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  1. 2 hours ago, Magosian said:

    There's no contradiction here.

    lack of movement != no movement.
    ED moves you well more than 5 meters if you want it to, and I'm certain I did that plenty of times, certainly nothing beyond a 2 minute window.  It must come to its conclusion some other way.  Depsite this, it obviously isn't working as it should.

    However no movement ⊂  lack of movement.

    Lack of X means being without something, or not having enough. Thus no movement is a subset of lack of movement

    If you were moving around like you said here:

    2 hours ago, Magosian said:

    I don't know why I have to repeat myself but I was moving the whole time.  I can't just nuke all day without ED.

    You don't have a lack of movement. At the same time you are complaining about the system weighing in a lack of movement having to high of a weight:

    6 hours ago, Magosian said:

    I suspect the algorithm weights position and lack of movement as a significant trigger.

    Is English not your main language?

  2. 5 hours ago, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

    The Quartakk actually doesn't fire all four shots at once. It shoots them in extremely fast bursts that give the impression it is shooting all four simultaneously. This was implemented because of how status chance is calculated for shotgun-like weaponry. 

    Firing 4 shots with 0 delay between shots isn't any different from firing 4 shots at once outside of the status mechanics. The four shots are fired at the same time, hence at once.

  3. Counter point: prisma machete is worse than the machete wraith. /s

    Joking aside, weapons with multiple variants generally have different qualities to the variants or one is the definitive version. Boltor has a split of crit or status, tigris has status or reload speed(important for getting rounds out), and the cernos has power/status vs speed. Akbolto prime, prisma gorgon, latron prime,  lato prime(unattainable founders item), and nikana prime are all definitive versions for the most part. In most cases they have tradeoffs, even the nikana prime which seems to be a flat upgrade has terrible block power.

  4. gorgon wraith has faster spinup, higher status, higher base damage, and is mr7.

    Prisma gorgon has higher crit stats, higher fire rate,higher accuracy(still very low) and is mr 11.

    Based on Update 22.12 the prisma gorgon will have better stats overall due to being higher MR, and this is in general true. 


    We are revisiting all weapons and adjusting their stats to fit into some Mastery Rank grouping guidelines based on DPS and Crit/Status split total. With this in mind, we are buffing a lot of the weapons you know and love!

    Before that update they were pretty similar, but in a both are terrible kind of way.

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  5. 7 hours ago, (PS4)jaggerwanderer said:

    DE shouldn't have called it melee 2.99XXXXX or something. They should of just called it weapon fluidity. Tagging it as a melee update without actually updating any part of melee is just wrong. Not to mention it adds up all the confusion.

    It did update melee a though, and if you read the update notes it is generally refered to as "MELEE REVISIT: PHASE 1" or changes phase 1. The 2.99 thing is mostly from the devstream prime time commentary.

    Directional slam attacks, combo interrupts, exalted weapon swapping and normalization of slam attack radii.

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  6. Personally, I have been enjoying 2.9 a whole lot more than 2.0. It might have something to do with the stances I was using a lot. It isn't a doomed transition or even negative, the majority of naysayers are complaining about the lack of quick attacks more than anything. This is understandable due to how powerful they were on certain weapon types like polearms, granting full power attacks at a high rate and with mobility. 

    Tempo royale for heavy blades was my favorite due to the instant quick spin combo, with 2.9 it is unaffected and can go full combo and channel with the ability to return with a moments notice, granting greater functionality than old quick attacks. Gunblades with bullet dance stance now can do a quick shot followed by a charge shot within a half second then return to normal gunplay, allowing for out of range attacks for weapons like the amprex, or healing attacks with lifestrike. Claws even got a boost with vermillion storm coming out with it's mobility and high attack rates being able to be channeled instantly.

    The dive attack as it is now is a pure positive, the old one to be as precise as the current one you still had to look straight down. The new one can get the same level of precision from a 45 degree off angle increasing engagement speed and more.


