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  1. This isn't punishing people who die, this is punishing those that revive. If you want to have a death punishment, make it so that it delays their reward cycle in some way, or make it cost you a vitus essence to resurrect yourself.
  2. After leveling and playing a bit, I can say a few things about their abilities. Shield passive: It grants interesting gating mechanics, but the reliance on overshields to provide them does mitigate their usefulness significantly. Especially as overshields are eaten by abilities. I would prefer the gating to work on regular shields but rather than protect health entirely, prevent death at 1 hp. Movement passive: faster roll with more control I believe, but there is a weird delay at the end where you are in the upright position and seemingly ready to do whatever, but cannot. Decreasing the control lock at the end(where the shields start fading) by about a quarter second will help with this awkwardness. First ability: Feels great when shooting standing still, but the slowdown while shooting, even without aiming is very jarring, it feels like you are getting hit with a cold proc every shot. Is a bit too powerful for such a cheap attack. Second ability:It has the same results for shields, armor and enemies without either, meaning it is good against shielded enemies, mediocre against armored and useless against enemies with both. Also due to it working off of enemy armor, it has an anti-synergy with corrosive projection, one of the most popular and by default compatible auras, which is very odd. Suggestions: Make it regen off of combined armor and shields but do not damage those, continue to damage shields. Makes it consistent against enemies but removes the weak armor stripping potential. OR make it give a flat % shields per enemy struck, like 5% of base shields, maybe? Third ability: pretty strong in a group, the invincibility on shield break could be very powerful if used carefully. Combine with a trinity and you basically have an immortal team with a grace period. Enemy effect is questionable at best, eats shields quickly while providing little to no benefit. The damage it deals to enemies is worse than ther fourth, does not control their movements, has no additional benefits, and costs the same. Fourth ability: great Crowd control, decent range, provides optimal angle for first ability. Cost seems a bit low, maybe increase the drain per enemy to make the CC a last resort type thing? Overall they work Ok-ish, but the dissonance and lack of synergy between the abilities is very evident. Also their third is wholly useless solo due to how high cost it is and how weak it is. The fourth does more area damage, and grants secondary benefits to that damage. Anti-synergies also are similarly distasteful.
  3. 1) your post extends the page to be longer than any other. 2) It is ad hominem(insulting others in order to try to discredit them) to call someone ignorant, while displaying your own. I made that opinion without youtube vids, I played with the mechanics and I love them. Why do I love them? Instant channeling out of gunplay, melee does not restrict ability to do precise damage nor delay response to lack of enemies in immediate area, responsiveness of weapon switch gives better mix-up potential and greater versatility of playstyle imo. The modified slam attacks and the instant swap(or rather both are active at once) are quite good for controlling movement to my preferences. Others may not share this(as you obviously don't), but that fusion of gunplay and melee is something I really enjoy. Also, it is funny you are trying to discredit others(by saying I can't form my own opinion) and projecting that I am trying to discredit others.
  4. Yes, calling people out and bringing people here with a massive wall of images and spam is a great way to support your argument. Especially when you call me hotheaded when you are doing the same thing here. He posted a thread that had no constructive content and was a repetition of an argument oft claimed. Do you want a full breakdown of why I called it an "edgy rant"? 1) Insulting the devs for making changes that were advertised and well received for months in advance, called them ignorant(and more) for making changes that many people were requesting. Ad hominem. 2) Claiming that the whole time he played the game was wasted. He enjoyed it then, so it wasn't wasted. You can't revoke enjoyment. They didn't take anything away from him, he has all that farmed gear and more. Sunk cost fallacy. 3) Claiming that nobody was requesting these changes, that is wrong, there was a huge pre-release support and he apparently missed it. Claiming that they did this for their will alone, which is wrong as well. False argumentum ad populum. 4)Complaining about particle effects, when those are liked by most people(with the exception of a few excessive ones), a tangential rant that they are using to push their view. Unrelated nonsense. 5) It is a "I'm leaving unless you make the changes I want!" Type post. It is an appeal to emotion with a undercut of low value blackmail. His arguments are that he was not personally informed of these changes, and is complaining that they made changes to a section of a game that he enjoyed a lot. He had no solution provided other than "scrap everything and make no changes". Edit: Additionally; I know I commited the Fallacy fallacy by making this post.
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