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  1. I misinterpreted this as 'Diablo 3'. Now I want to see Eidolon tentacle-wings (in a similar style to how Tyrael from Diablo 2 has his) as a Syandana for Revenant that float with low/no gravity and stutter/shimmer when casting powers, flap when aimgliding, etc...
  2. Or rather, why -can't- we edit our own keybinds for Necramechs? On the same note why can't we customize our Archguns' appearance in the 'heavy weapon' and 'Necramech gun' slots?
  3. I like this, put simply. At length, though, I'd imagine any weapon with a thrown mode deserves this QoL update. Furthermore, I have a bit of an idea: Can we pair thrown melees with non-thrown melees, or enable a throwing state for most melees (building with speargun anims and function; impale, slam damage plus maybe finisher due to 'sacrificing' a blade for a time, regarding weapons like Dual Skana)? It would be cool to pair a Glaive with a Skana or a dagger with one. ...That may sacrifice a secondary weapon slot though, but I think it would be worth it. More absurd combos include G
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