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About Me

Koldraxon is my username on pretty much everything, except here (because it was my old account, and I had fears) and Xbox Live.


Locations commonly visited:

Steam (at almost all times).


Bungie.net, at some times.


DeviantArt, commonly.


Xbox Live, when I feel the requirement to.

[ERROR: No URL available. Gamertag can be found on Bungie.net profile]

Here, Warframe, as a returning being from long ago who knew nothing.

[ERROR: You are here]

Tumblr, under identity of http://lgns-archive-index.tumblr.com/ .

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[ERROR: Your KLGN Passcode is invalid!]

Legion's Invasive has denied further access into Kol Domain.

"I am Order-Imposed-on-Chaos; Koldraxon. You are now subjected to my influence. Proceed if willing."

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