    Stances have not been reweorked yet, nor has mods or channeling. This is only the switching mechanisms.

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  7. 11 hours ago, BlackSmokingSuns said:

    Sorties with a 27.90% probability (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sortie)
    So after 4 sorties you should get to 100% one ... theoretically.

    Chance and probability is not cumulative in that manner at all. Chance is never 100%.

    After 4 sorties with a 28% chance to get the thing you are looking for, or rather a 72% chance to not get the thing you are looking for, you have a 73% chance to have gotten it at least once. 

    At 7 sorties you have a 90% chance to have gotten at least one. So if you do a sortie every day for a wek, you have a 10% chance to not get a riven.

  8. 1 hour ago, -EGT-Nova said:

    I wish the Tatsu will get the Shingami Nikana skin. I really love the skin and I really love the Tatsu. I don't like the Tatsu look, but like the Tatsu playstyle. I like the Nikana look but don't like the Nikana playstyle, so it would be a nice combination of the Tatsu and the Shingami skin or other skins. I really hope the Tatsu will get Nikana skins because it is an Nikana so it only would fit that way.

    For those who say Tatsu isn't an Nikana. First, look the description. It says it is an Two-handed Nikana. So it is an Nikana. Second, type in the close combat menu Nikana and you will see all ingame Nikanas and there is also the Tatsu.

    Here you will see what I mean, it is one of the Nikanas: https://ibb.co/sRJdx4y

    Edit: But the standard holster style is the style of the heavy blades so it's weird. But I think it's mostly an Nikana because more speaks for it.

    The tatsu is a nikana in the same sense that a galatine is a sword.(if you search sword, you will see it pop up)

    Technically it is true, in the broad sense, but it is in it's own class. You aren't going to wield a tatsu in one hand, just like you won't wield a galatine in one hand.

    Also the standard holster style is actually normal for what it is,a (n)odachi based weapon. A weapon type so large it is impractical if not impossible to draw from the hip for the simple problem of your arm is simply not long enough. You would need to remove the scabbard/saya with your opposite hand. Binding it in your belt like a katana type weapon would cause many issues with this; length makes movement difficult in crowded situations, removal would require it and the scabbard to be pulled completely free out the front then stowed again or simply dropped, and above all else you can't even draw it from the stored position anyways. Having a back holster for a weapon of that scale is actually faster and more practical.

  9. When using punchthrough on the tysis if you shoot through a target entirely you will not deal the damage over time effect, this cuts your damage potential per shot massively.

    You can test this with a maxed seeker mod, you will be able to shoot through 2-3 heavy gunners but the last it will stop inside, this one will take corrosive damage, while the others will not. Make sure you have no external element mods, as those will add to both the dot and the main impact. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Yagamilight123 said:

    The mision drops in misions that fail are not store in any place ... devs have absolute nothing to do ... dont give false information/hope , there is 0% chance they restore the item .

    Incorrect, I had a tempo royale drop from an isolator bursa when it was still a tactical alert only item. It was a mod worth like 300-400 plat at the time and had the details needed to also confirm I got the drop, game crashed when entering the rescue target area. There was no mission failure or complete or anything of the sort.

    Support got back to me the next morning and I had it in my mod list. Still use that tempo royale as my main heavy blade stance.

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  11. This isn't punishing people who die, this is punishing those that revive.

    If you want to have a death punishment, make it so that it delays their reward cycle in some way, or make it cost you a vitus essence to resurrect yourself.

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  12. 29 minutes ago, Zeclem said:

    opticor is very much hitscan. 

    The opticor suffered from the same backwards fire bugs with certain rivens that projectile weapons suffered from. That is the reason why some believe it to be a projectile weapon.

  13. The problem you are having with the opticor is hitbox priority. The beam is huge so it will hit non-critical parts of enemies a lot even when on target nullifying damage if they have limited vulnerability , and the explosion can take priority over the beam sometimes so you will hit with the blast first which might end a vulnerability phase.

