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  1. This doesn't seem like a good idea. For people who are looking to collect all weapons it doesn't help much. And for people who are looking for a better roll on the specific one it is making things worse. A better idea would be to give player a little more control over this RNG aspect. A possible solution could be to tie the weapon to something similar to how elemental bonus is tied to lich progenitor. Examples: - tie it to the node on starchart (proposed by H3adsh0t here) - tie it to weapon used to down the larvling (by class: bow, shotgun, rifle, one hand secondary, two handed secondary, different melee subclasses etc) Update: Just wanted to point out some benefits of this approach. It encourages using different weapons, playing different game modes and tilesets. And discovering specific dependencies encencourages community coming together for the task.
  2. Please increase font size in the arsenal and options, or make it all-caps as before. It's too hard to read now. Ideally make this a setting :)
  3. I don't really have my own suggestions (especially since so much already posted in the thread), but I would like to point out parts of update I'd like to be changed and suggestions I've seen around that I like the most. Lich hunt opt-in I really would like a way to opt-in to lich hunt. As it is now, once you've engaged it pretty much severely limits activities available to you in game due to stealing. Your only reasonable option is to postpone other activities until you've dealt with lich. I mean, it would be extremely frustrating to farm, for example, new prime, when lich would constantly steal your relics, traces and prime parts. I am fine with stealing during the lich hunt though, even of valuable stuff, except, of cource, relics and traces :). Already suggested solution that I like: larvling does not become lich on simple kill, he instead becomes downed and you have an option to make him a lich through killing with parazon, thus starting a lich hunt, or just leave him be - in that case he should count as dead for all other purposes, i.e. mission objective. I also like the planned changed: liches not stealing requiem relics and giving murmurs on failed attempt. Lich hunt economy Traces could use some tweaking now that they're getting another use. I'd suggest: - Higher tier fissure missions should give more traces. - Traces you get from others selecting your reward should scale with your relic refinement level. Flood missions should probably give radiant relics or relics with some level of refinement (a chance to get flawless, exceptional or radiant, but guarnteed one of those). Normal siphons should have 100% chance to drop intact. Lich hunt ending Kuva Weapons as of now are high on RNG, with randomnes of weapon type and elemental bonus. As time goes you'll end up getting a lich with weapon you already have and with higher bonus. I like siggestions: - Larvling carries a weapon that gives a hint to the weapon lich would have. This combined with a way to opt-in (described earlier) gives player more control. - A way to combine two similar weapons to increase elemental bonus (with some cap of course). If combined weapons had different elemental type, resulting weapon gets one of the types (randomly or the one with higher elemental bonus). Offtopic: Ephemeras I'll mention it here since liches now have ephemeras too. - Ephemeras often tend to end up on the extreeme end of the spectum between barely noticable (earlier ones) and obnoctiously in your face (some of the newer ones). Could they be balanced a bit? Please buff poor blazing, seeding and shocking steps. I'd say the prime access one needs toning down, kuva electrik one feels like it could induce seizures and infested one is just super unpleasant to look at while being the most popular due to accessabilit. But thats probably unrealistic to fix :) I just wish these things would be considered when creating new ephemeras. - I really wish that ephemeras were achievment based and not rng. Achievment based rewards is something Warframe lacks and ephemeras could be perfect for it. But sadly its probably too late for that.
  4. I would like to see these two changes as well Two separate keybindings are even still in the options - "Switch Weapon" and "Switch Gun". except they do the same thing. Please let us use one of them as switch between dedicated melee and hybrid mode without holding. The other keybing can keep the "hold to switch" options for those who find it more convinient. "Melee with fire weapon input" is not an answer to this suggestion, since it makes hybrid mode less convinient - I want to use fire keybind to shoot from the hip in this mode. But in full melee mode I would like to use fire keybind - it feels more comfortable along with block and heavy keybinds and is unused otherwise.
  5. Really glad to see dedicated melee mode coming back. Could you also bring back a dedicated keybind for melee/ranged(hybrid) mode switch along with "hold gun switch key to equip melee"?
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