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  1. My opinion isn't new, I just want to vocaly support the idea of returning galvanized mods to Steel Path shop :). Arbitration is too limited as a game mode in terms of diversity (SP has far greater selection of missions) and time restriction. Also vitus essence is strictrly RNG compared to steel essence which is guarantied. Some players (like me) will become frustrated and maybe even burned out while getting these mods from Arbitrations. I dont mind if mods will be in both shops either: so you get some of them from Arbys to have an easier start on steel path and get others from there.
  2. Bumping for visibility once more. Still hope it will be fixed.
  3. For example. I have several warframes with config named Nuke I'd like to find them all when searching through warframes and typing "Nuke" into search bar.
  4. This is still happening so I am bumping the thread for visibility. Also noticed same thing with Inaros Prime and his lower back attachment (in same place as Octavia's)
  5. Hi, @[DE]Momaw I've got this problem just now: can't invite, "user appears to be offline". Was ok in the morning, 12 hours ago.
  6. I've finished all of the reward objectives of event when it first came around (a long time ago). And since then I am looking at 7 useless lines on my nav console each time it comes back. I think checkboxes belong to navigation screen events panel after they've all been checked. I think it is even the case with all other events, just not the fractures... PLease, make nav console more concise, stop feeding the Alertalyst :)
  7. I may be weird, but I like to use regular variants of skins on my Prime Warframes as well as prime variants. And these leftover prime details on regular Octavia - the back of her "skirt" - feel kinda out of place. I think its a bug, because it is not the case with other skins and Warframes and even with Octavia tennogen with prime details turned off.
  8. I have same problem. It seems to be with all of my equipment - modular or not - leveled recently - after Octavia Prime or Railjack Retrofit update. upd: However it doesn't seem to affect equipment that I've started leveling earlier, before those updates, and finished now - it does register in profile as mastered
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