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  1. 1.Either decrease the repair costs of the equipment you found or double the drop rates of the resources. I literally dont want to repair anything because getting the resources is really hard. Should i spend what i have on a new reactor or in the mk1 gun? i cant do both. Play more? im on vacations and im playing the most i can, i wont be able to gather resources to try new combinations when i get to work, right now ill just go for the build everyone is going for because that the most efficient way to spend the resources (frost on the nose and maybe apoc on the sides)

    2.Gathering resources is really hard when you have a swarm of fighters around the ship. Let us get the resources when we kill an enemy. You killed a fighter? The drops go directly to your inventory/forge that makes the engineer life way more easier

    3.If the engineer and pilot must stay on the ship they will therefore miss the drops the boarder gets. If you want this to be a true coop experience then let everyone get what everyone collects..EVERYTHING

    4.Why is there a cap on the forge? and why do you lose what you dont refine? Why is refining even a thing? Let the railjack save everything you collect and what is not used to craft revolite/flux or ammunition at the end of the mission go to the players inventory.

    5.And for future new systems, please... no more new resources  

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  2. My feedback so far:

    1.Forge animation takes just way too long. Its cool yes but when you are desperate for revolite with 3 fires and a hull breach you dont want to see your warframe grapple a box. Make it faster ir just remove it. make a normal forge like the foundry in the orbiter. Press X to enter -> menu display ->do what you must -> Escape to exit and done we get precios seconds with that.

    2.The overall design of the ship is weird. Why is there a hole between the forges? it should be a plain platform to make it easier to move between each station. Why is there no ramp or ladder to the top floor? (where the catapult is) that weird thing cannot be called a ramp. If we are gonna be running around the ship to repair, craft and kill boarders, make it intuitive. There is no need of doors between the guns room and the reactor room. Make it easier to move around the ship. 

    3.Weapon and components families dont really make sense. From what i read each one focuses on either cost/effiency/or overall power so i dont think of them as "upgrades" right now zekti feels like an upgrade from lavan and since (from what i can tell) a zekti component is more expensive to repair it works just as an upgrade.

    4.I dont want to repair/research/fabricate components or weapons because the materials are really hard to collect and i feel like if i were wasting materials on a new reactor when i now a better reactor can drop at anytime. 


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  3. So i guess she is in puberty now?

    I mean the pimple is in her neck, has the size of an apple and has a hideous hair coming out of it, anyway to pop it? Or is she condemned to be the unpopular girl at school?

  4. Well thought, i only see one problem, when you increase the hud size the "loot text" as well as the mod image that appears when you pick one gets bigger as well, i think this two "hud parts" should remain the same size, i mean the mod image is almost a 1/4 of the screen

  5. So the whole point of a waypoint is to say "hey guys there is something here that might be useful for you", the new waypoints are not visible, little black and white icons can be "lost" when you are fighting big waves of enemys
    My advice is to make them a little bigger and orange/yellow/light green you now....brighter colors
    just my opinion though 

  6. Well it's because you keep getting put in missions with A******s who like to go part way through a mission then suddenly quit, causing host migration, which, like you said, often causes complete mission evacuation. It's just bad luck =\

    idk just played Xini and guess what, it happened again

    and i dont think i have that bad luck to been put in 6 games in a row with "leavers"

  7. So i just played like 4 games on Helene-Saturn and in each one of those games i was kicked out with a "Host migration in process" message, the first time i thought it was a real message but then on the next games the same thing happened, idk if im the only one with this problem but is becoming annoying since im farming hell's chamber

    Edit: I just played Drunlo-Phobos and the same thing happened

  8. So i was playing an exterminate to farm Golem navs, the last 3 enemies dissapeared or didnt spawn at all, this is the second time that this happens(first time was the last one!), also when this happens the map logo indicates a position but when i get there indicates the complete opposite position........
    Any suggestions?

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