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  1. Thats kinda how it is already: there are challenges for newer players (like formaing stuff) and challenges for more seasoned players (like 8 rounds of ESO). And I think we're supposed to choose which are better suited for ourselves and skip others. BUT. The problem is we all feel like we have to finish them all, because it's so not apparent whether or not we can get to our desired reward in time: the length of the season is unknown, no indication of your "progress rate" and estimated result - you have to bring up a spreadsheet to figure it out - stress levels are high! Maybe DE should work on these things now and not just remove challenges/tasks left and right, 'cause... players probably never stop asking to remove challenges they don't like while they feel like they absolutely have to do them.
  2. Missing owned count s really bizarre. Since it is present in all other parts of new UI already. And it's crucial for reward selection you need to decide quickly.
  3. Cool abilities screen for new players. Now please make it better for all players by adding ability stats on modding screen :) Modding abilities is so frustrating compared to modding weapons because of this. This is the one thing I was waiting for from UI rework and it's still not there. So sad.
  4. And couple of questions: Which of the rewards are exclusive to this episode? I'd appreciate those were marked in some way in game. Will lore and exclusive rewards be gone truly forever after episode ends? This is quite sad. Hope episode reruns will be a thing. I know there are subset of players who really love exclusivity in MMOs, but I think more accessible content will benefit community's spirit overall and in the long run.
  5. I support suggestions given regarding making standing and creds less time consuming to acquire. Balance it a little more to new/casual players, make it less stressful to miss some of current challenges. I also have an idea for nightwave challenge that I think would bring somewhat of an old alerts feel: Complete a specific kind of mission (on specific planet or node or against specific faction or specific mission type) with special modifiers for weakly and elite. This should bring random players together and should feel less like you're grinding some mundane task. Or is something like this already in the roster?
  6. I have a nagging question about instant gun-melee switch, which I've selfishly made into a topic 🙂
  7. I am worried that with Melee 3.0 and instant melee switching I won't be able to use same key for ranged and melee attacks. LMB as I have it setup right now. Is that the case?
  8. Timeline on Arsenal UI updates? Here is hoping it'll have abilities' stats directly on modding screen to see the effects immediately.
  9. Is there plans to PBR older frames and alt helmets? Or even do a fashionframe touch-up pass including fixing inability to equip non-prime armour on most frames, clipping fixes on Banshee Sopranos and such...
  10. Is there a timeline for updating Arsenal UI? Is adding all the missing stats on modding screen considered for it? Like warframe abilities stats - would be great to see mods affecting it right away on the same screen, because some abilities have unexpected mod interactions in terms of what stats are actually affecting them.
  11. Are there plans to do cosmetics polish pass, as you did with the weapon balancing pass this year? I mean things like PBR the original skins and alt helmets for older frames, enable free shoulder armor choice on primes (non-prime or none at all), fixing Banshee Deluxe's clipping etc.
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