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  1. I just want to add focus on the spot instead of inconveniencing myself and by leaving navigation just to go to the same screen to add it .
  2. I've said since augments dropped that frames need these added to their base for more player agency. When and after a frame is well synergized (backwards and forwards) then call them augments? The lack of agency is what makes some frames ineffective...too stripped down to compete? I.e. why does mag have to have an augment to pop her own bubble (imho is assinine). No control over polarities, why? Maybe I'm omitting some unknowns but I do know fun. And a lot of augments should be part of my power set as opposed to using mod space for optional basic functions?
  3. Did u hear him DE...this ain't fun!😤
  4. Its based off grab bag stats. Doesn't seem to reflect anything I do? And I've been watching it over the years
  5. One thing sets us apart is those that make the game don't play it on an enjoyment level. They play it on a business provocation level...meaning while u play for fun they will play for enticements towards monetary. There is less creativity in one of those philosophies hence the "touches of love" will always become secondary to "just enough"!? Sloppily told...
  6. There also needs to be a better damage indication pass...who know what u get hit by when u get hit and wind up flat on your back. Was it him, her, it, they, them, I don't know jus rez me bro!
  7. I think the problems lie in the fact a lot of frames are missing key components to the survival? Some frames need their augment mods dissolved into their base power sets giving much needed agency to fight back! Some frames cannot stop enemies from advancing and that becomes a problem very quickly! All frames should be able to manipulate their powers to a better degree than what's on offer!? After that has been satisfied then call it an augment mod! (DE, "I HAVE SPOKEN")
  8. Frost legs need a total redo in silhouette and design...its time to change it a little more...harks was a nice deviation! Hydroid needs a total redo(drop the pirate theme) everything...try something different?
  9. Where is the archwing, chase down the the annoying bomber dropship mid-level air to ground gameplay? (The missing fun reminder)!!! And add weapon usage of some sort to hoverboards and better control for it?
  10. Your looking for more player agency and competently challenging A.I.? What we have here is wavering definitions. To a developer better A.I. is a bullet sponge fix solution not an engaging experience and player agency is more colors and skins....ask with a different set of criteria to get it heard?
  11. I would like if they didn't block match making after so many waves! If a player leaves there will be no more fill ins...why? As if any of these levels are too difficult to grab hold of... And please let me put focus in my relics on the spot if I have focus....instead going out of the menu to go back into the same menu (overlapping insanity).
  12. U all look over the incoherent story, lore and gameplay is what makes warframe tick? The day they make it all make sense is when u will lose interest?
  13. Barring hind sight, Funny how ideas suggested are always better than what's on offer. It just seems the worst of what could be is primary chosen instead of fun and what makes sense! ? DE, when u decide to leave a kit alone do u say we've nailed it, this is fun, this balanced, this is effective or do u grab the blindfold and a hand full of darts?
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