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  1. The innate Helminth ability (Restore shields?) is easier to get, if one does not have Harrow or Hildryn so sacrifice.
  2. Then you probably know that the absolute quickest way to get gold mods is to run index.
  3. I am not sure what the problem is, but Swarm seems inconsistent (couldn't say for sure that it is, though). I agree with all three points krc473 makes above. Regarding the mod drop booster: As far as I know, it only raises the chance, but cannot create extra drop instances. Since grove specters already have 100% chance to drop mods, I would think that it does not affect them.
  4. The problem with Strength on Loki is that none of his abilities use it. Instead of putting an ability that requires Str you could take advantage of this, and put a CC ability that uses range and/or duration. That would also let you buff your squad with the Power Donation aura. Equinox's sleep is awesome, or radial blind like Sevek7 said, Titania's Spellbind to make them fly, Wips's Breach Surge for blind and extra damage, Saryn or Octavia if you think Decoy is not enough. Nidus's Larva is very efficient against Infested, but who has a spare Nidus? I have not tried the pull version of Zephyr's
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