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  1. You're welcome. If you edit your first post to show that it's been solved, you save time for support. Good luck with the game!
  2. That is also why they appear under "Miscellaneous". Don't worry, many have made similar mistakes.
  3. The photo shows how you have two parts crafted for the STANDARD Valkyr, not the Prime.
  4. Seems this is happening to people on all platforms. Had me confounded for sure when it happened the first time.
  5. With the Total Eclipse augment, Mirage buffs her team mates. Are exalted weapons (Excalibur, Mesa, Titania, etc.) included?
  6. It has been in its present state at least for the last four years. (Body count has always been 12 seconds as far as I know.) However, if your focus school is Naramon, it goes down in increments instead of all at once.
  7. You are probably only supposed to press two buttons. On Xbox it is the ability button + crouch button. Try holding the first while pressing the second. Good luck!
  8. If you decide to stick with Loki a little longer, be sure to have energy efficiency and duration, always. For fighting, it is worth having some range in order to disarm. Disarm can mightily increase survivability of the squad in tougher missions. The old classic when I started was Disarm Loki (max range) + Repelling Bastille Vauban. Try placing Decoy where enemies cannot hit it, but are still within aggro range. Loki needs no power strength, so you can safely use Power Donation aura. The only occasion when Loki is especially good for damage is in stealth, due to the stealth damage multiplier (+700% for a silent rank 30 weapon).
  9. I agree, just want to add the tip that you can get them from syndicate relic packs as well.
  10. Do we know if it is just WF? Me and my friends had multiple crashes and disconnects while attempting to play Borderlands 2 about an hour ago.
  11. Wow, that is really impressive! It looks as if a lot of work has gone into making those parts. Good luck with the contest!
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