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  1. Cool thanks for giving me a short answer, now I know your opinion doesn't matter
  2. When I say DE stops with the new updates I don't mean the game shouldn't be updated anymore, of course it should but what I mean is something like Rainbow6 operation health but on a much more bigger scale. What this means is that DE should stop adding new contents in to the game for like a year and in that time they should just focus on existing contents and making them the best that they can be. There is so much content in the game that can be improved like railjack, liches, open worlds, archwings, ESO / SO, and many more. As we all know these contents are only subpar right now. I k
  3. Which one of the arch melee weapons looks like cloud's?
  4. I'm sorry but nezha's deluxe skin absolutely looks bad. When there is deluxe skins like wukongs and novas atomica, nezha's just looks bad
  5. 150 platinum a piece? For an arcane? Is this a pc thing? In ps4 both arcane energize and grace goes for 20p - 25p a piece and can get the max for 400-500
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