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  1. Koldraxon-732

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    These are my questions: -Will Melee 3.0 be explained in it's current state in a Dev workshop within the next month? -Railjack, what's happening? -Sentient armcannons/Archweapons; Sentient Fighter arm-weapons being recycled as new weapons (staff with whirlwind charge attack, 3-mode rifle, slow-auto sniper)? -An actual rework for frames that are currently underperforming, such as Wukong, Vauban, and Chroma. Details in spoiler. -Can we have the Events that aren't being cycled through be recycled as Quests? These could be used to improve player progression. -Clan content such as Kingpin and the Solar Rail conflicts is missing, and most big Clans have a large amount of inactive members because there's a lack of these things; how will this be addressed? -How's Corrupted Vor doing, given the situation of Octavia's Anthem? -More Prime Archwing content, because of Orb fights and Railjack? -Will one-fire damage abilities get damage scaling, like Oberon's did, to compensate for enemy scaling?
  2. In my opinion, I am in favour of removing Mod packs and Relic packs from the market to Syndicates. Syndicates such as Cetus, Solaris U, and Simaris/Sanctuary can add Mod packs to their offerings since they're more new-player oriented Syndicates, which are encountered as part of base progression anyway. But if you're really adamant on keeping those pack types on the Marketplace, make them affordable with Ducats and credits, like Baro does, so you don't have the potential threat of government legal action, as witnessed with cases of lootboxes and things that function like 'pay to roll dice, receive random item(s)'. Short version: -Change plat price to Ducat + credit price. -Add to Ostron, Solaris U, and Simaris rep.
  3. Koldraxon-732

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Questions for DE to peruse and pick out. Bold sections are ones I deem important and should be addressed.
  4. Koldraxon-732

    Railjac/ship TennoGen?

    Closest thing right now is Landing Craft skins, but that does beg the question; when will Archwings and Archguns get the Tennogen touch? I'd agree that Tennogen skins for Railjacks would be a nice touch.
  5. Koldraxon-732

    Atekron's Workshop: Atlas Atlant Skin, WIP

    The current helmet could do with inheriting the DOOM Baron of Hell -styled horns for a Norse/Viking feel. I like it. Would vote for it when the time comes.
  6. Koldraxon-732

    Arek_Mat's Workshop: Rhino Skin. WIP

    Just to alert you, you can't directly modify the mesh of a Warframe's body, but you -can- change almost everything else (new helmet mesh, for example) as DE currently refuses Tennogen Deluxe Skins (though that's not to say they won't consider them in the future).
  7. Koldraxon-732

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Would be more stoked for Liset Prime's comeback instead of the cosmetics on offer. Will likely trade/farm for her and her armaments instead. Inb4 Tigris, Pyrana, and Redeemer Prime being used in the same loadout by shotgun-centric Tenno.
  8. Title and tags misleading. Reword those please. As for the argument of 'less Warframes/weapons, more skins/cosmetics/stories', why not both? Keep adding more items, but perhaps gate them with mini-Quests like with Mask of the Revenant if they're particularly powerful? Sure, this would possibly take multiple months in bigger cases - like with Railjack and New War - but there are ways to work around this. When we get the ability to post custom missions/quests/alerts/weapons via Tennogen is when we will finally have more content than we can munch on, proverbially speaking.
  9. Koldraxon-732

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Fashionframe bugs: -Colours favourited from the Classic versions of palettes disappearing from favourites list and subsequently being un-selected from customized Warframes. -Sigils are all broken. This has happened ever since the mainline, but only the Operator's has survived this hotfix.
  10. Vomvalysts can do this, so should Revenant. Please un-fix this.
  11. Koldraxon-732

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.2

    Alarms have been triggered. I understand how it feels to suddenly have a ton of problems/bugs despite having checked and proven there were no bugs in the pre-release version. Please consider hiring a skeleton crew to ensure issues like this login issue do not repeat.
  12. Koldraxon-732

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Question list:
  13. I missed out on this specific item, and it's a shame DE hasn't considered a method to sell the Prime Accessories outside of Access/Unvault events as I would honestly put a decent amount of currency down for that, since I already have the set of armour that came with Mirage Prime's accessory pack.
  14. Koldraxon-732

    [suggestion] Fortuna Wrench = Hammer Weapon

    I'd rather have it as an actual weapon. The only 'skins via rep' we have right now are Conclave skins, and we all know what happened to Conclave. besides - hammers, heavy blades, scythes, rapiers, tonfa, nikanas, whips, gunblades, throwable melees and a lot of other melees have been downright neglected or even ignored (as is the case with Khora, and DE having already got 3, maybe 4 dual swords ready for release; please, stop dual swords for a moment and make something else that isn't a reskin of Nami Skyla Prime).