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  1. I use the scindo prime quite a lot recently thanks to a riven I got for it, so much so that i bought the Suprema skin- a neat looking greatsword- for it. I wanted to change the holster for it so when I clicked on the holster style, i was given this menu This shows the sword as it should: on the hip. It looks normal until I leave the screen (pictured below) But, when I left the arsenal, it swapped back to my back I was thinking that maybe it will look normal in mission? No, still on my back. I go to check the holster style and it still says Greatsword hip holster so
  2. The hema drains HP in order to reload, but rewards the user with landing headshots by healing them. Using the synth set (5% of ammo reloaded into mag while holstered) causes the hema to drain MUCH more HP. I tested this with two synth mods, giving me 10% reloaded while holstered, and in the simulacrum, my health was drained by about 40%. In a mission, I found the amount was much higher due to receiving damage. In short: Synth set effect possibly causes the 10% reloaded per second to constantly apply the draining debuff for the hema, draining far more HP than is needed
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