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  1. Z1B1

    Survival Balancing

    So did 40 minutes of survival in void with a friend with and without necros and have to say, to compensate the lower PLS spawn rate we now need A.more enemies to spawn or B.increase drop rate a little bit but dont negate the update totaly or C.get necros because he has a job again
  2. Z1B1

    Coming Soon: Devstream #58

    are we ever gona get a tenno minigun ?
  3. Z1B1

    Update 16.2

    /unstuck <.< omg FINALY i dont have to abort anymore :DDD
  4. Z1B1

    A Potential Threat..

    so THIS is the guy we can thank for rare containers :DD danke stocker sempia
  5. Z1B1

    Distributed Nat Proxies

    i havent had that many issues after the algorith change but hope this would make it even better :D
  6. i do like my dual keyblades too, could be a bit stronger thou xDD
  7. Z1B1

    Coming Soon: Devstream #49!

    is ther more arcane enchantments comming ? the current once are kinda meh
  8. Z1B1

    Hotfix 16.1.2 + Anniversary Gifts

    thank you for this dual keyblade :D
  9. well when frost P parts start to run low price is gona go up ... unless they make like a void version of vault runs but lets just see and farm till then
  10. im sertainly looking forward for this
  11. Z1B1

    March 13Th: Community Hot Topics!

    AFK timer i think the whole timer thing would be easily fixed with simple "/vote kick (player name) or rigth click player > votekick" in really really high end deffence/Survival you dont have that mutch breathing room when trying to mown down horders of super tanky enemies, resulting in you cant move very mutch and loosing rewards this way and i hardly belive that warframes community would abuse the vote kick system in early game, and it would also filter out "un needed" players from your squad when trying to group up in recruit chat Frost i barely play frost because i dont like him for some reason, but what i do know is that since with nullifiers you demonstrated the cappability of creating fields that ignore splash(AoE) damage and thus makes the 19102hp of snow globe useless, give frosts snow globe this too, because of this limbo demolishes frost deffence vise because cataclysm negates all outside damage, but its all over once they get in PVP hah you wish i would play that Snipers Rate of fire and damage is out done by many other weapons, and we are getting really close to power creep so i have to say this you guys need to tone down ALL weapons or we are going to have enemys level 50 with 500m hp and assault rifles with 100k damage 200 clips and 40 fire rate