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  1. Woo hoo you can shoot a level 300 enemy and wait 5 seconds for it to die. You have to go out of your way to fight level 300 enemies, and gain no extra reward for fighting them. Level 100-120 enemies from enhanced armor or eximus stronghold sorties still melt from the vandal. Enemies that don't rely upon weak point hitboxes melt in a shot or two(splash damage messes with hitboxes too much). I consider "end game" the highest level content available that gives a reward grade unique to itself. Using that definition, sorties, arbitrations, open world bosses, and ESO are the end game content. If you can handle some or all of that content reliably with a weapon, I would consider it a high tier weapon, if it can handle all of that, a top tier. The vandal does suffer from the previously mentioned weakness, but it can handle all other types of enemies reliably. Challenge for the sake of challenge doesn't define a weapon. Where it can take you, and what you can do with it defines the weapon. The vandal is not some "average" weapon, because if the average weapon could delete level 100's within a third of a second(vile acceleration, yes I have it going that fast, the damage is already high enough), then the challenges players face in progression would be non existent.
  2. Something isn't making sense here. I was running with inaros with a minimalist/specialized build. Simple armor and health with massive radar(Aura, enemy sense, vigilante persuit for 90 base radar), handspring, primed continuity and hunter adrenaline, no arcanes, no adaption, no umbral, no negating swarm. The key to this boss is to play it safe, get behind cover, move quickly and with purpose, and heal up with the adds. The first phase is the tough part. The second is a battle of attrition solo. You are whittling them away with thermia, you can't just burst them down.
  3. The exploiter isn't a dps kill boss. It is a puzzle boss. "Shoot their footing" Break the rocks they are using to hold themselves up. Then it goes to "shoot the vents", pretty self explanatory there are vents around their base. Then they mix things up and ice their vents and summon allies. Zuud and onscreen prompts tell you what to do here. Once you break all those you go to stage 2. Outside you kill coolant spiders, pick up the coolant, fill fissures, throw thermia at them and when overheated go metal gear rising on them and rip them apart. Shoot the exposed point a few times and then rinse and repeat for the other parts. Personally I used Inaros due to his simple tanking capability.
  4. Decisive judgement is a "double handed" Nikana stance. Wise razor is a "two handed Nikana" stance. Wise razor has some better multipliers for damage and a heavier grip to it. Decisive judgement would be a good "light" alternative stance without too much of a change. The Tatsu's stats are similar to normal nikanas, being between the dragon and prime, with the main advantage being range. As for animations, it shouldn't be any less weird than the back mounted Nikana holster.
  5. There is an option for that, making groups yourself or solo mode. If you join public matchmaking you are at the mercy of the matchmaking servers.
  6. And baro has it right now. Primed life strike or Primed spoiled strike would be my ideas. Do you really need 55% lifesteal at the cost of 19 more energy per hit? Or is -55% attack speed worth that +275% damage?
  7. Double resource events don't stack on eachother. That was specially disabled.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0 I find it funny you can't believe that I can kill the exploiter with inaros. I have only really killed it with inaros, solo for every one due to matchmaking bugs and never bothered to set up a group. I did another run which took forever due to they weren't making thermia vents as much as usual. Was sealing em up and ran out of vents twice and sat around for a few minutes waiting for more. Here is the run in a nutshell, from my build, my arcanes(or the lack there of) all the way through my absolutely terrible luck, ending with an abysmal 23 minute ending due to a mix of inefficient decisions(I don't stockpile thermia from deck 12) and bad rng. I shall let this embarassing run be public to the world, because I am not making another slideshow run. https://imgur.com/a/WyIjyba Edit: Ignore the weird chat. They are... "special" at times.
  9. The OP is honestly delusional. They talk about one thing and go on a ranting tangent on something unrelated in order to counter the point you bring up. I had a comment on the first page, mentioning that arcanes only push your power so far, and showing another natural(or passive depending on how you look at it) tank. He just goes, nope you're wrong; arcanes good, content impossible for me without them, you are lying about how powerful and necessary they are, bye. That is far more arrogant and narrow minded than anyone else in this thread has been. The tank is technically more fitting one for the boss in question, but still well within reasonable bounds and the stats I mentioned were not even special, simple quick calc of ehp and a comparison to their described build. Their response is to bring up a different boss and a mod that was never mentioned and not even used, while saying that the frame is bad and worse than a third frame that wasn't even part of the conversation. They aren't looking for help, they are looking for validation and someplace to rant. I gave further clarification, and further insight, and it goes ignored.