    The opticor IIRC is not really a hitscan weapon, it is just an absurdly fast ball that is checking for collision when fired.


    4 hours ago, taiiat said:

    if everything is competing to be the same thing (like how everything is competing to be a Crit Slash Hybrid Weapon currently), absolutely. but that's just it, everything doesn't and shouldn't just be trying to compete at being the same thing.

    Which is not what I said at all. You are twisting it in a way which is neither implied nor stated.

    If you put two things on a teeter totter and they end up at equal levels, they are balanced. One is not better, one is not worse, neither stands out from the other. 

    Edit: Since you two can't understand what balance is. Balance is when in the grand scheme of things, the pieces in question are just as effective as one another. That does not mean that they will perform the same in every situation. In some situations one will perform better, in others it will perform worse. Overall though they will be just as viable as one another.

    When everything is equal, nothing stands out. Some things might not mesh with certain players, some things will just click. Some things will have a higher skill cap, some will cater to the lcd. There is a degree of balance as it is. You don't have things like the old tonkor, where it outperforms so much that it's most notable feature and reason for it's overperformance was removed. The tonkor's lack of self damage and it's high damage with criticals gave players a way to safely push farther into the game than any other weapon. Even the boltor and soma prime of the time couldn't compete, they were the meta rifles, but paled in comparison.

  15. 10 minutes ago, taiiat said:


    absolute nonsense. choice A not making choice B completely pointless to exist does not mean everything is bland.
    that is completely misunderstanding what balance means. 

    if things are balanced, everything stands out, because the choices do different things and are all useful, but for different purposes. rather than you simply pick __ because there's literally no reason not to (or a similar situation wich pick 1% of things because the other 99% have no purpose or use whatsoever).

    If everything is balanced, that means that nothing stands out.  Everything could be completely unique, but if it is balanced against everything else it is still not going to really stand out. Bland has nothing to do with it. Standing out is being more notable or better than the average. You can't have everything better or more notable than average, that isn't how it works.

  16. You simply can't have everything shine. That implies balance, and if everything is balanced, nothing stands out. Thus it isn't shining. Also the more unique things, the more development time spent, and the more potential bug fixes needed to make stuff stable.

    You are not one to talk about statistics, you went on a roundabout explaining it so badly you didn't even get anywhere. People spent extra long in void missions due to you could get many rewards for a single key. The nerfed life support drops to make it less viable to stay forever. You then needed a nekros, rather than just pure dps and CC. 20-40 minutes for survival wasn't unusual, heck it was considered common. Hour+ t4 runs were a bit more specialized, but doable with a proper comp. Relics made the shift between vaulting more smooth and farming specific items easier, but you lost the flood of items from the endless missions. This has nothing to do with statistics, it is simple reward cycles, you spent more time you got more rewards, people built comps around maximizing rewards from single key usages.

    You are becoming completely incomprehensible at this point. The gist of what I got from that is that you don't like them changing what is already in place and want them to implement new mechanics constantly. But what is with this inane drivel about malefactors? Also most people which did raids did it solely for the rewards, do your raids, get your arcanes, arcanes are rare valuable trade assets. Many people wanted them reworked. The Jordas verdict in particular was especially disliked, but people did it anyway due to it being the only way to get the rewards.


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  17. 9 hours ago, Teridax68 said:


    • Change the visuals on Hall of Mirrors so that only the real Mirage fires anything, and the illusions instead just mirror her animations, without spawning additional projectiles. The damage buff should therefore be concentrated purely on her own weapon fire, which sounds boring, but would be functionally identical to what she does now.

    My only issue with this is that it removes the saturation fire effect, which in itself is a key aspect.

    Yeah the simulor really needs some effect tuning, had an incident where I got stuck in a lobby with someone who did nothing but spam it with mirage, lost the mobile defense kuva flood due to nobody could see the objective and a butcher got to it. I was frost sitting on the thing and couldn't see them.

