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  1. Can not log in. Get to the login screen. Enter PW, the timer pinwheels then cuts out to desk top like I never clicked on the launcher. In fact everything WF related disappears I have verified and optimised from Launcher settings twice. No dice.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. You do realise Nora's ship is a landing craft, not the orbiter?
  4. Psst hate to break it to you but ole Sarge is a world boss, who happens to drop Mag parts. Is he a difficult world boss? Nope. I get what OP wants, but given the current system, fight smarter not harder.
  5. The Sergeant Iliad Phobos 0.000001 seconds TTK.... The End. 10K? Nah mate 7K is more than enough.
  6. Only in game mission time is counted, not time spent on orbiter, dojo or relays.
  7. None I imagine as the game does not log idle time in ship. Only in game time.
  8. Humbly, I would suggest that Veterans also get some recognition in game. It is through their sacrifice, either through putting themselves in harms way or losing their life, that anyone else has the freedom to push their interests. Keep in mind those same Veterans were of all colours, and all sexualities. I suggest that this November 11th, we have some sort of Tenno Remembrance day, complete with a Red Lotus bloom. Plus a dojo memorial or a memorial located on one of the Relays. Lots of unused rooms and sections on those relays after all. It would be a nice way to add some Lore to the Orokin/Tenno history.
  9. In my head cannon, Warframe solar system is the golden age of humanity before it all goes Grim Dark in the Warhammer 40K universe.
  10. Racism is a thing against all people in all societies. Not just people of colour. Check out South Africa. Racism will never be completely irradiated anywhere. It is much less in certain countries over others. Hence so many PoC flock to North America. In any world All lives matter is the ideal. It is heresy to say that All lives matter is an anti black lives matter movement. Why? Because ALL lives matter. that means all people in the human race. That is why I am saying honour George Floyd. It has not be determined if RACE was the issue in his death. It may well have been. It does not make all cops and all police forces in the US racist institutions either as many in the #BLM movement would have many believe. Calling for the death of police personal.
  11. Well done DE. Downloaded the updated. Opitmised, and still get the An updated version of Warframe is available! Please exit and run launcher. I even optimised then rebooted my PC. Same problem.
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