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  1. You are using the supra vandal aren't you? That weapon has extra ammo drops for some reason as a unique ability.
  2. After leveling and playing a bit, I can say a few things about their abilities. Shield passive: It grants interesting gating mechanics, but the reliance on overshields to provide them does mitigate their usefulness significantly. Especially as overshields are eaten by abilities. I would prefer the gating to work on regular shields but rather than protect health entirely, prevent death at 1 hp. Movement passive: faster roll with more control I believe, but there is a weird delay at the end where you are in the upright position and seemingly ready to do whatever, but cannot. Decreasing the control lock at the end(where the shields start fading) by about a quarter second will help with this awkwardness. First ability: Feels great when shooting standing still, but the slowdown while shooting, even without aiming is very jarring, it feels like you are getting hit with a cold proc every shot. Is a bit too powerful for such a cheap attack. Second ability:It has the same results for shields, armor and enemies without either, meaning it is good against shielded enemies, mediocre against armored and useless against enemies with both. Also due to it working off of enemy armor, it has an anti-synergy with corrosive projection, one of the most popular and by default compatible auras, which is very odd. Suggestions: Make it regen off of combined armor and shields but do not damage those, continue to damage shields. Makes it consistent against enemies but removes the weak armor stripping potential. OR make it give a flat % shields per enemy struck, like 5% of base shields, maybe? Third ability: pretty strong in a group, the invincibility on shield break could be very powerful if used carefully. Combine with a trinity and you basically have an immortal team with a grace period. Enemy effect is questionable at best, eats shields quickly while providing little to no benefit. The damage it deals to enemies is worse than ther fourth, does not control their movements, has no additional benefits, and costs the same. Fourth ability: great Crowd control, decent range, provides optimal angle for first ability. Cost seems a bit low, maybe increase the drain per enemy to make the CC a last resort type thing? Overall they work Ok-ish, but the dissonance and lack of synergy between the abilities is very evident. Also their third is wholly useless solo due to how high cost it is and how weak it is. The fourth does more area damage, and grants secondary benefits to that damage. Anti-synergies also are similarly distasteful.
  3. 1) your post extends the page to be longer than any other. 2) It is ad hominem(insulting others in order to try to discredit them) to call someone ignorant, while displaying your own. I made that opinion without youtube vids, I played with the mechanics and I love them. Why do I love them? Instant channeling out of gunplay, melee does not restrict ability to do precise damage nor delay response to lack of enemies in immediate area, responsiveness of weapon switch gives better mix-up potential and greater versatility of playstyle imo. The modified slam attacks and the instant swap(or rather both are active at once) are quite good for controlling movement to my preferences. Others may not share this(as you obviously don't), but that fusion of gunplay and melee is something I really enjoy. Also, it is funny you are trying to discredit others(by saying I can't form my own opinion) and projecting that I am trying to discredit others.
  4. Yes, calling people out and bringing people here with a massive wall of images and spam is a great way to support your argument. Especially when you call me hotheaded when you are doing the same thing here. He posted a thread that had no constructive content and was a repetition of an argument oft claimed. Do you want a full breakdown of why I called it an "edgy rant"? 1) Insulting the devs for making changes that were advertised and well received for months in advance, called them ignorant(and more) for making changes that many people were requesting. Ad hominem. 2) Claiming that the whole time he played the game was wasted. He enjoyed it then, so it wasn't wasted. You can't revoke enjoyment. They didn't take anything away from him, he has all that farmed gear and more. Sunk cost fallacy. 3) Claiming that nobody was requesting these changes, that is wrong, there was a huge pre-release support and he apparently missed it. Claiming that they did this for their will alone, which is wrong as well. False argumentum ad populum. 4)Complaining about particle effects, when those are liked by most people(with the exception of a few excessive ones), a tangential rant that they are using to push their view. Unrelated nonsense. 5) It is a "I'm leaving unless you make the changes I want!" Type post. It is an appeal to emotion with a undercut of low value blackmail. His arguments are that he was not personally informed of these changes, and is complaining that they made changes to a section of a game that he enjoyed a lot. He had no solution provided other than "scrap everything and make no changes". Edit: Additionally; I know I commited the Fallacy fallacy by making this post.
