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  1. Why are people hate Operator that much? what is the true reason?

    Came back just to play Plains. I wish that my frame would take on a life of its own and blast my operator into oblivion. Sorry DE but I hate this forced clunk. It's not the game I love and as it will never return neither will I, so bugger it. ( looks longingly into the distance where an offshoot reclaims the game; and all is well again )..................
  2. My (beginners') take on Warframe

    Ginder or non grinder, it doesn't matter to me. I no longer play this game so it's just semantics to me and keeping on replying to my posts (whether they're considered or not) doesn't add anything to the topic. I wish I hadn't butted in and for that reason and the fact that my grandsons are due to arrive any time now means I'm away from this. Thank goodness! Bye.
  3. My (beginners') take on Warframe

    Perhaps then Warframe could follow their example, but I do accept your point and stand corrected.
  4. My (beginners') take on Warframe

    Other games require you to grind but are more enjoyable due to their less relentless nature and the OP has cited examples.
  5. My (beginners') take on Warframe

    You'll be telling people to 'git gud' soon!
  6. My (beginners') take on Warframe

    Got to agree. Whilst I also realise that easy achievement is, perhaps, not a good business model neither is the unremitting and mostly fruitless grind. I'm taking a long rest due to burnout and probably won't return. I'm time rich, having retired, and also have disposable income which I will not be spending on this game. I'm moving from a game that I have loved ( a reason why I check the Forums now and then ) to a bored and frustrated ex customer. P of E doesn't rekindle my enthusiasm, again, because of the reported grind. For me, DE's business model doesn't work. Not enough carrots and too much stick.
  7. What would you do/eat rather than eat a spool-full of vegemite?

    Ooher. Is that a euphemism?
  8. What would you do/eat rather than eat a spool-full of vegemite?

    Eat two spoonfuls followed by a dollop of Marmite and then roll naked in a vat of Vegemite for three days..........................Just saying.
  9. XB1 Plains of Eidolon Update: Status (LIVE!!)

    How long have you been playing this game?
  10. Bugged Lephantis in Sorties

    Only had 3 years plus to sort this out. Take your time, nice and easy. Wouldn't want to rush you.
  11. Hydroid Prime Access is Live!

    It doesn't sound as if the problem is of DE's making. Imagine the stress and S#&$storm going on, so please, let's be kind and give them some space.
  12. If you cood mack a story quest what wood it be like?

    I do hop yure not talkeing the puss!
  13. Your Most Annoying Enemy?

    A pub without beer.
  14. First Player

    Just curious. Does anyone know who was the first player ever to play Warframe?
  15. Warframe Prime Time #176: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Riven Mod.......Riven Mod? Is this something new? Good luck though.