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  1. All wings lack proper curvature and exactly why I don't bother. They come off looking like cheap cosplay!
  2. Hitboxes in this game feel like dried grapes on the vine...DE could u possibly go back through the whole game and and enlarge them abroad make them juicy! When I hit something make it wince in pain. As it stands now all but the NEW INFESTED enemies have good hitboxes(the yellow ones)? It feels like finding a needle in a haystack and just feel off! And get the controller shake in tandem with the contact so I can feel it! I wished DE played their own game we wouldn't be dealing with blatant misfires like this. These sort of things should have been sorted by just thinking about it.
  3. NO, we at DE love it the way it is! Nothing gets our pustrels pulsating more than knowing you have wasted your time playing our game! Especially wave 39 host migration where no enemies spawn causing you to reset the game yourself! "Bring the nikana for your proper Seppuku"!
  4. What if archwing transformed into hoverboards and sharkwing? What if hoverboards didn't control like a drunk on a tightrope? What if you could just stay on them. What was the purpose in the first place? After knowing Tony hawk and unreal tournament 3 exist, why does it control like crap? Why don't enemies have hoverboards Why aren't kdrive more looky better?
  5. Also better run animations except guass! Every one else look like they run with a stick up it?
  6. The never should have removed it in the first place. It needed to be toned down to more palatable damage. Again DE missed the point of contention! #DEdiditagain!
  7. He is reloading there is just no animation?
  8. Needs a portal linking all open world areas without orbiter intervention!
  9. I say this of every new addition they just have to cordon off from the rest of the game for worse effect! #DEdoesitagain!
  10. How about some grind with 30% more but wait, if you grind we'll throw in 20% more grind! That's 50% more grind for the price of regular grind. But don't stop there if you give your soul to the grind we'll throw in a free sayandana and a forma bp so u can have concurrent grind. Yes u heard it correctly, "u get to grind while you're grinding". Ii said to my boss, "giving away this much grind is incredibly generous". He then looked at me with concern in his eyes and said "we do it for the people".
  11. 6dof was fun so DE being DE removed it put training wheels on it made sure it made less sense, then gave it back to u.
  12. De makes it company culture to check the Arbitrary box before any decision is made! Inside tip😉
  13. Depending on which angle you're looking in there can be an invisible lip under ledges that prevent easy up and overs? It's kind of when you're looking up and scaling at the same time!
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