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  1. I love to play as Equinox and am very excited for the prime. I run a Duality/Energy Transfer Equinox and I greatly enjoy swapping between forms, but I've found one issue that kind of bothers me. The specter does not scale well in terms of surviving. Sometimes when I spawn my specter, they die instantly. There are definitely lots of ways to make the specter survive longer, such as Frost bubble and Vazarin dash, However, I feel like the specter should be able to hold out on its own. Granted, I wouldn't want it to be OP, but I'd like it to have some utility in addition to being more survivable. Therefore, I propose a few ideas in regards to the augment Duality. Duality: Add an invincibility phase to help survivability, kind of like Rhino's iron skin. Extend the duration to last the length of Metamorphosis Have specter carry their own aura for Pacify/Provoke *Very Important* Allow us to do emotes with the specter! I wanna shake my specter's hand or give them a high five after fighting. I agree with a lot of the changes other tenno are suggesting for Equinox, mostly about fluidity/QoL, so I'm curious to see what people have to say about the Equinox augments as well. I feel like the Duality augment is one of the most unique augments we have, therefore, it'd be great if it were improved a little. I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is too much for an augment or not, but feel free to let me know. Any comments on this idea would be great. Thank you for reading~
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