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  1. This. DE does not care. Do you guys think that they post this on Forums to gather Feedback and maybe reconsider? Nah... they post this stuff when they arelady made a decision just to warn us and then never look back to the threads. They will do what the hell they want at the end of the day and the community will not be listen... again... and again.. Most of us already have been here for a while to understand that no matter how many replies sayin "DONT SCREW UP DE" we do. They love to screw up.
  2. Omg DE... We can get to 12/220x mutiplier with any melee weapon. Now they gonna say we can't use Warframe abilities when we reach to the max combo count? There's no difference at all if I am using a Reaper Prime or Xoris when it comes down to the damage output of those Warframe abilities, Xoris is just a CONVENIENCE choice, but IT IS NOT mandatory because we don't need it at all to deal damage, all the damage numbers that you claim its overwhelming from Xoris we already could reach before, so there's no such a thing as "Use Xoris or you doing it wrong" I don't know where the hell you guys heard it from. Xoris didn't boost at all the damage. Matter of fact, if you think this way then you may need to nerf Venka so... because this weapon can reach 13x multiplier and the damage output is way more "overwhelming" than this Xoris when you combine with those Warframe abilities. It's just unfair and not very smart.
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