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  1. I agree with the notion to add a 'taxi' to the 'town' spaces (Clan Dojo included). Could be put at a floating hologram of Ordis in a corner or at a conveniently placed transport. Additionally, I would like different loading screens, and a revision of the 'arrival/departure' cinematics, including the Extraction Rooms across (most, if not all) tilesets. This includes a new loading screen for returning and departing from the Orbiter.
  2. Account mergers? Maybe, but only regarding inventory sharing between own accounts (which DE hinted at, which is what DE technically does when they do an 'account transfer' across platforms - this would save people like me, too, a lot of time when trying to get our console-side accounts up-to-scratch). Builds all being the same all the time? Not always possible; hotfixes and certification processes will prevent this. As well as the companies owning the other platforms having complex wording, constraints, and other unwritten rules aside from the cert process denying DE from making Warframe across all platforms rely on a singular version. Not to mention Panic Button are compressing it for Nintendo Switch, so there's already code inconsistencies there. In a nutshell, the best you or I can hope for is a button saying 'link account' to the other platforms, allowing you to use your PC (or chosen platform you linked, which would be a 1-time action) as the 'main' for all others to base their inventories and progression on, so that if you do go on another platform, everything from your 'main' platform of play is available. The first caveat is that nothing you owned that you carried over thanks to the inventory merger, not even the plat, can be traded. This would save having to carefully sift through and delete items from people's inventories who've crossed to or from another platform which would've given them a monetary advantage. The second is that if PC/platform is a build ahead, it cannot update the inventory of the platforms that are behind to reflect any changes done to it until they are updated to a build that allows for another inventory sharing phase.
  3. While I would be overjoyed if Chroma's passive was moved to be a chargeup version of his second ability (i.e: hold 2 to swap elements, draining energy to restore any missing health/shields as it happens) so his passive could be replaced with Adaptation, DE hasn't gotten around to the Chroma rework they said they would be doing. Others have already provided their advice, but for your information: Secondary energy colour DOES NOT affect element. If it did, you'd get radiation, corrosive, etc... Would like that, actually... Tangential stuff related to what I'd wish DE did to fix Chroma: Warning: What you are going to read if you open this spoiler will be my vision for Chroma, based on what is already known about him.
  4. I've been adapting to melee 2.9r for some time now, but I would like a few more options that one that just adds a second melee button (which is useless in my current opinion): -Reintroduce the Melee 2.0 hold-to-swap-to-melee, as an option. Removing this option was pointless unless there's some kind of plan to bring Archguns into the arsenal, bypassing the gear item it requires to summon it. Just using the melee key to equip the melee feels a little weird without a sped-up equip animation. --Speaking of Archguns, I would like to see a change to gear disability. The wheel should still be available, and only, say, the scanner items, glyphs, and Archgun gear items should be available. Disabling the gear wheel also disables emotes, restricting communication in scenarios where they would've been useful. -Please add a second option to the toggle where you can make the 'shoot' key/button melee where it reverts the blocking changes to 2.0's blocking mechanics (revert angle, disable auto-blocking, shoot key in melee causes you to block). Not considering this solution will be detrimental to those who like to use their melee's stances without having to get internally confused with constantly aiming with a gun - it feels wrong and looks weird to aim with a gun while doing melee block-based combos. -Reintroduce an option to use quick-melee (1st moveset of the weapon). -Any chance we could use ground melee in Sky-Archwing to some extent?
  5. 2 things I've noticed, 1 ever since the Plains Remaster dropped, and 1 I direly want for Melee 2.9r and forward: Plains Remaster bug: There's a strange yellow-like effect that only shows up in dark environments. This is a graphical issue. Melee 2.9r-and-forward: The toggle for 'melee activated by using shoot' should be given a second setting where 'shoot = block'. This keybind change could also be applied to melee-only. If this toggle is enabled, auto-blocking would be disabled and the block radius is reverted to it's previous size.