  5. Viral effectively doubles the dps of whatever weapon is hitting the target. If the weapon that has both is under half the damage that the viral provides, it isn't very useful. Corrosive works well against targets with heavy armor(any tanky enemy in the game), but is better off stacking and the effective dps can exceed 2x very quickly. Those weapons aren't commonly used(except the kripath, that one is powerful), due to their relative weakness compared to more normal choices. Some weapons would benefit from this to absurd levels, like the boar, detron, tigris prime, exergis and more. With my 121% status exergis riven I can load this with practically whatever I want, as it would effectively double my damge(and more) with a single slot.
  6. It's not censorship. It's keeping a degree of civility in public chats. You are on their system and you have to play by their rules. Those rules include refraining from strong insults, slurs, and political commentary.
  7. They've been talking about melee rework, stances, and more since the middle of last year. Dev streams, dev posts, notices on the news feed and more. This hasn't been some secretive change that was popped out of nowhere, it has been a gradual thing teased and demonstrated for the better part of a year now.
  8. Revenant's Mesmer skin is not iron skin. It is damage nullification, not an extra health pool. Unlike iron skin which can be shredded with a few very high damage hits, mesmer is the opposite. It can't take fast low damage hits that well. Might be subtle to some, but mechanically extremely different. Hildryn is a regen-tank with a high focus on ability usage. They have pretty decent EHP due to their absurd shields and benefit from being able to quickly get that back out of combat. They in some sense are a "cast from health pool" type frame due to their shields and health are almost synonymous. They are a frame that is expected to use their exalted weapon a lot, it is their first skill, it doesn't rely on outside power and it's energy source is always coming back. Still need to play around with them, because they seem really interesting with the design.
  9. That is a feeling,feelings are subjective the amount of unnatural pauses in the old system made it jarring as hell compared to the new one to me, as well as ambiguous controls, of which the (semi-)unambiguous ones were hidden away non standards which only exist in one version afaik. If something is not bound by default, it should never be a players fault that they didn't know of it. It having additional mechanics associated with it is also pretty unusual. But you are also getting distracted, that wasn't the only point, there were several more.
  10. "You never dropped held items, except if you used the default controls." The word you are looking for is "subjectively". If you didn't know of minutiae of how a non standard method of using something worked or how there was a significant delay in the switch actions as well as ambiguity of it, that causes a disruption in flow. Now you can gun something down, bring out your melee to get some health back, and go back to gunning things down or continue with whatever your melee weapon is without skipping a beat. Also, switch to melee/swap gun doesn't exist outside PC it seems, only switch weapon. So that issue still is an extant one.
  11. Old system: Hold Weapon switch to change to melee, drop datamass/held item, lose access to guns, gain stance attacks, gain channeling, gain blocking. Hit weapon switch to change back to previous gun(hopefully), drop datamass/held item, lost stance attacks, lose channeling, lose blocking, gain gun. New system: Melee strike to change to melee and use it with stance, hit channeling button to channel(can be held before melee strike to com out channeled), look/move in enemy direction to block. Press shoot or aim button to bring gun back up, losing channel if active(fix for controller stuff, will probably store that later). Which of these is less jarring?
  12. I like the big hitboxes, it allows me to hit enemies side by side. This isn't a precision weapon, that is the job of the ferrox or snipers, the opticor is a brute force weapon, and the bug beam is both fitting and helps it in that role.
  13. It's like the launchers, be mindful of what is infront and around you. The only difference is instead of getting downed you wasted little over half a second due to collision.
  14. At the 50 creds you get from rank 3, you can buy 15 nitain. 15 nitain is for you to make 3 of the most cost intensive items in the game.
