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  1. Sorry. Not trying to rush it . Maybe too many hours in game. 4000hrs plus. I'm beyond what you're saying. I'm also fed up with this and need a change. I think that you're new to this and there's lots to do . Good luck with that.
  2. I think that the title describes the current situation with this game. Despite me posting negative comments about this game (as if that's of any significance!) I feel for DE. They were the ones who, against all odds, developed this amazing game. David and Goliath, against the power brokers, not given a chance, written off, and more importantly not backed financially. The Founders put their faith in this game and supported DE. Big Commitment. DE responded by listening and developing an immersive and exciting game. Most of us (?) are in admiration of their will to survive and produce a game that could not only survive but expand. I think that this expansion will be either their making or undoing (state the obvious). I can telling you bugger all about the ins and outs of keeping a game like this alive. I don't understand what's involved and really, apart from spending large amounts of £, all I want is to do is enjoy and look forward to playing this game. I'm losing this enthusiasm as the need to grind increases and the grindwalls become larger. Don't tell me that farming and grinding are what this game is. I've done this for long enough without the process becoming soulless, unenjoyable and, unfortunately now, a necessary part of DE's business model. What's the point of this rant? (It's not meant as a rant) Nothing really, but I hope that these comments don't become a eulogy. Some of the posters on this forum are so switched on and free thinking perhaps they can nudge DE, if they're listening?
  3. Got to agree with all the Diarist has said. DE, your direction is wrong. If I keep on running head first into a brick wall sooner or later I'll stop, or fall down. I've fallen down but, you know what? I don't feel like getting back up. Devs; do all the back slapping you want, it only makes things worse.
  4. Got to agree but if a Nullifier sneaks 'round the corner you're toast. Nyx can usually see them coming, pop the bubble and convert them. I suppose it's what you're used to using and respect to you.
  5. As a solo player she is invaluable. I use her, mostly, for Sortie Mobile Defense and Chaos leaves me space to control the outcome. If your object is being overcome use Mind Control on the strongest enemy and Chaos will sort the rest. I have yet to fail a Sortie with her. (what have I said!) She is the best at controlling the outcome without laying a hand on the enemy.
  6. Don't you just hate it when you agree a price and just before the transaction the seller asks for more? Do you think this is ethical?
  7. I wonder whether it's worth the grind to get to 'Old Mate' before you can take this on. It doesn't sound like fun. Fun.................fun, DE, do you remember fun?
  8. I've played, on two accounts, about 7000 hours total. What!!!!! I hear you say. I've been burned out in the past but this feels different. It's just boredom and I can't really describe it any other way. It's about the repetitive nature of the game coupled with a lack of enjoyment. By the way, I'm retired and can spend my time, mostly, doing as I please. That is, when my grandsons let me!
  9. Thank you. I'm not trying to derail this thread. This is why I mentioned this and doesn't this prove a point that it's not me trying to shut down comments.
  10. I agree with everything you're saying. When Anthem is released it could be a threat to Warframe because some of the problems cited by you. Just check the response to that suggestion! (EA vs DE and all that!) Warframe has become unenjoyable and repetitive but somehow most of the die hard players either don't agree or fail to see this. I can understand most players defending DE but not the game play. I also understand that for new players the game is exciting with lots and lots to do but when you get to a certain level it's just a grind. Future developments and additions to the game no longer fill me with a strong desire to play. After P of E, for me, Orb Vallis is a place I go to work,( at a job I don't enjoy on a production line) not to visit in order to enjoy. Oh well, don't expect to be not shot down in flames for your comments. 'Wait until so and so is released' etc. etc etc.and 'then you'll be sorry' etc.etc......................... Good luck.
  11. I think you're right. Sorry if I've offended anyone.
  12. Well you obviously haven't learned from your past purchases if you keep, or kept, buying their games. Something must have drawn you back. Fun perhaps?
  13. They are well aware of their failings and (can hear the laughter) have vowed to change. Lets give them a chance. Strange that no one has commented about DE being owned by a Chinese company. I've an inkling that China's disregard for human rights trumps anything that EA have done, however bad their company ethics were.
  14. Wondered when that totally original comment would emerge. Have you played Anthem yet? Neither have I. I've played Warframe a few times and can comment.
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