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Started playing 6/22/2015

Just a guy who enjoys the game wants what's best for it.

Every now and again I'll be posting ideas on what can improved in this on most hot topic issues as well as overall general topics that come to mind but with a common sense approach. 

I do consider myself passionate about this game as I have put in serious time and effort into it and just seeing after 4 years(though I've played about 1yr 9months thus far, I do my research)that the potential of this game is still through the roof, I'd like to be apart of that and help move this game in a positive direction. I'll try my best to make my posts as rant-less as possible but as I stated earlier I am passionate about this and I'm also human and emotions are a thing, lol.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my ideas and please feel free to chime in on any of my posts. All ideas are welcomed.

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