  10. No, they(OP) was asking if endgame is gated by arcanes. Not the other way around. They(OP) were saying they were dying constantly with one of the tankier frames in the game, while nova is a frame with minimal tankiness.
  11. If you are going for a consistent proc machine, it might work, but the ammo cost would be obscene. Things to consider though: Fire rate and magazine size will affect the out time. If you want something like radiation cold, you can get an obscene time extension by using tainted clip, ice storm and creeping bullseye It would give you around 31 seconds per magazine, or 150 ammo. Meaning you need to collect a box of pistol ammo every ~4 seconds while keeping discs out. Oddly the embolist would work for you though. High fire rate and put on a couple mods to give it radiation and viral and you basically ignis secondary for radiation/viral with low ammo consumption. Low ammo consumption, load with status duration and you can rad-viral proc a whole crowd quickly. Or the pox as mentioned, which leaves a cloud and doesn't have as much relative cost.
  12. After throwing about 50 or so azima disks in sim, I can tell say that the infinite rise is not normal. None of the ones I threw, overlapping ones, ones that bounced between enemies, those that clipped into meshes, and more, continued to rise after more than a moment. I did have a single one stick to the floor and shoot rather than rise though. The only notable bug is with rendering when you have 3+ discs shooting at once where it screws up the screen.
  13. This is where you start contradicting yourself. The first vandal was a half rof braton, something with the qualities of both the opticor and ferrox is bringing something new to the table, and generating resentment of one group to appease another is a foolish decision. Something doesn't need to be the best to be a good gun. Restricting yourself to only the most meta weapons and everything else as trash is far from accurate, and far from reasonable. If you were to put Opticor and vandal on a tier list, they'd both be the top 5 or 10% guns, but for different reasons. The opticor is an alpha strike king, nobody argues otherwise for obvious reasons. The vandal is a semi-precision light cannon. One is great against singular heavy units, the other is better against scattered enemies and clusters of lights. The ferrox comparison is nonsensical for many reasons. The ferrox is a precision weapon, the opticors are brute force. One relies on it's precision to get crit-headshots(additional damage mult), the other spreads the damage a bit with a huge beam and decent splash damage. They are only really similar until you pull the trigger, after that the behavior is significantly different. You are right, there is nothing to complain about a straight upgrade. If it were a straight upgrade it would be at worst a minor power creep complaint and that would be it. The issue is it wasn't and that is why we are both here on opposite sides of this. I like this sidegrade, as do many. You are annoyed you didn't get the toy you were expecting, while others were pleasantly surprised by it. I didn't care much about the opticor vandal slipup or the fact it was a reward for the event, the opticor wasn't my cup of tea. When the stats were shown is when I actually started doing the fissures to a significant level. Those changes made it a weapon I wanted. I've personally been using the vandal for most everything recently because it does almost everything well. Low commitment per shot, low ammo consumption, high accuracy, high damage, enhanced hit chance(wide beam) and even extra collateral damage on impact. Here's the thing which I find funny, the ferrox and opticor were both MR fodder to me, neither of them were fun to use, but what some call the combination of the two is.
  14. The problem with that argument, a very simple and easily missed one apparently. The Vandal in it's current fast firing state exists. Changing what it is now will piss off people who like it's current state. There are more than just a few people as evidenced below you and scattered through the thread, which want it basically to turn into opticor 2.0, sacrificing the vandal's unique qualities. If it were released as a straight upgrade to the opticor nobody would be mad really. But at the same time it just makes another MR fodder gun out of one people have leveled, rather than bringing anything new to the table. Ferrox has no beam width, no AOE, does significantly less damage and has an awkward delay between shots(fire rate is lower than charge rate, it actually shoots slower than the vandal). Vandal deals 400+200 damage, both can and do hit the same target at the end. It also has a very wide shot that can hit enemies that aren't directly aimed at(grazing their side). Vandal has a significant status chance to it's shots and aoe, while the ferrox's throw move doesn't get criticals or multishot benefits as well as sacrifices the weapon itself until retrieved. The Vandal has extremely good accuracy with heavy caliber, and it's beam width mitigates it's limited loss as well. Ferrox isn't so lucky. Ferrox is theoretically more powerful if you get constant critical headshots though. Vandal has difficulty with this sometimes due to it's width and explosions don't get headshots anymore(or at least they shouldn't).
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