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  1. I'm getting straight to the ideas instead of making some prefacing cause it basically boil down to. Rockman mediocre, but deserves to be much better. Why no QoL fixes on prime access release at least? And I don't feel coming up with filler so let's get to it. Sorry if I come off as being mean or sounding like asmartie, that's not the intent. I just want to get my ideas out there, after all. No one is actually gonna read this anyways. But I will try to make it not sound like I'm a know it all. Passive: This should probably just be apart of an ability. In reference to Atlas's unique ability to stack 1500 armor by picking up rocks. Not the one where he's immune to tripping. Landslide: It doesn't actually suck but here are some ideas for it anyways. It could have better synergy with stat sticks. (a la better Crit/Status stats) Or it could be separately moddable to allow for more freedom when choosing a melee while making Atlas much more accessible. Tectonics: I don't know why this ability exists. Everyone is extremely mobile, so no one will be theoretically hiding behind this. It's not durable enough to survive bullets from high level enemies nor it is durable enough to stop enemies from bursting through it. It's just here... New Ability: Armor converted into Damage buff: Now this will make sense after reading the ideas for Atlas's 3. Basically, you spend your armor to get a big damage buff based on how much you had. Up to like... 300% extra damage on all sources of damage you put out. It's bland, it's generic but it works. It's also definitely not ripped out of the Ember Rework. Petrify: It's pretty good, does it's job and fits into the kit well Petrify should probably be how Atlas gets his armor built up. Using Petrify to essentially steal a % of armor from his enemies. It would make stacking up his meter much less tedious. In addition, petrified enemies could potentially have life steal to allow Atlas to have some sort of aggressive self-sustain. Rumblers: I don't know what to do with this. 1. They could deal % health damage. 2. When Petrifying enemies, the Rumblers could scale based off the enemies petrified around them. That's all I got.
  2. Can we get some sort of mini-rework for Atlas? His Prime Access has everyone excited for Dethcube more than Atlas and it personally upsets me because I think Atlas is fun but he's kind of clunky. Can we expect any quick QoL changes or buffs to Atlas to make him more viable alongside Vauban and Ember?
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