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  1. Today's Sortie Mission has failed twice in P of E Free Roam. Last of 3 missions, to find and destroy enemies, fails as enemies don't show on map. Anyone else having this problem? I'm playing solo. It's now OK
  2. I agree and I feel that DE is distracted and lazy. Spent my dosh in good faith can you now reciprocate by putting some effort into a mediocre frame please?
  3. Chin up mate. I agree with everything you say. Now that DE are successful I feel that we have been left behind and our opinions don't matter. It's a great pity but we have to accept this. Take care.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I feel that DE is pushing me where I don't want to go. DE, as a solo player, I bet I've 'invested' more time and money into this game than most. Don't you want my money now?
  5. Log in, log out. That's more satisfying than this codswallop!
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