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  1. I agree that the Profit-Taker's theme has outlived it's stay on the login screen, but here's a novel idea: Every login/update screen theme tune should be made available to choose in the settings, except whenever the theme audibly changes. Imagine being able to open the launcher, and select what tunes would play when the update's going/done and when you're at the login screen. I would like that.
  2. Long rambling that may go on a bit of a tangent or something: It would be crazy to pull off, but it would be great if it worked - would allow for all those different mission nodes on ships to be given additional missions to pick from, so you could spawn into one, then go to another and then be instanced into a present squad (via a lift or large doorway - borrowing from Fortuna and Cetus) and help them finish the mission to benefit you both. This could actually start off as a recurring event, under the name 'Operation: Capital Catastrophe', with a simple description of 'Wreck the ship.'
  3. I hope the 'much more' lives up to the intense hype that will be built up on it. As a failsafe measure, I recommend reinstating Alerts in these two forms: 1-Weekend Alerts, which would offer rewards like Fissures do (a Reactor, a Catalyst, a built Forma, or enough Nightwave cred to get a helmet blueprint). 2-Resource alerts, which appear more often on lower level planets, and reward resources you'd need to build things that you can't build because you don't have access to that one planet with Plastids/Orokin Cells that early. My current solution to this is to just open the Riven, dump as much Kuva as you can possibly acquire into it (and keep going) until you need the Endo. Think of it as an 'Endo pension scheme', it might work out for you (I only splurge my Kuva instantaneously into an Endo-worthy Riven when I really don't feel like scavenging for Endo from other sources, that includes Trade Chat).
  4. I look forward to hearing how cycling in the older/est Vaulted Primes in other ways than Prime Vault will be done, mainly because I personally am concerned that with so few Vaultings, and so many Primes, there just won't be enough years for the Vault to cycle through all of them - and any new ones introduced along the way. On that note I suggest reintroducing Void Keys* that unlock an endless Prime Void node which cycles through sets of 4 Primes (inc. their weapons' parts) on a 'frequent basis'** (24 Prime Accesses, not including Excal P - our 25th Prime Access is imminent, a celebration of this should be considered). Or otherwise set up single-Prime Access-specific relic sets for every Prime and reintroduce Alerts that offer these as rewards? * ** And now for a tangent regarding old Primes. Sub-tangents: If you're commenting on this, note that these are just my mad ramblings, and thus I do not mind if you make alterations as needed... Just so long as every Prime (exempting the Founders' Exclusives) can be obtained within the year, somehow, then I would be happy.
  5. What if, instead of taking up a normal mod slot on the Exalted Weapon, the Augment goes in the Stance slot since the stance slots on Exalted Weapons are currently useless?
  6. Speaking of augments, could Exalted Weapon augments be possibly moved to the Exalted Weapon itself as to allow for more build variety?* This would require a lot of new Exalted Weapons to be created though, like with Chroma's Spectral Scream. Edit regarding more Exalted weapons: A lot of weapon-like abilities are under-performing in comparison to others. Some of the most obvious ones being a LOT of first abilities, with major examples being Volt, Frost, Nekros, Ember and Chroma's breath. Edit. *This could turn those augments into Exalted Stances which alter the ability's function, but nothing else. I also agree that more room for more mods (slots and capacity, that is) would be nice.
  7. I've been adapting to melee 2.9r for some time now, but I would like a few more options that one that just adds a second melee button (which is useless in my current opinion): -Reintroduce the Melee 2.0 hold-to-swap-to-melee, as an option. Removing this option was pointless unless there's some kind of plan to bring Archguns into the arsenal, bypassing the gear item it requires to summon it. Just using the melee key to equip the melee feels a little weird without a sped-up equip animation. --Speaking of Archguns, I would like to see a change to gear disability. The wheel should still be available, and only, say, the scanner items, glyphs, and Archgun gear items should be available. Disabling the gear wheel also disables emotes, restricting communication in scenarios where they would've been useful. -Please add a second option to the toggle where you can make the 'shoot' key/button melee where it reverts the blocking changes to 2.0's blocking mechanics (revert angle, disable auto-blocking, shoot key in melee causes you to block). Not considering this solution will be detrimental to those who like to use their melee's stances without having to get internally confused with constantly aiming with a gun - it feels wrong and looks weird to aim with a gun while doing melee block-based combos. -Reintroduce an option to use quick-melee (1st moveset of the weapon). -Any chance we could use ground melee in Sky-Archwing to some extent?
  8. 2 things I've noticed, 1 ever since the Plains Remaster dropped, and 1 I direly want for Melee 2.9r and forward: Plains Remaster bug: There's a strange yellow-like effect that only shows up in dark environments. This is a graphical issue. Melee 2.9r-and-forward: The toggle for 'melee activated by using shoot' should be given a second setting where 'shoot = block'. This keybind change could also be applied to melee-only. If this toggle is enabled, auto-blocking would be disabled and the block radius is reverted to it's previous size.
  9. You'll need to use the 'long fall recover' (getting up from falling from a high place) animation which then bleeds into the stomp. Looks off like that - fake-lagging to a flat surface and then stomping. Another way to fix this is to make it so that when he lands, it's a mix of the recover animation and the stomp, plus his passive auto-procc'ing. Speaking of his passive, I recommend it be altered to accomodate: -Larger AOE slam radius. -Armour increases health, shields. -And the passive 'blast' from landing's damage being affected by his max armour, being procc-able from any slam attack.
  10. I've been looking forward to this. Thank you.
  11. Can we see more fixes for this skin? Spira Prime, Despair, and perhaps other throwing sidearms have incorrect offsets on the pouches when it's equipped, really tampers with my full-Sentient Revenant setup.
  12. Solution for controller unusability: -Open Task Manager, kill Steam, then start Steam up again. Inquiry regarding keybind options: Would it be possible to get an option to turn the 'shoot' in melee mode to 'block'? I miss having full control over blocking.
  13. DE, please can you introduce an option to toggle right controller trigger (RMB) as manual blocking so I can use stances properly. This can be added under the toggle to preserve melee = shoot option. I can't use my melee weapons right without it!
  14. I like these changes. Also spotted on Twitter a thing you've missed: -Notifications, like messages, built items, boosters, and so on are now in a drop-down menu, much like a particular social media site's method of handling different notifications. I like that, but when will we get to send emails to other Tenno ingame outside of Clan invites and gifts? Now that Survival and other endless missions are extractable, will there come a day where the squad can 'vote' by sequentially interacting with the 'Trigger the Alarms' button in a certain timeframe of each squadmate interacting with it to reset enemies and save progress (essentially restarting the mission, in the mission and allowing for new Tenno to come in, allowing the mode to be run endlessly, endlessly; the same trigger system should be applied across all endless missions so this endless-er endlessness can be even more endless)?
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