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  1. The ragdoll and throw off physics need a redo...seems unnatural and unpolished And kdrive should have never been released without combat!
  2. I'd rather they dissolve those augments into the vanilla instead adding more meat and potatoes to bare bones power sets
  3. One can only dream of the day warframes become completely synergize within their own power sets and then synergize with other warframes in glorious fusion with fireworks! Then OFF TOPIC redo those run animations after watching nier automata...oh my goodness!
  4. How about any in game model except tenno being a companion?
  5. Done correctly could be just as refreshing as bullet jumping itself? What is the honest argument against it? At this stage in the many games made first to third person should be a standard option. A formulaic way of operating from both views. Too many games actually pull this off already!
  6. I think there should be a poll b4 DE has full reign to blow it.
  7. Been mentioned many times b4. Been mentioned many more times as of late. Hopefully it will be added with the UI update/remaster but alas these are the same blokes who fought tooth, nail and pulled teeth for universal vacuum which hands down needed to be implemented and still needs tweaking. Railjack came out the box with the same problem reborn? Keeping in line with the derpery if its a feature implemented will have a plain as day quality of life issue baked right in.
  8. TL,DR...Synopsis...do better DE...make it more beefy in more ways than grind!
  9. I also dislike the miss-use of "too an to".
  10. Something else that I don't like is shooting enemies and not getting the proper reaction like pushing a whole clip into the side of they're head and they're still working the console...feather duster? "I just wanna go tell mom they're not dying right" pew pew.
  11. That logic is the same reason limbo is difficult to use...Arbitrary rules??? If I know how gravity works and I throw an object out the window, I wouldn't expect it to fall upwards? Now once I see it falling upwards my basis for comparison is now compromised for relativity. This is why it's so hard to grasp!?
  12. How about the lich actually takin your stuff instead just saying he did? Missing gameplay!
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