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  1. This problem is hardly a latency issue, if it was, it would happen all the time. Now it's just the first mission after Warframe is started, unless you become host. And it's super easy to replicate, just close and restart WF, first mission is a guaranted "session unavailable".
  2. I still have this issue, to hard to fix i guess. Many times i see 5 player names in squad chat. So i imagine that has something to do with the issue.
  3. Pheww only had just over 200 days of affinity booste left, can sleep good again.
  4. https://youtu.be/lBr3vcRu1IM The first mission i join every time i start Warfame, Session unavailable. After that no problem, has been like this for a very long time. And if for some reason i succssesfully join firs mission (might be that im the host), the next will be session unavailable.
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