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  1. For one, those are designs for failsafes as new players, give them a wide safety margin with the ability to quickly recover it. I used similar building styles at the time, ensure your critical resources never run dry first, then focus on damage.The redeemer might need a potato, but the heavy attack is always a ranged strike. Even with high noon it will still be reasonably good as the initial swing should be a swipe or similar, and you are looking for the heavy attack which is what gives you the healing. It also will synergize with killing blow of all mods. Pressure point, killing blow, quickening, life strike r3, and 2 90% mods gives you ~7600 heavy attack damage, or ~1500 base healing before enemy armor/modifiers. 0 forma needed, no stance, only catalyst, can be spammed and doesn't rely on status procs to work. As for suggesting the kohm, I still give it a 1-2/10 for new players. The ammo consumption and recovery rates are abysmal and can quickly leave them without a viable weapon for much if not all of the remaining mission despite it's dps potential. The ignis on the other hand is a good one as well, more on the damage side of things, you get 12-24(6* ammo pickup, 2x efficiency, rifle ammo drops more commonly) shots per shot of the hek, but the hek has 15~ the base damage and low draw mods to get it amplified quite highly. Rifles however need more high cost and a 10 rank or so to get really good. If you are building for a new player, you gotta remove as much overhead as possible so they can focus on the task at hand, simplify the concept to a basic set of rules. Inaros is a very simple frame, 1 ability you can cast at the start of the mission and never need it again(and I often don't even do that, too much time for the limited effect), 2 abilities are trash usually, his first ability is a fast cheap blind with decent effectiveness, no shields to manage and so much health you can take most things that one shot other frames. Hek is simple, it's a slow semi auto shotgun which hits like a truck; there isn't much too it. Redeemer is simple, it's a shotgun masquerading as as a melee weapon to get melee mods instead, thus it can be turned into a vampiric shotgun. It is a tool and a crutch, treat it like that. And as for the build I posted for the hek, if ammo pickups become a concern, ammo stock(personal thing for the 6 round mag) can be replaced with mutation at no damage per shot cost, giving you effectively unlimited ammo(even in tier 5 lich missions), making it an even safer choice.
  2. Personally if they were to go after the liches I would focus on tankiness early on, if you can outlast them, then you win by default. It is surprisingly easy to out-tank a lich with the right build. I would honestly suggest redeemer with life strike over healing return. More reliable(point and click), safer to use(ranged), and heals a huge chunk if not all of your health(160 healing before other mods add more damage). And unlike healing return, life strike is quite easily found, even with my playtime I actually have never found a healing return, but I do have 16 life strikes and sold a few more than that. Combine with inaros from baro, and you can easily face tank a level 5 lich(as long as it can't give rad procs and cause team kills) with minimal investment. I have 90+ radar range on my lich/exploiter orb build and no really notable or rare mods on it except primed continuity for pocket sand, which isn't even really relevant or needed. Maybe something like this: https://i.imgur.com/40wVHRY.jpg (0 forma and no exilus needed) about 16k ehp if vitality and steel fiber are fully leveled and not affected by energy levels. probably around 13-14k if you get them to r7-8. Still nothing to sneeze at. Sands of inaros can be either gotten from baro for cheapish or from a player for reasonably cheap as well. As for a gun, grab the hek, it is a classic shotgun that still hits decently hard and shotguns are pretty easy to gear up early on. Something like this: https://i.imgur.com/qYCSSlX.jpg ( 0 forma, no primed mods, and a few nightmare mods) 15k damage per shot and can flip elementals to get any combo that has both heat and cold in it without sacrificing utility. Overall it would be even less management as you only have one HP bar you need to handle, might have less damage but safer and faster recovery, and lower bar for entry to a degree still using MR5 accessible resources. It might be a slugging match in the end, especially if you are solo, but you should be able to come out on top even without the best gear.
  3. No it doesn't, you can make an account to manage images uploaded better though.
  4. You literally can drop files from your desktop onto imgur's site to upload them.
  5. Did you look at the kill log I posted? An elite lancer was awarded the kill. And no I did not have radiation proc on me, there were no active liches with radiation weapons, no radiation hazards and it was on a corpus outpost tileset, which according to the wiki has no sources of that damage type. The only lich that could have been active was also heat elemental and was already dispatched that mission. Additionally I and everything else was killed by a midair explosion of the rocket, as I was firing from an elevated position. Also even if you are under radiation cautious shot still works I believe. I'll go test that now. EDIT:Confirmed radiation does not have an impact on Cautious shot. Went to void, got radiation, still take almost no damage from it. EDIT 2: Downing yourself with radiation says you killed yourself and does not harm your pet Edit: funny one recently
  6. At first I thought it was just a case of not paying attention to my health while spamming the ogris like I usually do. I had a few deaths using it, "who cares, it's a fun weapon" I thought. Then I failed a mobile defense mission with an objective that had no threats to it. I found this in the EE.log: Yeah, a rocket I fired killed the objective, my pet and myself at the same time. This is playing as inaros, on a build with high radar range, and the ogris has cautious shot on it to allow me to use it as a constant crowd clearing tool with minimal self damage and risk. Neither build is really a maximization of anything, but rather a general purpose and reasonably effective one for most missions and lich hunting. https://i.imgur.com/dP6kBJQ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/vo8DD08.jpg My suggestion is to make it so that if an enemy shoots down the projectiles, they don't get the damage associated with them. Otherwise there is a notable degree of griefing potential with explosive weapons.
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