  15. The hitbox is .5m wide, it is great for clearing out hallways.
  16. Why Do people make clickbait titles with no context and clog up the board.
  17. 1) That is a goal of the stance changes, additionally lunge attacks(gap closers) as well. The flaw existed in quick melee for any stances(and some weapons) with hybridization like tempo royale, blind justice or vengeful revenant. 2)it is only active when you want it, it isn't a weird state of "you can swing it and put it back, but must draw it properly to be able to use all its powers" quick melee, it is out. It is a weapon that you can call upon at any time it is needed. 3)So you want nothing to do with the melee system as it existed before or now. The new system grant's you more power and more versatility compared to the old one. 4)You can still aim while meleeing, it doesn't lock your camera. Play it akin to doom, hipfire that thing with your melee button. It doesn't have any precision and will auto adjust to an extent, so there isn't any issue there. I use bullet dance, so when I melee with a gunblade, I shoot a shell or salvo out the moment I press the button, so don't tell me it isn't good against moving targets, it is. You aren't even angle locked when you charge shot, so the main hit and charge can be shot at two different targets, maybe hit the button 3 times holding for the third and get 2 normals followed by a charge in under a second. Channeling grants me life strike, allowing me to also use this as a supplemental heal at range with a low energy cost on any frame. Gunblades have two bullet dance combos which are pure gunplay, the standing combo which is a retreating set of steps, and the back combo, which has you stand still while dumping many salvos into the targets. Honestly, if you didn't like 2.0 you probably won't like 3.0. 3.0 is removing the arbitrary separation, reworking channeling into devil trigger/awakening type thing, reworking combos to include lunge attacks and greater mobility, and replacing charge attacks and combo counter with (charged up)heavy attacks from the reload key. This is a rework, of which is huge in scale and implications. In it's initial stage now we only have a simple teaser of how much we will get out of it. I, for example, am able to mix things in much more fluidly than before, as many others have. Maybe it is time to adapt rather than clinging to things that are themselves remnants of a system which was merely "melee weapons are bound to this button, use it to strike enemies". And I can see why they made a swing then charge, responsiveness. You hit the button, you get the attack out, if you want a charge attack it will come out when done. You don't wait till the button is released to get an attack. For some that isn't much of a deal but for others, that little bit is much better, for a few(you included) that is an annoying interference.
  18. 1) Stances have not been reworked yet, some stances are more mobile than others, maybe try a different one. 2)Because that is your channeling your button, hit your aim button and you will be able to alt fire. In later phases it will do something else entirely, a super mode akin to devil trigger is the current idea. 3)Because you have a melee weapon out, switch back and you can reload. You brought the melee out when you did, put it away, its that simple. Would you rather it try to reload the moment you had a pause in a combo? 4) aim your shot, hit and hold E, 1-2 redeemer blast with the same target you had before. Yes, 1-2, before you only got the channel shot after a swing, you can even channel those shots at no delay so you can heal quickly. Yes there are problems but those are the result of leftover vestiges of the old system. And the old system had many problems as well. Switching weapons was finicky, especially with data masses and such, channeling was a gimmick that never was fully realized and had only a few decent mods involving it, the lack of precision from weapons means you are not useful against enemies with weak points or invulnerable parts, and you had the issue with weapons having vastly different mechanics in held and quick modes especially with move set(Whip swords and gunblades come to mind, especially the former).
  19. I don't have host migration failures that often. Terrible hosts? Pretty often with flickery enemies being the worst kind. But migration failures are maybe 1/20 or so of the migrations. It might be a regional or general connectivity problem for some though.
  20. You can do all that with the new system too, you could even channel the strikes quickly when you bring them up, so you can heal when you throw the glaive out if needed, and in the case of fishing you can use abilities with the weapon out, and when you re-aim you will go back to fishing mode.
  21. Edgy rant about not understanding how much of an enhancement this is over the old system, nice.
  22. "once and future" is a reference to a book, and is a reference to the "return" of a status lost. Since you can't quite get it, she it talking not to us, but rather about us. The tenno as a whole were once a powerful force to be reckoned with, but we disappeared with the fall of the Orokin, only returning relatively recently. We are gaining power and influence, shifting the chains of events going on right now. Nora knows a lot about the tenno, and references it in a deliberate and vague manner. They call us dreamers, they have a story of kids killing those who tormented them and tried to get their trust by treating them "well", and even calls us sellswords in a sense(the frosted blade story). Also, backbrain is a reference to several things, it isn't literal either. Almost nothing they say is.
  23. It's actually even more due to the crit improvements, around 70% with point strike/vital sense, those apparently minor improvements help a lot.
  24. Jumping into archwing fixes companions. They come back with weird starting health, but otherwise they are fully there.
  25. You are taking what he said to personally. He is telling you to look at your own actions, are you doing anything to entice or incite others to say these things? There are many different people playing this game, but in all honesty, the amount of toxicity you claim to be receiving does not pass the sniff test. And I did look at your stats, main weapon being the ignis(wraith), your sweeper has more kills than your highest secondary somehow, and multiple others quirks. You aren't a really bad player, just a bit too focused on a few niches to me. What does seem odd is the time played vs kill count and number of mastered weapons and gear with almost no kills, you seem to not be a very active participant in combat often. Maybe the some of the toxicity focused on you is a perception of leeching? Or are you interpreting attempts to assist you in an abrasive manner as abuse?
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