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  1. For some reason my game sometimes enjoys 'auto-finishing' enemies for me, and twice (still in the second one) have I been forced (aborting DOES NOT WORK) to deal with Liches I did not need. And now with the removal of the back-to-back feature (should be a toggle players should be allowed to control accessible via the Parazon or something), this will make getting weapons I want a little more annoying with trying to run fast high level missions to make a Larva with the weapon I want spawn. DE, please look into making Lich missions award you with progress on murmurs, or make it so that you can -see- a blurred out murmur icon behind the circle to allow faster guessing. Also, the 5 Forma per Kuva weapon doesn't give any benefits. Maybe a 250% bonus against Grineer? (50% per Forma) - and a % bonus to damage overall may make Kuva weapons more viable for Empyrean/Lich content?
  2. Some questions I have - if DE decides to check this post of mine: Sentients: Stalker: Corrupted:
  3. I've been experiencing a slight inconvenience with Nikanas and two-hande Nikanas, as well as a small number of weapons. Some of the stances behave oddly - the animations or attack moves feel misplaced (i.e: Nikana blind justice stance quick-strike idle, but is the -very- slow twirl with an upward cut on moving, which really breaks the stance flow due to how hideously slow it is, or 2h Katanas' wise razor having the twirl-strike as the idle attack rather than on the move-forward which would've visually made sense) in some cases. Though that's just how I feel. Also, hammers no longer have the ability to do that distance-closing charge-spin we see Baliffs and Wolf of Saturn Six do. Thirdly, throwing melee weapons should have the throwing attack be a toggle enabled by using the reload key on melee weapons unless that is reserved for the replacement for channeling that is yet to be implemented. Modular weapon tangent:
  4. The Leverian's way of handling object inspection could be copied as a basis for inspecting every item. Also, in relation:
  5. This happened when the Railjack I was a squadmember of decided to ram into it, and caused it to vanish. It might be linked with the Asteroid Base and 'intro cinematic' used in normal Asteroid Base missions causing it to delete when you enter it, or anything like that?
  6. List of bugs in this spoiler. List of questions in spoilers below:
  7. Possible names: I -could- just call it 'The Flying Slingshot' or something rather WHAT IS THIS? but I'd rather not be stuck with a name I'd want to change which requires to change it.
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