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  1. mainly happens alot in deimos but i use quick melee to exit archwing mode and cant exit archwing and stuck i cant force switch melee so im just stuck flying around
  2. im having same problem i thought this would be a good build variation.
  3. with the new helminth system just 1 slot we got an exilus slot and 1 aura slot why not an augment slot? also those necramechs have so many more slots than a warframe has.before you go saying well that would be too overpowered just like to point out that you have a restricted capacity and can't go over it and need forma anyway to make things fit plus we would have to farm for resources to make some device that would allow us an augment slot plus you would probably end up needing to forma the slot ergo more things to do in warframe. im not good at arguing this point so assistance req
  4. im unable to change the color of the gun.
  5. now i don't have all content unlocked yet but when i witnessed the sheer awesomeness of the custom necramech from the (2) players in the game how much missiles and firepower that thing had flying around everywhere all the enemies dying so fast because of the sheer AOE from the abilities a tear of joy came down my face as my jaw dropped right before my game crashed and i laughed and cheered. kinda upset i lost all my loot but that was probably the funniest thing i've witnessed since i started playing about 7 years ago. and the 2nd funnest thing was when ivara was first release and she can walk
  6. i had the same thing happen i think its a server issue cause i put a forma on a item to reset it leave arsenal and its max rank and try again and same problem but if i exit the game and re login to try forma it works. like the forma was consumed but didnt add space or anything i was refunded the forma because it wasn't actually consumed.
  7. not only that buit the cursor is slow like network is slow but its only this game iv tested every other game. took a good few minutes for me going into arsenal for it to load if i clicked on the companion mode said its still loading and has a caution sign iv never seen before even on a low end computer playing warframe. and same when i goto foundry takes a good couple of minutes to load the menu at all but more like how my low end computer takes to loading menu items along with trading windows too. im running a i7-7700k intel cpu and a gtx 1080ti and 64gb of ram with a 1tb m.2 ssd i check
  8. noticed when playing with squad teammates couldn't see the symbols appear. their exact quote was "all 4 symbols are the same." i can't see what they said but i fell thru the map as i was attempting to reset and memorize the symbols. they failed all 3 times and i fell off the map into the treasure room and then it treated it as if we passed the code entering. once completed the mission we went to do vault 3/3 to attempt to kill the necromechs to get parts because last couple of missions didn't drop any parts and the mission goal was on stage 2 with the toxic room somehow we had access to stage
  9. im pretty sure this is a bug like 99.99% cause that would be cruel if it was intended.
  10. don't worry only the ugly ones will be sacrificed.
  11. so i like the idea of adding 1 ability from another warframe to increase variety of builds. imagine what it would be like if you could do that to your pets(companion) now im assuming this would only work with kubrow and kavat type of animals since they are organic creatures and probably would never work with MOAs and Sentinels.imagine putting transfusion on either your kubrow or kavat or stalk on your kavat or kubrow to help cloak you from enemies when they are close by. i feel like if we could figure a way to implement this feature into the game it would open up more variety.
  12. so before deimos update it would ask if you wanted to remove cyst now no longer asks and just removes it now i can no longer access room with my umbra and it says they never grow back after being removed so now i can never upgrade my umbra with any abilities.
  13. cant remember exact error code but along the lines of "invalid download cache between clients unable to form squad" then below that said "click on verify cache in warframe launcher"
  14. so i restarted the game again and started a low level mission with no ping limit and auto detect region and went to a empty room on deimos and i was successfully able to get people to join squad then screen went black booted me out and said unable to verify cache and told me to close game and re verify cache and so i am doing that now.
  15. i hate playing solo i want to have friends but nobody is ever on when i wanna play and nobody wants to play the same game as me i love warframe. so i tried changing the region maybe the region server is having a issue in order to enter matchmaking nothing i try changing to solo then public to see if theirs an issue nothing i try doing that then the region thing again nothing then i set to auto detect region nothing then i mess with the ping limit to no limit set region to auto detect nothing. then i close game restart game try every mission type mother has available in deimos nothing its
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