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  18. Just now, (XB1)Tucker D Dawg said:

    No, they refunded ONE forma, regardless of how many people put on it.

    In any event, the nerfs are just flavors of the day  - enough try&cryhards whine on the forums and DE nerfs something into the ground leaving behind 10 other weapons just as or even more powerful.  And they do so in a way that just hits the one weapon while not addressing the actual underlying issues that enabled that weapon to be powerful in the first place. 

    All that said, I have NO CLUE what the OP was on about  - (s)he wants MORE power? Less power?  

    Ah yes, you are right, double checking old messages, it was a forma and a 3 day booster. Some reason thought it was a full refund and also forgot about the booster, but that was over 2 years ago.

  19. On 2019-04-15 at 6:45 AM, (XB1)XGN DrFeelGood said:

    Reverting Tonkor to it’s previous non self damage state would not be a bad option or to patch in the mod Caution Shot instead of it being a bandaid. As a community if we asked for more late game content like the old raids and a reason to do endless mission types or events like pacifism defect, then we can have a clear reason to score weapons better in the MR system and get better weapons to shoot for.


    On the context of elitists, we are talking about the people who are the least of them, those that mimic people who GIT GOOD and turn around with a pious attitude to state “I feel that ‘x’ item is too good and needs to be toned down a lot to be balanced.” In other words a defective person who has the title; but can’t do it. Similar to the movie ‘Gladiator’ these “elitists” who want the attention; but don’t want to put in the effort, so they try to compete with the other person by tearing them down. Just like the famous general in the film some of our quality partners showed us how to GIT GOOD on Warframe.


    Over the time many Warframe and weapons were in a good niche and it was good. People didn’t have a problem with the Rhino player in 4 hour survival just beefing it up or the Ash player chopping it up. Nor the ember keeping it hot, Trinity keeping alive, Mirage keeping the rooms bright, or even the Vauban keeping things afloat. Just like these frame there has been weapons like the Tonkor, the Simulor, Tonfas and more were in good position. While we did get the Lenz and Napalm Grenades mod with reworks to the Tonkor and Simulor to the current time it does help to get mechanics like the Pyrana Prime’s spree buff.

    Tonkor, in it's era, was an overperformer. Everyone was aware of it, it was such an over-performer that people which didn't really like it's mechanics used it. When it was changed they refunded all of the forma put into it for everyone, I found that to be a very good compromise. Anyone which liked it for it's mechanics could keep using it and got free forma, anyone who didn't could drop it and not feel obligated to keep it for it's sunk cost. Cautious shot should be a -50% total damage with -100% self damage, +100% knock back on player at max level. Put it to that, allow it on all self damage capable weapons and it would be useful, but still a bit annoying to use.

    What you aren't describing isn't elitists, that is tryhards. People which will put every effort forward to top the scoreboard and if you aren't keeping up you are a scrub in their eyes. If you surpass them without being what they consider the best, they will whine. They care about recognition and winning above all else, never takes the blame for failure, it was always someone else's fault. Tryhards are those that spout what big damage share they have from shooting down transports, and whine if they ever go down. 

    Elitists are also those that gloat about being able to do challenge content and refuse any suggestion that it is pointless. They will go to every effort to claim that the stuff like level 300 enemies should be the new standard, ignoring that 99.9% of players don't or can't do that. Elitists are those that are the "You should be able to handle that trash, I'll go do X" type mentality of people abandoning the rest of the players in bounties.

    I'm a fairly decent player, I play to win generally but if I am being an obstruction to someone else's enjoyment I know how to throttle it back a bit. Tryhards and elitists do not, they are the people which did cataclysm spam when it was the most powerful nuke in the game. I've noticed in recent play, people will ignore plains bounties to kill the new thumpers. I don't complain, they are a pinata of goodies after all. 

