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    solution for host migrate; let us toggle hosting

    SInce i know something negative is going to happen, I'm done playing till host migration gets sorted to work like a competent system with player change overs in mind? (not losing progress to fu@kry). Since fortuna dropped my progress has been thoroughly subverted due to crappy mission structure and host migration and I'm damn sick of it (lvl 25). Thx alot DE

    Alert System is Stroke of Genius!

    Enemies should also show up according to alert levels. Most of the time enemies are doled out too slowly causing very lulled experience.
  3. I suggested this also...needs to happen ASAP!!!

    Wow DE .. just wow ..

    All the snow and low detail is actually grating on the eyes after awhile
  5. As I choose to do another bounty "YOUR TEAM MATES ARE READY TO LEAVE 1/4", plastered on my screen is a penalty. DE do honestly play warframe...I'm starting to wonder?

    Should conclave be reworked or removed from the game entirely

    DE is need of a balance specialist. Someone who can come in and lay down the laws of fun vs game breaking issues. Problem is u hv frames that can't stay alive, then u have frames who cannot die. I suggest just leave it alone on this trip and figure it out in a sequel?

    can transference be made client-side?

    I'm constantly losing my ability to shoot and transfer bcuz of this... It happens a lot while fighting eidolons...can no longer use abilities becoming totally useless!

    Arching and k-drive button mapping

    Each and every different mode play of should hv it's own customizable mapping! I just can't understand in 2018 this is still glossed over with so many games. Let me configure what is best for me. I'm always disappointed to run into hardlocked control schemes. Its infuriating...

    The first steps to fixing Warframe's issues

    DE should just listen to me period.

    Reduce bundle costs for owned items

    I'm sure they can come to some concession...meanwhile, it's a no sale at all for me? Plat ain't cheap DE?

    Let us ride a spider tank?

    Get inside titanfall style?...even hijack corpus/ grineer dropships...all types? Gives me the keys to fun DE!!! And also tennogen the k-drives stylized to warframe themes....get busy (creators) people!

    It's about time for a general overhaul of Kubrow breed specific skills

    Fetch/ vacuum should should be innate. Then have rudimentary behavior similar to ivara/ vauban selectable powers?

    Friendly/Enemy healthbars need to look different.

    I'd like bars being laden with more colors and x/number health. so I don't have to watch that yellow one going down ever so slowly That reticle being a assignable color too tho?

    Please let this be the next open world.

    Infested levels are horrible to navigate... I'd rather DE go back and flesh out the plains...add undergrounds through water sources...tree areas, more distinction overall? When brought up to speed with venus then implement another open area

    Knockdown mechanic rant

    Simply needs a mini-game stuffed in there so you can skillfully get back on your feet...or fail and then...and only then, should you be flat on your back? Game design 101 from armchair ninja...if its abrasive to my fun you have failed!!