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  1. It would be interesting if the developers launched the possibility of modifying the target to our liking.
  2. Kidding aside, I would very much like DE to correct that. It does not make sense to put a breastplate of armor on the belly. If it is breastplate it has to be positioned in the chest.
  3. Was this supposed to be the case? To fit in the belly instead of the breastplate? In any case, thanks developers, it is now possible to have that respectable beer belly that every man should have.
  4. Is it possible for a Warlord to oust another Warlord from the clan? The situation is as follows: A friend of mine created a clan, so he invited me to the clan and promoted me to Warlord with all the papers. Can he drive me out of the clan? I know I can not kick him out, because there is no such option in the clan menu. I am afraid that he may some day expel me, for he has not been in the game for months, and I practically made all the clan rooms, and I put many decorations in every room, completed many searches, donated decorations, numerous structures of decorations in the dojo. I d
  5. I did as you suggested and did not work. Then I removed all part of https:// and it looks like it worked. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I posted the pictures on the site i.imgur.com, I got the link and I put it here. I do not know why the image does not appear to other people. I would like to find a solution.
  7. The armor that covers the Atlas body after it collects the Rubble looks very strange and misshapen. One leg thicker than the other, with irregular shape and that damages the visual aspect of the Warframe. Recently the developers launch new Warframes with very nice and pretty design and visual (Khora and Harrow), with well-worked details that please the look. But somewhat old Warframes are very ugly visually when gaining an additional on the visual through some skill, such as the Atlas. I made a drawing in the Gimp software of how it could be the Atlas Rubble armor. With a more beautiful as
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