. -c0y
  8. This discussion here is about the odds of these specific holos and how hard/easy they are obtainable. I got 12-20/hour but I don't know exactly how much runs I did, we had bio breaks in between, switched teams. You calculate the numbers and possibilities in a pure RNG game, but this is not how it works. If you calculate, than the percentage must be calculated by ALL runs from ALL Tenno on this mission, over a longer period of time. You can run this mission 100+ times without getting holos, this is by design. This design is exactly the same with all other farms in this game to keep you busy and/or spend plat. I am OK with that, otherwise I wouldn't play this game for that long. I understand RNG can be annoying sometimes, especially because the TENET melee weapons are the only ones, you cannot buy for plat. All I said is that it worked for me to get a good amount of holos per hour, if you do it the way I described. I was happy with the result and simply shared my unpopular opinion. -c0y
  9. If you don't believe me, why don't you try to optimize your group and test it yourself? Tether is useless now, use Rockets only! I wrote how to do it, it is not that complicated in Saturn skirmish: 1 piloting, 1 in the artillery all the time - both don't leave their position! (I recommend to use Lavos because of energy management to use battle avionics) The other 2 jump out of air-lock and fly straight to the objective and clear the room. The pilot fly to the objective after a minute to clear the outside nodes, while the other 2 stay inside Our best time was 1:58 but most times somewhere between 2-3 minutes. Though, the first 3 runs usually take half a minute longer, because my front artillery has only 3 shots in the beginning. So I needed to port to the forge and back one time during the first few missions. Give it a shot, you'll see it works -c0y
  10. Maxed standing in Fortuna to visit LittleDuck is nothing for the OP with low MR; its' a looong way to get this Arcane (including 3+ Profit-takers fights) -c0y
  11. I know its unpopular, but I have to say it: The drop rates are OK Saturn skirmish missions can be rushed in 2-3minutes. For a mission that long, the 4 holos at the end are OK, too. I got 12-20 holos per hour this way. There is much heavier grind in the game, compared to that. All you need to do is optimize the mission and split the tasks between the players. 1 pilot only 2 front artillery only 3+4 slingshot to the objective and do the mission The only problem here, is to find 3 others who know what to do. -c0y
  12. Hey founder, same thing here. I played Beta back in the days and became a founder, then I had a 6 years break and came back shortly after Venus open world release. That was a bit too much in the beginning, but I found a clan and we did most of the stuff together. My best advice is complete the star chart first and don't rush it, its too much to archive anyway. The grind awaits you, Tenno :) -c0y
  13. Seriously, no Warframe is usable without an Orokin reactor to get maxed mod space. If you are unsure where to put your reactor (if you have only one), list your available frames and you'll get a good advice here. You can buy these for Nora's credits in her shop, so reactors are easy to get without spending platin. Or post a picture of your current frame mods load-out and stats, so we can give some hints. -c0y
  14. He is useful sometimes: Grendel can spit the mobs out of an airlock in Railjack missions and over boundaries in MR tests. In the end my best advise is, that you should play the Warframe that is most fun for you personally. No matter which one, you can run all available missions with every frame after some practice. -c0y
  15. This sounds so selfish, you only see your personal interests. I personally play the first missions solo, until I know the first one, to avoid those situations. But if you don't understand why people avoid to kill their lich, you shouldn't play in PUG. Each player has the same rights and there is NO EXCUSE necessary how they play the game. For some people reasons exist not to kill it, even if you don't agree with it - it takes longer for the player for each false try - player wants to let the lich spawn more thralls (has been up to 10 afaik) - maybe the player/clan cannot kill a lvl4 lich, especially the teleporting and fast shield regenerating ones - player simply don't want to guess and wait to know all three before trying it. My advise to all of you who complained in this thread: Please don't blame the other players for their play-style and live with it. If you cannot do it, run it solo/clan. -c0y
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