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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=disable+on+screen+keyboard+big+picture+mode Uncheck that. It took me longer to upload and post this than it did to find the info, it even popped up as a google answer box.
  2. However no movement ⊂ lack of movement. Lack of X means being without something, or not having enough. Thus no movement is a subset of lack of movement If you were moving around like you said here: You don't have a lack of movement. At the same time you are complaining about the system weighing in a lack of movement having to high of a weight: Is English not your main language?
  3. Firing 4 shots with 0 delay between shots isn't any different from firing 4 shots at once outside of the status mechanics. The four shots are fired at the same time, hence at once.
  4. Counter point: prisma machete is worse than the machete wraith. /s Joking aside, weapons with multiple variants generally have different qualities to the variants or one is the definitive version. Boltor has a split of crit or status, tigris has status or reload speed(important for getting rounds out), and the cernos has power/status vs speed. Akbolto prime, prisma gorgon, latron prime, lato prime(unattainable founders item), and nikana prime are all definitive versions for the most part. In most cases they have tradeoffs, even the nikana prime which seems to be a flat upgrade has terrible block power.
  5. gorgon wraith has faster spinup, higher status, higher base damage, and is mr7. Prisma gorgon has higher crit stats, higher fire rate,higher accuracy(still very low) and is mr 11. Based on Update 22.12 the prisma gorgon will have better stats overall due to being higher MR, and this is in general true. Before that update they were pretty similar, but in a both are terrible kind of way.
  6. It did update melee a though, and if you read the update notes it is generally refered to as "MELEE REVISIT: PHASE 1" or changes phase 1. The 2.99 thing is mostly from the devstream prime time commentary. Directional slam attacks, combo interrupts, exalted weapon swapping and normalization of slam attack radii.
  7. Personally, I have been enjoying 2.9 a whole lot more than 2.0. It might have something to do with the stances I was using a lot. It isn't a doomed transition or even negative, the majority of naysayers are complaining about the lack of quick attacks more than anything. This is understandable due to how powerful they were on certain weapon types like polearms, granting full power attacks at a high rate and with mobility. Tempo royale for heavy blades was my favorite due to the instant quick spin combo, with 2.9 it is unaffected and can go full combo and channel with the ability to return with a moments notice, granting greater functionality than old quick attacks. Gunblades with bullet dance stance now can do a quick shot followed by a charge shot within a half second then return to normal gunplay, allowing for out of range attacks for weapons like the amprex, or healing attacks with lifestrike. Claws even got a boost with vermillion storm coming out with it's mobility and high attack rates being able to be channeled instantly. The dive attack as it is now is a pure positive, the old one to be as precise as the current one you still had to look straight down. The new one can get the same level of precision from a 45 degree off angle increasing engagement speed and more. Stances have not been reweorked yet, nor has mods or channeling. This is only the switching mechanisms.
  8. Chance and probability is not cumulative in that manner at all. Chance is never 100%. After 4 sorties with a 28% chance to get the thing you are looking for, or rather a 72% chance to not get the thing you are looking for, you have a 73% chance to have gotten it at least once. At 7 sorties you have a 90% chance to have gotten at least one. So if you do a sortie every day for a wek, you have a 10% chance to not get a riven.
  9. That thing changes as you get standing. Also learn to use screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/lYlstj4
  10. The tatsu is a nikana in the same sense that a galatine is a sword.(if you search sword, you will see it pop up) Technically it is true, in the broad sense, but it is in it's own class. You aren't going to wield a tatsu in one hand, just like you won't wield a galatine in one hand. Also the standard holster style is actually normal for what it is,a (n)odachi based weapon. A weapon type so large it is impractical if not impossible to draw from the hip for the simple problem of your arm is simply not long enough. You would need to remove the scabbard/saya with your opposite hand. Binding it in your belt like a katana type weapon would cause many issues with this; length makes movement difficult in crowded situations, removal would require it and the scabbard to be pulled completely free out the front then stowed again or simply dropped, and above all else you can't even draw it from the stored position anyways. Having a back holster for a weapon of that scale is actually faster and more practical.
  11. Garuda's third ability claims that it decreases health drain when you add efficiency mods. At 175%(75% decrease) it claims you get sacrifice 12.5% hp and get back 100% energy. In reality you still sacrifice 50% health for the energy refill.
  12. When using punchthrough on the tysis if you shoot through a target entirely you will not deal the damage over time effect, this cuts your damage potential per shot massively. You can test this with a maxed seeker mod, you will be able to shoot through 2-3 heavy gunners but the last it will stop inside, this one will take corrosive damage, while the others will not. Make sure you have no external element mods, as those will add to both the dot and the main impact.
  13. Incorrect, I had a tempo royale drop from an isolator bursa when it was still a tactical alert only item. It was a mod worth like 300-400 plat at the time and had the details needed to also confirm I got the drop, game crashed when entering the rescue target area. There was no mission failure or complete or anything of the sort. Support got back to me the next morning and I had it in my mod list. Still use that tempo royale as my main heavy blade stance.
  14. This isn't punishing people who die, this is punishing those that revive. If you want to have a death punishment, make it so that it delays their reward cycle in some way, or make it cost you a vitus essence to resurrect yourself.
  15. The opticor suffered from the same backwards fire bugs with certain rivens that projectile weapons suffered from. That is the reason why some believe it to be a projectile weapon.
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