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  1. I'd eagerly trade you the Ephemera BP for the Neuroptics/Systems if that were possible (and/or the Overall BP if that is a drop too). But I assume since it's a boss drop, it probably is not trade-able. EDIT: Would also need the toroids too lol. But ya a guy can dream. EDIT2: Instead of that, I could just sell you the dang thing for enough plat to buy hildryn outright.
  2. How do you actually extract from Orb Vallis? I Q'd up for Fissures, and someone started a bounty. I tried Leaving Squad, but the very second I did, someone else joined me 2 seconds later and it would not let me Leave Squad again, and I couldn't start extraction. Getting kind of tired of trying to do Fissures and I keep getting Deck 12 and people starting bounties, people dropping datamasses in computers, etc. I just want to get my Fissures done sometime before the event is done. Feel like they could have done a better job with this, IMO. What they need in Free Roam missions is an "Extract Now" button without leaving Squad or anything like that, as long as you're standing in the elevator.
  3. This.... is closer to being reasonable, except for the Profit-Taker mission. Do 3 Exterminates/Spy (I hate Spy, btw... but I'll take it)/3 Void Relics, all reasonable stuff, even for newbies, even the Void Relics can be done by newbies as they can spam Everest or something to get the Relics and then go do Lowbie fissures) is reasonable enough. Kill 1500 enemies in a week? That's not that hard, I can do 150+ in one mission on Everest (I did like 5 of those last week because of all the elemental kills) and indeed the first daily is "kill 200" so that's already 1/7th of the way there. Catch 6 fish in PoE ... meh. I did the Vallis one last week, wasn't That hard. And I forget what else was on the weekly but I don't remember it being that bad, I remember there being another objective I was thinking "Meh, skip" in the 3k ones. IIRC, I should be able to reliably get all but 8k, leaving me 5k above the weekly necessity to get Rank30 which helps offset one of the earlier weeks being so terrible. Keep going in this direction and maybe Nightwave won't be too bad. As long as we stay away from those terrible 60 minute endless mission ones, that is.
  4. You forgot this in Negatives: 1-Hour P2P Connections are not reliable, and a disconnect in the middle of it means you lose EVERYTHING and it thus becomes a gambling and many people hate gambling. You also forgot griefers suck, the people who will pop an air canister at 59 minutes just to screw 3 other people over.
  5. Ya just tried it myself, spawned in solo again. Definitely not fixed.
  6. Heh. It's been a thing for almost 24 hours now and it's preventing us from getting a LIMITED TIME event done.
  7. Coming up on a full day, I wonder if we're going to get an extension, for those of us who didn't get a chance to get the 100 fissures yet. I don't really care about the Exploiter, I just want the limited time gun. Hildryn will return again later.
  8. It'd be nice if they would actually post something on the forums instead of using a 3rd party site to communicate. That, and it'd be nice to know if they have any plans on extending the event since this kinda screws people over and it's a limited-time deal.
  9. Ya, and lose a huge chunk of Mod Capacity Points............
  10. So I messed with Melee 3.0 a little, and... 1). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the targeted ground attack. This opens up a lot of mobility possibilities! As long as you can get enough height, you can zip around the map by jumping up and then diving with your weapon. I think I'm going to see if I can have some fun with Excal or Zephyr here at some point, zipping around the map with their jump abilities and then rocketing myself around. 2). I like how I no longer have to switch to my weapon out to actually block, and do combos. 3). I like how I auto-block just by holding my weapon out. Gunfire is hard to see, and it's hard to know when to hit the button to block IMO. Having this happen automatically is awesome. That's going to add a lot of survivability. 4). I don't, however, like the removal of the quick melee. Broken War is a good example, it used to have insanely fast swings if you used quick melee attacks without using its combo system. But now you can't do that because you automatically go into the combo which has much slower attacks than spamming quick melee. Perhaps we could get a quick melee key for when we don't want the combo?
  11. RE 60min Survival: 60 Minutes is way too long. There's too many things that can go wrong that causes you to throw out 45, 50, 55+ minutes of your time out the window and you gain absolutely nothing for your time spent. I've always been outspoken against long missions like this for this reason, that the game gives you NOTHING in return for your time spent if there's a disconnect for any reason (Power Outage, failed Host Migration, PC crash, networking equipment crash, a griefer, etc). If the game allowed you to keep some of the rewards or something it might not be too bad, but I don't like the idea of risking losing that much progress because of something I had no control over. RE Ayatan Statues: Way too much RNG/work. Not only do you need the statues, but you also need the stars, and it's one of those things that you either needed a stockpile of them (which players had no reason to keep previously) or you need to grind your eyeballs out to try and get 5 of them in one week. How about Socket one statue, maybe? That seems more reasonable. RE: Friends/Clans: I myself am in a Ghost Clan that is mostly inactive, though I have 1-2 friends who are semi-active. One of them hates the Nightwave System entirely but won't tell me why, and the other is kinda 'meh' about it. I *could* get them to help me, but yet... it's difficult for me to schedule time with them to get this stuff done. Not that I wanna do 60 minute survival anyways. That and they are kinda a newer player, and some of the stuff you require people to do with friends is high-end Elite stuff which I'm simply not geared for. I think to be honest, you're trying to set your sights too high. The Nightwave System offers "meh" weapons at best, Potatoes, and Nitain Extract along with a ton of Cosmetics. There's nothing in there, other than maybe the Umbral Forma that speaks to High-End Elite Players, so why are we aiming so many acts at such players? High-End Elite Players have platinum to spend on potatoes. They don't need Nightwave to get Potatoes. They already have the Nitain items, or the means to get them. And most of these High-End Elite Players already have the cosmetics being offered. Nightwave's rewards sound like they are more for newbies with the exception of the Umbra rewards. Why are we gating most of the Acts behind stuff that only High End players can do? I mean, what's this stuff having to do with Hydralysts during the past week anyways? You really think your average casual player can take down a Hydralyst? It seems like you're at a disconnect with who the Nightwave system is actually supposed to be for. You make the Acts speak to Elite players, but yet you give rewards as if they're newbies. Newbies are going to want the stuff they haven't gotten yet and the potatoes because they sorely need them, and the Elite players are going "meh, I already have that stuff" except for the Umbra Forma.
  12. LOL, how did you quote me and get it to show up in Spanish? lol Anyways, yes I watched like 99% of the Tennocon Live Show, but I hid the chat. Dunno just thought that maybe that logs someone out of chat and I know they base all of their RNG plat rolls based upon who's present in the chat.
  13. Does hiding the chat have anything to do with whether or not you're Eligible? First thing I did when I loaded the screen, was I clicked the chat button to hide the chat (because it is VERY freaking distracting). I've yet to get my Ash Prime as well, so I'm thinking that maybe hiding the chat logs you out of the chat room and therefore I don't qualify? *sigh* I really hope that's not what it is.......... I think we seriously need a better way to do this kind of thing.
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