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  1. What? Disruptions can be broken down into two things, either a CC gate, or a DPS gate. They will break out of abilities and dispel your buffs on a sort of timer and aura around them, stay a decent distance away and you can melt them with out penalty. Otherwise you can delay them and do slower kills by whittling them away. You can do even steel path disruptions using inaros with fireblast or something.
  2. Bouyancy. It exists regardless the medium. In air you can demonstrate it with light gasses in balloons. In water you can demonstrate it with yourself normally. The mass and recoil impulse may remain the same. Archguns can have their recoil impulse countered by archwings already and some of it is likely transfered into the water as well as into you. The rest of the force can be used to maneuver through the water freely, but the water resistance is much higher than space hence you move slower. All the archwing has to do is counter the force of gravity(which is somewhat diminished due t
  3. To get the first tier of entrati, you needed 5 son token, 5 daughter and some other minor resources. Son tokens on release could only be obtained via randomly spawned conservation and you needed a lot of tags to even get 1 token. You basically were rolling the dice to even start the progression in deimos, running around not doing bounties looking for animals and hoping when you got back you had enough tags to get a few tokens. I didn't ever get enough until they removed the son token requirements and then used my first leveled predasite to get 10 tokens for leveling the rest of the factio
  4. I think the title is descriptive enough, but the result is quite visually jarring, flickering the screen up and down while phasing the archwing in and out of view and the hud going nuts as well ran the mission twice got the same results was replicated by another in discord. https://imgur.com/a/jXSE6Vo
  5. DE put it in baro because of what the problems it's existence and potential return could cause. This was a mod that had sales in excess of 100k plat. They said it would return eventually, but it would be a challenge to get. Baro having it was probably the best way to solve the problem it presented with the least collateral possible. Like I said, I don't think you understand what primed chamber really meant. And by that I mean the consequences it actually presented on competitive events and general community to a degree. It became the epitome of an elitism trophy. There is a reason that e
  6. I don't think you understand what primed chamber really meant. Primed chamber was not an issue of how long it took to get. It was a matter of if you could get it at all. Which for the vast majority of people that answer was a simple no. It was a trophy item that was given out a handful of times beyond the initial batch. It was not something you could earn, it was something so valuable that it caused a serious fomo problem with events which had leaderboards. "was this top reward that had gameplay impacts EVER going to come back?" And people sought after every event that had a leader board since
  7. The projecting on others is what I was referring to as the antagonizing part. You are making yourself look bad and also making them against your position. The incoherence of your OP now also makes it look like a jumbled mess and puts you in an even worse position to articulate your point because it is all over the place now. It being ill thought out and poorly presented originally also would have made it an easy target to gloss over. Primed fever strike, nearly double the effect of a normal 90% status mod. Continuity, the highest non penalizing duration boost, primed bane, s
  8. You are pushing the goalposts constantly. You started at they were necessary so they should be available a lot sooner. Now you are going with a different route entirely to try to justify it. I disagree that they are necessary, and at most are a qol or improvements/side grades over much more common mods. The fact you even bring up examples which are completely irrelevant and some which are downright contradictory to your intent says you didn't think this through entirely. Edit: you really should try converting people to this idea rather than just antagonizing them.
  9. 15% attack speed? Statistically yes, but also quite misleading. 10% is more accurate. Primed fury is 10% faster attacks than quickening. Quickening you get 20% faster combos at a much lower cost which gives you more of those juicy heavy attacks. Most of those weapons have sufficient punch through. The bows turn killed enemies into projectiles that also hit a bunch as well. The opticor series has an aoe attack in addition to punch through and the ogris you don't want punch through due to the potential to go through walls and not hit the target. Ignis has infinite PT versus enemie
  10. Primed fury - mediocre mod, I would rather put quickening on most weapons before it anymore. 40% attack speed with 20% increased combo count rate is pretty nice if you aren't running berserker. Primed shred - nice combo of PT and fire rate, but considering you can pick up 10 arcane accelerations for less than most prime mods it is kind of forgettable if you do that kind of stuff. Primed sure footed - this one for most circumstances is replacable with constitution or handspring, unless you are running high aoe weapons. Then it is a necessity, somewhat agree on this. Primed vigor
  11. Honestly, this build is kind of meh in my opinion. You are sacrificing a whole lot for that extra range and compensating for that with empower. Ping ponging like that can be really detrimental. Transient fortitude and umbral intensify alone gives you 99% power strength. 99.5% armor stripping should be more than enough for most situations. If you replace the other power boosting mods and overextended you can replace flow with R3 fleeting expertise for 170% power efficiency, which cuts the energy cost to less than half of your current build. This leaves you with 3 slots open for augur rea
  12. Oldest active prime is mesa prime, so they are likely the next vaulted.
  13. It is within context, which you missed. All tradable plat comes from purchases. Consoles do not get login discounts on purchased platinum. Tennogen has a specific dividend value. Thus the compensation for those artists is maintained by them not being marketplace coupon affected.
  14. Another little tip for large blast radius weapons is amalgam furax body count combined with firestorm for 44% larger radius. You can hit a whopping 11.36M with the kuva ogris for example
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