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  1. That's exactly my point. Just without melee equipped.
  2. During an extraction from Arbitration, I was happy I got Sharpshooter. Didn't even know it existed but I was happy I got it, and I need endo, too. However, after leaveing, I was left with black screen for half an hour until I alt-F4's the game and re-logged to find out Sharpshooter missing. Regards Lexiel, formerly Genethitami.
  3. I meant like for example leveling only Frame + Primary weapon. You don't want to spread that affinity to alraedy maxed Melee and Secondary.
  4. Thank you, kindly. Feel free to close/delete this, please.
  5. I mean the point would be, let's say you level a kitgun. Just kitgun. You want to do more things at once so you do Nightwave Sabotage during it. There's a lot of containers on your minimap and your hearing isn't so well. Just pistol whip those, solved, no need to waste your ammo. Or let's say you're facing with shockwave moa, you forgot you can jump and you can u can use your pistol whip / rifle strike to smack that Moa (the knockback/disruption effect would be like on huge timer) Or let's say you're playing Plains of Eidolon or Cetus, fishing, mining, catching floofs. You don't actually need melee for that. But it'd be nice to be able to ground slam (like for 1dmg maybe?) to land where you intend to.
  6. Hello, I'm not sure this is "works as intended" or not, but I always use companions with Medi Ray when they're mechanical and they just refuse to touch me when I'm in operator mode to level my amps. Kind Regards Lexiel, formerly Genethitami
  7. So... I might not be the best Tenno at all. I'm like sub par casual nub. But, I love to level stuff, Like I have excaliburs to fit each theme (Dex, Corpus, Prisma, Prime, Proto armor, so on). And one thing that really annoys me is, when I level stuff, there's no "Tenno melee" like there is during tutorial with Zanuka. You're captured, no weapons, yet you can use melee. Would it be possible to implement some, for example: 1) primary gun handle smack 2) secondary gun slap Or something along those lines? With melee 3.0 around the corner, I think this would be really nice addition. Regards and thank you Lexiel, Formerly Genethitami
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