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  1. And for those of you asking for guide armor to be handed to you... shame on you. It is beautiful, and unique. It’s for the guides who have helped the community and been available for those needing a hand. Let them have this to remember the program and Rest In Peace. They earned it, you didn’t. To many players that armor was viewed as a status thing, and that’s not what it was for. It was intended to make guides more physically visible in game to players. Let them have it. It’s theirs.
  2. I know some lovely people who were guides and always went the extra mile to help people. I am sad the program has ended but hopeful the new system will be excellent. To all the guides who genuinely loved helping and care for the community, I appreciate everything you’ve done behind closed doors to make warframe a better place. Guides have made my experience better and they’re lovely people. Yes indeed there may have been a small percentage of people that shouldn’t have been one, but that shouldn’t mean that the whole group was judged for the actions of the handful. I don’t feel anything condescending in this announcement, ‘‘tis just facts.
  3. I had to do much of this solo, due to multiplayer connection issues, so even with the update it would still be slow and tedious for me. I’m a casual player, I don’t go for op builds or do crazy shenanigans. The thought of having to make it harder to get it over with faster just makes me anxious. Where would the extra canisters come from since one person can... lol, only carry one? The way it is now, you’d have to find a fissure you want, Mark it, and then make multiple canister trips and leave them there without plugging them in. I welcome the change of making it faster, but perhaps maybe not make it so hard for forced solo players. (ANd by that I mean I only have one friend I can stay connected to, they have to be the host, and the ping and lag is pretty bad. Going public there’s an 80% chance of being disconnected and punted to square one. My internet is okay before anyone suggests I get off dial up, it’s considerably better than what most people have. )
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