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  1. I'm pretty frustrated with getting the archgun multiple times, so I have a possible solution. What if it was a guaranteed that you'd get one of each weapon within the first 13 Liches, and then after that it's all up to rng. The first one of each that you get within those 13 liches should have a predetermined weapon bonus of 25%, because you're basically being given them. AFTER THOSE 13, the bonus and weapon should be randomized like it is now. I think this would prove as a worthwhile farm to strive for higher percentages as a veteran, because Ideally... you have the weapon you want, but if you wanna min-max it, you can with the Valence Transfer mechanic. For those that just want the weapons but don't plan on using them too much or haven't the urge to min-max, they still have to spend roughtly 3 hours per lich (excluding farm to get relics/mods) to get one copy of the 13 weapons. I feel like this is a solution that DE could follow through with, because the weapon the player wants is still being rolled with rng, but it is guaranteed within 13 liches, which means DE will still get players investing hours in their game.
  2. What if... We can buy requiem relic packs from Palideno (or whoever was the girl in iron wake) with kuva?
  3. Honestly, I think you should make it so kuva siphons have a 100% chance to give a relic and kuva floods should give 3 relics. This would somewhat justify the rng of getting the mods and not feeling like the bundles in the market are pay to win because you'd be getting significantly more relics regularly playing the kuva siphons. We should also be able to get requiem relic packs in a way that is not just Platinum like you can with void relics and syndicates. Also, you have to kill 50 of the thralls for each Parazon mod you identify (so 3 times 50 is 150 thralls total) this is a bit too much in my opinion. Maybe decrease it to 30-40 thralls.
  4. I infected my abomination (messed up kavat with kubrow genes) through the wild Vascar Kavats and made 2 imprints, but I'm in the menu to select imprints to make a Kavat, it will not show the Vascar Kavat imprints made from the abomination. Also, the Vascar Kavat just shows up as fully white furred in the imprints while the kavat's original colors were... undetermined.
  5. I'm loving the Vauban rework, but can we make it so you can throw Vauban's other grenades on a vector plate to send them flying in that direction? Probably won't find much use practically, but it'd be pretty fun to play with since you can already send his Tesla Nervos on it.
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