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  1. Mhm... so this could be saved changing the ability a little. Instead of gathering damage and reflecting it every enemy that damage Wukong during the inv/taunt is then blinded (or another form of cc) for x duration. So you could retaliate and have some sort of utility for the team. Uhh, to create synergy with the kit they could even add a Wukong only buff, enemies that hit Wukong during 3 are also exposed to Wukong' (only), as he is enraged with them, and deals x% more damage with his 4. Would be intersting!
  2. I don't understand the spam part. I could be wrong but for what i read you click it and you turn into the cloud, healing yourself. Paired with an Umbral Vitality, Hunter Adrenaline and the health buff from base stats while not exciting it is useful.
  3. Sounds good! Ofc we need to try it first, but reading about it 1 2 and 4 are interesting. I don't know about Defy. Don't get me wrong, i think it was a cheese ability and changing it is totally legit, i just don't like how it turned out. You said you want to keep invulnerability, but you already have it on 2 (while also healing) and passive (which is the other meh thing imho, cool concept but RNG is never a good choice), and the ability itself feels boring and... useless? Yes, you get an armor buff but you ensnare yourself and the reflect is a mechanic i don't really enjoy. Would totally trade the invulnerability for something else. Still that's IMHO so, we will see!
  4. Question: since time is limited to get all the rewards do we need to complete all the missions or just some of them (like 65% of S1) are enough? Thank you
  5. The reason you hit all the targets is the aoe "Produces a small area of effect at the point of impact, dealing the weapon's full damage to all enemies within ~3 meters. (Unaffected by Sinister Reach)" Ever tried with the Ignis?
  6. As for the cutscenes, we still can't skip the profit taker ones, i doubt we will ever be able to skip any cutscene in this game.
  7. Happened to me something similar: I was still able to move but the screen turned black every 2/3 seconds, untill It decided to stop. Extremely annoying I don't know if what's the cause, but happened after the frame got grabbed by the lollyst and i used transference out to free the Tenno
  8. Hello. At the 6th wave of the second sortie mission, a defense on the newly reworked tileset, a gamebreaking bug occurred, preventing the completion of the mission. There were no more enemies around, but a single friendly osprey. One of the teammates stated that his Moa could have been the cause, hacking the Osprey. We had to abort the mission. But honestly, the map is needlessy large. You know that defense and big maps are not a great match, as the AI is known to fail pathing and getting stuck, yet we have a new defense map on 3 levels and have to search for minutes for the last bugged enemy each wave...
  9. Just put another forma on my Nekros and i doublechecked. If you don't have despoil activating the abillity costs 10 energy. With despoil the ability has no activation cost and can be spammed while getting exp for it. Video will come shortly (if i manage to record and upload it somewhere, not really an expert of that) Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0KCMxlbB6U Sorry for the Aquors song, didn't know it would have recorded that too-
  10. Thank you, but i would prefere an option to prevent the accidental pick up.
  11. @[DE]Drew Is there a toggle option to avoid picking up the "burdens" if i don't want to revive people? Because your update might have made Arbitrations a "revive me pls" clown fiesta
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