  6. You'll need to use the 'long fall recover' (getting up from falling from a high place) animation which then bleeds into the stomp. Looks off like that - fake-lagging to a flat surface and then stomping. Another way to fix this is to make it so that when he lands, it's a mix of the recover animation and the stomp, plus his passive auto-procc'ing. Speaking of his passive, I recommend it be altered to accomodate: -Larger AOE slam radius. -Armour increases health, shields. -And the passive 'blast' from landing's damage being affected by his max armour, being procc-able from any slam attack.
  7. I've been looking forward to this. Thank you.
  8. Can we see more fixes for this skin? Spira Prime, Despair, and perhaps other throwing sidearms have incorrect offsets on the pouches when it's equipped, really tampers with my full-Sentient Revenant setup.
  9. Solution for controller unusability: -Open Task Manager, kill Steam, then start Steam up again. Inquiry regarding keybind options: Would it be possible to get an option to turn the 'shoot' in melee mode to 'block'? I miss having full control over blocking.
  10. DE, please can you introduce an option to toggle right controller trigger (RMB) as manual blocking so I can use stances properly. This can be added under the toggle to preserve melee = shoot option. I can't use my melee weapons right without it!
  11. I like these changes. Also spotted on Twitter a thing you've missed: -Notifications, like messages, built items, boosters, and so on are now in a drop-down menu, much like a particular social media site's method of handling different notifications. I like that, but when will we get to send emails to other Tenno ingame outside of Clan invites and gifts? Now that Survival and other endless missions are extractable, will there come a day where the squad can 'vote' by sequentially interacting with the 'Trigger the Alarms' button in a certain timeframe of each squadmate interacting with it to reset enemies and save progress (essentially restarting the mission, in the mission and allowing for new Tenno to come in, allowing the mode to be run endlessly, endlessly; the same trigger system should be applied across all endless missions so this endless-er endlessness can be even more endless)?
  12. >Will definitely be getting that Limbo cosmetic set to complete Revenant's arsenal by adding Sentient throwing daggers. >Hints for Warframes: >Will Paracesis get the 2h-Katana/Nodachi stance as an option, in the same vein as how Dark Split-Sword works?
  13. I think I have an alternative proposition: Revenant's powers make Eidolon sounds. Maybe it's that?
  14. Blocking: I would like to keep blocking as a manual feature because too many stances have at least 3 unique stance routes (spam [melee] / [melee], Charged, [melee]... / block + [melee]), can this be an option? -Besides, our Warframes already block things automatically sometimes; the auto-blocking mod should be repurposed as a damage negation system which uses combo counter as a shield/health bar. Channeling: This is fine. Aiming: With Channeling being relocated, I would rather use the aim keybind (Xbox controller defaults: left trigger) to pull out my primary/secondary weapon. Dual-wielding: Any considerations for bigger dual-wielding ideas, like: -Toggle option bound to reload key while in melee, which would remove the automatic dual-wield system, which doesn't offer the choice to use just the sidearm. -Dual/akimbo/twin sidearms would have halved clip and doubled reload speed when equipped. Throwing knives included. -Double-tapping the reload key would swap to a primary weapon. Any 1 or 2-handed melee weapon would be accepted for dual-wielding, meaning those Prime artworks showing Frost dual-wielding Latron and Reaper Prime, Nekros with Tigris and Galatine Prime in either hand, Chroma using his sniper as a revolver with Gram Prime in the other hand, in addition to Vauban Prime using his Stiletto Prime with Fragor Prime, would become possible in-mission rather than being mere advertisement visuals. Besides, wasn't that art of Excalibur sliding with Skana and Sicarus the root of this besides Dark Sector's dual-wielding system?
  15. That's very strange, as I have never experienced this anomaly myself. I suggest going to the plains at night and capturing a few to see if that silences the noise. One guess is that somehow you're connecting to the Plains and unintentionally listening into an Eidolon hunt at random, though that's just blindfolded sword-swinging speculation.
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