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  1. Yeah but, lets be real, without that range buff Total Eclipse was definitely not viable. 4 meters base range? Oh god. Same goes for Ash aoe invisibility. Point is, while the buff was super, it's really stressful to keep it on allies anyway, also considering that you are sacrificing a core mod like Narrow Minded and, in my case, a mod slot (stretch), to get it to work, and it's still not great. Therefore a lingering effect would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all! I decided to invest my second umbra forma on Mirage, a frame i never really used, and so i played her quite a lot lately. I am by no means a Mirage main, but here a few QoL i would really love to see in game for the Total Eclipse augment. I am a team player, and as such, most of my builds try to get some utility for the team, and after the great augment update, i saw the opportunity to use Total Eclipse. Getting allies that dmgr and dmg boost is really nice, however: The range is still to short. I even use Stretch, but due to the fast paced nature of the game, i more often then not find myself not able to offer my teammates my buffs. Some players are more experienced, so they tend to rush, while other are not used to parkour, so they are slower. The team is usually splitted. That's why i think it would be awesome to have allies retain the buff even if they leave the range. Something like Rhino's Roar, if they are in range at the moment of the cast they don't need to be close to the player to continue using it. Or, the ability could work like the updated augments for Ember/Frost/Volt/Saryn/Oberon's 1, with a longer tap of the ability creating an expanding buff wave. Otherwise, a direct buff on the range, maybe increasing it to the affinity range. Augments for team buffs were really made smoother with the very good update you did last month, but it could be even less stressful and rewarding trying to keep everyone buffed with little tweaks. More buffs for everyone! Thank you for your attention 🙂
  3. Why tho? Damn unvaults, now DE decided to have them basically at any time. Yeah, pity Profit-Taker is terribly annoying due to unskippable in and out of the secret room, unskippable and long dialogs and cutscenes and long time to complete the mission itself. Whatever, it's Atlas anyway, they didn't even rerework him, not worth the trouble, at least for me. Anyway, thank you for the info.
  4. Hello all. I'm sure relic rewards on bounties used to change every now and then, since i used to farm them there for the last prime frame. But it has been 2 days and the rewards are always the same. Did DE change to no longer rotate? That would be very bad.
  5. If you are doing fissures some people enter random missions, check if the other 3 players have a relic they are interested in, if not, they leave. Otherwise i sometimes leave when doing sorties and i don't notice it's a spy until already in game, so i leave and set mission on solo. Some even quits if the other players have very low mr.
  6. Thank for the update. Wish the changes were for Atlas and not Gauss. All Atlas is good for is the one punch meme.
  7. Good post and good revert on loot abilities but... could we not have this added to the sorties pool? As a veteran i have no interest in this item whatsover and it is just going to diluite the reward pool even more. If we really have to have it in the pool, could we be able to select which booster we get, so we can dodge this one?
  8. Some things are interesting, some others are really not. The aura mods sound bad. Ofc we will see when they land in game but... when was the last time we got an actually useful aura mod? CP is kinda mandatory for most of the end game content. Steel Charge is the other option used by melee hitters or people that need the 18 points for Umbra builds (why do we even have some aura mods that provide 18 points and some 14 i wonder), and Energy Siphon is the last one, but being used mostly by newer players. Growing Power is OK, and Power Donation has a niche (Speedva mostly). We have many bad auras, do we need more to diluite reward pools? That aside, Arbitrations are supposed to be the Warframe end game content. Yet everyone is allowed to enter and there is a revive system, which wasn't in the original version of the mode but was implemented later because people that are not ready to play this game mode can play it anyway and DIE, and we get the burden to revive them, even if we don't want to, since we don't get to chose to leave them down or revive them. You (should) be good to play Arbi. You (should) use your top gear&guns. (should) you fail you (should) go. Why can't this game have anything "hard"? Why do everything in Warframe need to be able to be played by unprepared players?
  9. Unhappy to hear about your medallion decision, the item has now no value for someone who already has everything in the game like me, beside the conclave stuff. At the same time this entirely remove any reason to play disruption ever again.
  10. Loki's decoy is missing the... decoy. The thing is invisible, only the Lex appears. https://imgur.com/1qh8ymB
  11. Hello. The reworked augment for Frost Volt Ember etch have a bug where casting a weaker instance of the ability (for ex. casting first a Smite Infusion with Energy Conversion for a 200% buff) is overwritten by a second cast of the same ability without the EC and drops to a 150% buff. Very annoying when using the ability again to buff that one ally that bullet jumped out of the range of the first cast but you end up downgrading the buff for the whole team. Afaik when multiple buffs occur the stronger one is kept (thinking of Roar or Volt's 2) so i assume this is a bug.
  12. Yet again, on the 3rd run, at round 10 the game bugs.
  13. Hello. Second time (on 2 runs) now, on Ur, that after 30/35 minutes (this time was last conduit of round 10 didn't notice the first but was 35 minutes too) enemies are not spawned anymore, preventing the keys to drop and forcing extraction.
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