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  1. With the existence of mods like Stabilizer and Guided Ordnance being Exilus. Directed Convergence should also fit into the Exilus slot as it is just Guided Ordnance without headshot requirement.
  2. Can Impact just remove a flat amount of armor based on the damage it does? (unaffected by crit)
  3. I had an idea for a Mafia themed Warframe that would have existed during the creation of the Corpus. They would be similar to Mirage in the sense of making Doppelgangers, but the Doppelgangers purely exist to help provide CC instead of extra damage. The Mafia would treat fellow Tenno like family, giving them various damage buffs and would get really pissed if one of their family members dropped. I also had some kind of unique currency that they would have to collect from enemies to be able to use these buffs. Also they would have came with a new Tenno themed Metal Bat with nails poking out of it. For consistencies sake, the new grip type it uses would be officially named "Club."
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