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  1. Only a 6.25% chance for a 4 man rad share, not too bad really. Unless you mean they all got the exact same reward, then it is a .077% chance or around 1 in 1300. Quite rare, but not unheard of with how many chances there are all the time.
  2. Keys are for opening orokin vaults on deimos normal missions(not open world), they are randomly spawned rooms with a special door that can only be opened by a single version of the dragon keys.
  3. You have a dragon key equipped in your gear, and are recieving it's penalty. Unequip it.
  4. Or the fact that they are actually a horrible storefront with questionable practices and bribe publishers to sell their games with exclusivity deals so close to launch they have to put stickers on the already printed boxes to remove the steam logos?
  5. That doesn't have anything to do with what I said you know? The entire goal of those free games and discounts(which are not without their own controversies) is to build market share in other ways. They also pay for exclusivity, which itself is being eroded by xbox app due to the way that works. EGS and steam are two storefronts in the same ecosystem, steam provides a great deal of user oriented features, from the chat, profile, forum, workshop, and other stuff. EGS doesn't even have a shopping cart or significant alternate currency support. They aren't even trying to make a better product o
  6. That's not really supporting it, but rather leeching off of it, which itself is being subsidized by a few giants in order to wedge themselves into the market with paid exclusives.
  7. This concept seems really odd. Forced synergy is not real synergy. Lets take rhino, a frame that is available early on, and combine him with well of life or dispensary. With his toolkit he can already do some of those due to having crowd control and a team buff. Add in well of life and he can do the healing mission as well, because defense objectives have a healing cap, which unless removed basically means every frame can do it equally well due to well of life. If it is removed, trinity is queen of that mission due to their % healing and team damage reduction, which already affects the pod t
  8. Logitech gaming software is (one of) the official means to rebind and configure logitech products. Been using it for years without issue, even had it scripted a while back for single firing the tigris.(That duplex trigger is still one of the main reasons I don't use the tigris, despite it being a cool weapon) Currently only have a few rapid fire buttons and a key for heavy attacks.
  9. Hmm, that with vile acceleration would still be fine. It is effectively a better version of heavy caliber with a 90% elemental of a good element as well and PT is almost never bad. Not the best, but still quite decent imo. You won't be able to use it till MR 15 though, so saving up your kuva and other stuff might be better.
  10. Corpus gas city tileset, ended up with a single resonator that spawned in an inaccessible region of the map, checked adjacent rooms and found no path to get to it, nor any means of destroying it. https://i.imgur.com/vCbXl0f.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7XZsh0h.jpg
  11. Partially correct, it has the appearance of the mod card appear, as well as other pop up images. I still have my EE log of that time.
  12. If it were a rare item, contact support with you ee log. That's how I got my tempo royale when it was a 300p stance mod. Just be humble and show the proof it dropped.
  13. I got a mech the first week they came out. I never even forma'd it until this event came out. Now it has 3 forma, and is a whole lot better kitted than before. People rush built mechs the day they came out. The ones you find are basically rank 30 no mod mechs IIRC. So it isn't hard to be better built than the rentals.
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