    That last paragraph is just making me go "wut?" It doesn't even say anything or progress the conversation. All of those still fulfill their old niches(barring the tonkor), they might have been displaced by better options, but they are still able to function perfectly fine. Rhino, ash, trinity and vauban haven't really changed to a massive degree. Ember has always been good at low level content then fallen off. Mirage is still good at flooding the map with projectiles, most of the complaints about them now are focused on the simulor's absurd particle effects. Simulor has been displaced by better damage options. The only tonfa changed to a notable degree was the telos boltace, and that was understandable. It took all the enemies around it pulled them into you and knocked them down with no cooldown, allowing you kill everything effortlessly with nothing but spamming slide attacks.

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  20. 35 minutes ago, Yrkul said:

    We already have one, the Paracesis. And then there's speculations about a sentient arm cannon somewhere in the future.

    I only wish you could either chose a weapon type or change it for the Paracesis. I'd prefer it be a nikana, someone else may prefer a hammer, polearm or dagger.

    Not just speculations, models and dev talk, it was put on the back burner though. It will probably be a while before we get full sentient weapon. Might even be a new war reward gun.

  21. 1 hour ago, (XB1)XGN DrFeelGood said:

    While some content like weapons are being reworked such as the Ogris and Melee 3.0 comes out people are going to come and complain about the reworks to say things need nerfs. Instead more getting done we have content droughts from the devs feeling pressured by elitists who want everything balanced in their eyes. How are we supposed to get Rail jack and the New War if the devs have to go back to nerf and rework melee 3.0, and their reworked content along with ending Itzal? The recent M R changes help; but there are new weapons and characters that can fit into the higher MR; so players have to try the other content instead of saying one item is too good. The weapons as it is needs a solid road map because reworking Lex Prime to be a side grade and the Vasto Prime is a large over step. Before accounting the AK- variant if people demanded Lex Prime to be impact, Magnus to be slash, and Vasto Prime to puncture and nerfed, then we would be delaying about 2 to 3 weeks of the content road map for some elitists who want to mess the game up.

    And that has anything to do with what I said?

    Ogris got reverted, nobody was really asking for the changes to it either, it was pretty random of a change. Nearly nobody is wanting the itzal nerfed, the devs are choosing to change it due to it's overuse, not any external factor. Most want the other AWs to be buffed because, as they are, their abilities aren't really useful on the open worlds so they are mainly just transportation. Melee 3.0 will be a rough launch, they are probably anticipating more than a few bumps on the road, nothing is perfect on release, there will be oversights, broken mechanics, maybe more than a few network issues again, and that is understandable big changes affect much more than just their little section. MR changes still have a certain degree of ambiguity, some weapons still outperform their mr for one reason or another like the corinth, MR 8 and a high tier shotgun, while the Boltor prime sits between the supra and vandal, but has a lower fire rate and has to reload constantly compared to them.

    I have a feeling you don't understand what an "elitist" is. Elitists are those that try to make the most powerful builds, tout their skills constantly, and act like anyone who can't keep up with them is incompetent. Wanting a balanced game or wanting items to have unique character to them is not elitism. The goal of those who request or push for certain changes is not wanting to mess up the game, it is to make it better. Universal vacuum was a change brought by massive community effort, the carrier even got a new overpowered ability, ammo case, and I rarely see people complain about it due to how much more convenient it is. You might get low effort off hand complaints like it takes up a mod slot, but even those people are still giving up that slot for such a powerful utility.

    Whenever I am active in this game, I post on the forums. There are weapons that are seriously out of place in power and those that seem as anchors of sorts. The tiberon prime overshadows the supra vandal, it's neighbor, and most other critical and status rifle weapons. It needs a few changes to be balanced but then again rifles in general need a buff. The recent 60 ammo pickups change is a great direction to take, something I was not expecting. Rather than tackle the power per ammo issue individually, improve the supply side to compensate for the high usage.

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