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  1. Hitting right click will bring the scanner back up, and the scanner is useless if you don't zoom in anyways.
  2. Ok the vandal is the second most ammo effecient rifle ammo weapon in the game and you are complaining about efficiency. It does up to 400 on hit, 200 AOE, the next best rifle ammo weapon is the ferrox at a mere 350 on hit only. Then the javlok at 230, and (prisma) grinlok at 187.
  3. It it bad at hitting weakpoints, because the aoe hits it first. It has always been bad at that.
  4. Ferrox vs vandal seems similar at first glance but is really misleading. The vandal has 400 base damage with a ~200 magnetic splash damage(tested in simulacron), doing a full 600 on final impact. It also hits twice meaning 2 status proc chances independent of one another. The opticor weapons also have a very fat beam allowing for near misses to graze targets with the PT. A proper of vandal vs ferrox in offensive stats is 400+200 vs 350 damage 24% vs 32% Critical Chance 2.6 vs 2.8 Critical multiplier 30%*2 vs 33% Status chance. .6 charge vs .5 charge time. 1m PT vs 1.5M PT The vandal front loads it's damage and has a degree of flexibility allowing for misses and near misses to do notable damage still. It's also the same MR as the original, and as MR is tied to weapon power, it is expected to be of similar strength. The vandal does not tread on the original's super laser territory, but makes it's own. Edit simul test with proc to confirm individual hit values. https://i.imgur.com/mZm6JGl.jpg Notice the proc of impact on the other number. Shields have a 75% increased damage from magnetic, so the 350 is the splash hitting them. This is with an unmodded weapon.
  5. Ferrox does 350 damage, Opticor vandal does 400 graze, 600 final impact and 200 aoe.
  6. It's also the only vandal in the same MR tier as the original, except for the prova oddly, which melee hasn't been reworked to be balanced that way yet. Braton 0 vs 4 Snipetron 0 vs 5 Lato 0 vs 7 Dera 4 vs 7 Quanta 4 vs 10 Supra 12 vs 14 Opticor 14 vs 14.
  7. Since you are using a gunblade like me with this update, I think I can put some insight to help you. First off, the melee attack is always there in full force, treat it as though it is in it's ready position at all times. Use the gunblade only when you need the effects of the gunblade. You don't need it out at all times. Since you are talking about popping containers, do a jump attack and hit a bunch at once. By holding the channel button and melee you can even throw out channeled attacks at any time so with life strike you get an all range pocket heal.
  8. After using it a bit and getting a good deal on a decent riven, I think I can say a bit about how it works. Some reiteration from earlier but compiled together. In short, it is a very functional weapon and is even the same mr tier which is a big deal since weapons are balanced by MR now. 1) It is nothing like the ferrox. The ferrox has 350 point damage and the vandal has 400 graze, 600 final impact, 200 splash. both have PT/critical focus/high status/short charge time they are similar only before you actually shoot, the shots are significantly different in function and effects. 2) It still hits very hard, especially for it's speed. At it's damage point it is still a very hard hitter, in most scenarios the standard is overkill, while the vandal is much less of a commitment to firing a full shot. 3)Reliability. You can rely upon it as a main weapon in most any scenario and with speed upgrades it can even be treated almost like a heavy semi-auto with absurd stats. If you consider the standard a spartan laser, this is a supercharged ut shock rifle dealing it's combo on impact. Precise, consistent, powerful. By the new standards, it is considered in the same tier of weapons as the original. It does not interfere with the position of the old, but rather creates a new one.
  9. Just got it myself, love it already, it may not be a full fledged cannon, but more a light cannon. Formaing it up for proper use now. The comparison to the ferrox is 100% wrong though due to it doesn't take into account the secondary damage effects. Ferrox does a pinpoint damage of 350. Opticor vandal has a graze damage of 400, direct hit damage of 600 and aoe damage of 200. Opticor has graze of 1000, direct hit of 1400, and aoe of 400.
  10. Charges over 3 times as fast at 40% damage, It also has slightly better critical and status as well. The dps is 33% higher without crit. If the wiki is to be believed(getting it soon so I will confirm) it has the same splash damage as the standard, meaning 400 on hit+400 splash damage. Edit: Wiki was wrong, the damage is 400+200 splash, both hit at once.
  11. And if you use vile on the vandal you can get 1 and a half full charged shots out in the less time. Or full vs full, 3 full charged in under a second.
  12. Regular opticor with vile acceleration has a charge time of 1.05~, which is 70% longer than the base charge time of the vandal.
  13. Honestly with the stat reveal of the Vandal, I want it more than ever. I thought it was going to be a slightly buffed opticor which would languish in my arsenal forever, but it is precisely what I wanted. It fires significantly faster than a regular opticor with vile acceleration and has better overall stats at the cost of damage. If the versions were released in reverse people would be saying that the high damage is not worth the long charge time. Still going to slot vile acceleration in it and treat it as a heavy laser carbine.
  14. I posted it on the last page. That is event, and the line that started it all. Registered losers started on December 1st/2nd 2016 and before then had nothing to do with warframe https://www.google.com/search?q=registered+losers&source=lnt&tbs=cdr%3A1%2Ccd_min%3A%2Ccd_max%3A11%2F30%2F2016&tbm=
  15. The song was after the event and was a reference to the event. look at the dates. You have the chain of events in the wrong order, that is what I am saying.
  16. Nice ninja edit, and I never said anything about hating them or looking down on them. I was correcting your timeline of events.
  17. Song posted december 5th in response to the incident on the 1st. It even is referencing the incident directly .
  18. Losers was a slip up that became a community meme, not the other way around.
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