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  1. I fail to see why the mech has to continue taking 100% damage while wearing its combat shield right in front of its torso. The hitbox protection size should be as big as its physical appearance suggests - when it's taken out and wielded directly it should then expand this radius of protection to provide full frontal damage mitigation. Also, Bonewidow should be doing a shield bash when 2 is up, not to put the shield away to slap enemies. That just seems very silly and counter-intuitive, but necramech melee in general is rather lacking.
  2. I just had this happen as well. We were unable to complete one of the new isovault bounties because of it.
  3. The directional light I'm referring to is just..weird. Shows up mainly on specific decorations and differently depending on the room.
  4. Okay, yeah. I might try playing with lowered brightness. Maybe it will be alright. Any ideas about that directional light in the orbiter? That's bothering me almost as much and is even more mysterious.
  5. I tried that. It made things like leaving caves in Orb Vallis...worse. Much worse. My eyes ache just remembering.
  6. It's just Warframe, I run other things borderless just fine and I very..very rarely ever run a streaming program. The only thing I usually have running at the same time is a browser, discord and steam of course. It makes it a little worse, but turning down brightness makes certain areas much more difficult to see in. I'm hoping for a broad solution, not just situational.
  7. Borderless Fullscreen, 1920x1080, Scaled, 60Hz,16:9, Auto, 60Hz, no colour blind setting, Brightness 69, Contrast 74, FOV 90, no screen shake, effects intensity 200, runtime tesselation on, local reflections on, blur reflections off, volumetric lighting on, glare off, film grain off, ambient occlusion on, high shader quality on, dynamic resolution user; scale 100, geometry detail to TAA Sharpen are all maxed, sharpen temporal fx on, DoF Motion Blur Distortions and Bloom all off, colour correction on, dynamic lighting off, character shadows on, weapon elemental fx and optimized flip-model both
  8. I made a post months ago in the bug section and received absolutely no responses. A friend suggested I link it here for possibly better results. I hope it's not too big a deal that I don't want to remake the entire post.
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