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  1. Being unable to customize his rift to do what works for you by now is just its own calamity. Especially when the problem had been visually related to all complaints. You should be able to tell with certain impunity what plane the action is happening on with no second guesses. Sadly Limbo is in a long line of DE logic. Why can we not have control over the look of his rift. Add colors and patterns different channels for the rift and the enemies, in contrast to the rift. Those inside the rift but have been banished should maintain the same lighting and no silhouette graphic. Quality of life violations: section wtf-247
  2. Nice. I would like her 1 and 2 to look like atoms instead of generic balls.
  3. Yes that's what I'm saying...break the mold. Best looking ivara yet. Balance and congruence has been kept. Where's the quiver tho? Ok ok that's nice one of the best yet...just one more excalibur but then that's it! Kudos for both design. Hydroid needs complete attention and overhaul from pirate theme! Along with a squid Kubro skin of sorts?
  4. Inexcusable...design a good solid internal layout then craft from there out. So the orbiter and liset are not the same. Ok tou'che, liset still suffers from dimensional issues as you gaze around the operator room. On a side note that looks way better than the railjack! Is that hotels on the side
  5. Did u dig that up out of the game or somewheres else?
  6. Archwing needs to be able to pull off aerial maneuvers. That swing against gravity to give it some character. I like the changes so far but it's not enough! The orbiter could be a fighter but it had interdimensional issues. There's more space inside than out and sadly the same guy designed railjack!
  7. Those that honor the theme of said warframe, thoughtful to fashion frame and togglable gawdy bits.
  8. Just look at almost anything on display. You have no control over the camera and most you can't see from calf down as it pans around at its own convenience. Especially the syndicate new loka seed ornament is not even in the picture!
  9. Why does all the diaromas have the feet chopped off.
  10. Ember needs a total refresh in silhouette. Let's break the mold. Keep the shapley part tho. Keep saying ember. Fire. Powers. Then let your creativity go... This has been a PSA!
  11. To come up with these suggestions means YOU actually play the game and contrast how the flow of ideas from theory into practice! The reoccurring theme here is DE doesn't play warframe per'se. Which also explains the egregious implementation of systems and quality of life violations so readily available at every seeming turn. If you going to I corporate "the nemesis system" at least match the quality of those who did it before you. After all they have shown you the road map.
  12. I would like my platinum back. This is subterfuge in action!
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