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  1. I'm aware there are two downloads. My question is... Why do they show us the download speed AND the amount of data downloaded for the first download, but NOT the second? This makes absolutely no sense.
  2. So I'm doing a low-level mission to level up my newly-nerfed Rhino frame and I'm standing at this yellow door, it has a control console with a lock icon and the X prompt to open door won't appear and the mini-map is saying there's an enemy right on the other side of the door (extermination mission). Ugh. So what do I have to do, quit the mission and get nothing now?
  3. Okay when there's a patch to download, we get that 6-7MB download meter, and then once that's done........ ........we just get an unmarked bar that Slowly fills in. We can't tell how much it has left, how much we're downloading, or anything. Why doesn't the game tell us how much is left, so we don't look at a bar that's almost full with just a sliver left for 10+ minutes? Right now, a family member is asking me "why is there so much lag on the LAN?" I'd love to tell them when the lag will be done, or how much time, but.... can't, because the thing isn't telling me how much I have l
  4. They need to nerf Disruptors next, because they are just absolutely ridiculous. BAM all Shields and Energy GONE with absolutely no counters to this crap. They nerfed pretty much one of the only things we had to actually use against the stupid things. And I JUST finished building Rhino two days ago and they do this? Yeah, nice. You know, I WAS thinking about making a Platinum purchase.... well I dunno now. I think I'm going to hold off on that. I understand the ability needed a little adjusting, but yeeeesh, was it really necessary to absolutely gut it to where it isn't all that
  5. ^^ This. Nobody wants to be forced into a set of weapons, or worse, be forced to upgrade their weapons for no reason other than "your weapons are outdated". There is always going to be those "Common" weapons you see most people having... those glaives, scindos, fragors, heks, etc... but you do see players with a Paris, players with the smaller swords, I saw a few boltors running around, etc. It is nice to see variety. If we had a world where everybody had the Hek or the Gorgon, Glaive or Scindo and everybody used a Kraken or Bronco, that would be boring. We want variety. If yo
  6. Another thing, how about not making the arena BRIGHT FREAKING WHITE which is hard on the eyes in the first place. Why can't we spawn into a normal-looking grey room where we can actually tell where we're standing, have some sort of depth perception, and yes please get rid of that circle on the ground. I know when I did my test (and the tutorial) I found it hard to see with all the bright white everywhere. Also, in the Tutorial, I couldn't find the orb she dropped on the ground and I wound up running around and couldn't find the starting point again so I had to actually close the ga
  7. All the weapons being balanced/sidegrades works nice in that you pick your weapon for your Warframe/Playstyle choice. Going Solo against Captain Vor? You could have some fun and take a Paris + Kraken. Going after Jackal in a group full of impatient people? Bring that Gorgon by all means! Trying to play a "Tank" who is running Point in Defense? Get Rhino and slap a Hek on him and go to town with anything that gets past the roamers. You pick your weapon for the situation you're in, the enemy you're fighting, and the Warframe you're using. You DON'T pick a weapon "Because
  8. I'm more talking about trying to Combine/Fusion mods than I am equipping them.
  9. Yeah, outright removal is overkill. They just need a few tweaks. If they are having trouble getting it to work, then I'd support a Temporary removal while they re-design them. I'd rather them temporarily be taken out than leaving them in the game in their present state though.
  10. Jumping and Shooting: Why is it that tapping the Shoot button for ANY reason causes your character to LOL ROLL? Why can't I shoot my gun in Midair and NOT roll? Am I totally unable to hop up and shoot and land on my feet without going into a flying dive while shooting? IMO, you should only roll when you hit the ground if you were running at the time. If you jump straight up and take a shot, you shouldn't roll when you hit the ground. You can't even AIM and jump and resume AIMing when you hit the ground. Nope, you roll. This is EXTREMELY frustrating during Jackal. Need to ai
  11. I did read over the suggestions in the thread, was just noting that many of them would be better than what we have now. I just don't understand people who enjoy getting stunned/staggered all the time. I can't think of a more frustrating way to make a game unfun than to add something to the game that causes constant loss of control. I'm here to PLAY the game, not watch my character stumbling around constantly while slowly dying and not being able to do much about it.
  12. So I was replying in a thread about controls locking up in the Keybinding screen and it reminded me of something I've been thinking about the Mod window. Playing the game naturally means you will get hundreds of mods and unless you stop after each mission and combine mods, you will soon get overrun with the things. Trying to combine mods is a nightmare -- currently, the only thing you can do to limit the mod spam is by selecting categories: Warframe, Sentinel, Main Gun, Sidearm, Melee, and Cores. But I feel this isn't enough. Number one, as I said in that other thread, my Mouse
  13. I've been having trouble with my Mousewheel too, but in the Mod screen. Some reason when I Mousewheel up or Down, it gets "stuck" and it keeps scrolling until I turn the mousewheel some. Then I'll go back up in the other direction and it'll get stuck AGAIN.... Very highly frustrating because I have hundreds of mods already and trying to find mods (can't we have a search box?) is a pain in the butt.
  14. I bet the people who like rollers are the same people who enjoy WoW PvP...... Fearfearfearfearstunstunstunstunfearfearfearstunstunstun. It is SO fun staring at the screen unable to move/do anything, amirite? *rolls eyes* I'm not asking the rollers be removed altogether but how about some tweaks to reduce the ridiculous constant staggering that goes on? Make them do a little more damage but less stagger or SOMETHING?
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