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  1. not that it matters to you... classic Forum warrior questions :D, get back reading other posts and playing games. Anyway to answer your question partly, this is my last thread and post, just checking how the community is feeling with the game? i'm MR 21, i was very much part of this game, i just don't leave like that.
  2. you can now continue being a Forum warrior and Warframe warrior to, i heard Forums is now the true endgame :D
  3. Nah.. there are no such things as free in life without drawbacks, i'm not coming back nor i'm i playing any other free to play game in the future, i'm a Formula1 fan, and i enjoy the codemasters F1 series, so i'll just play that, in very short spans, well i give my time to other meaning full activities.
  4. Are you going to penalise me? Well.. i don't remember posting this post to your inbox. Move along.
  5. Sorry, for the long post, it's a farewell Rant... i just typed it off my head.
  6. I quit Warframe at MR 21, having played and maxed all essential corrupted/primed mods, i started trying to extract the fun from Warframe, well H - Void survivals for fun is no longer a thing, Nullifiers.... well, what's the use of having a Warframe if you can't use it? well in-short i hated them, it's my opinion, they were no fun at all, and before the elite Warframer's come, they were boring/annoying to me, you can't change that, reserve your own opinions, then comes the mindless ranking up, (seriously a Forma wasn't enough to power up your mod selection/fitting? what's the logic of having to
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