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  1. Perhaps, then again perhaps they took some inspiration from Jaguar, Bentley, Chev, Dodge etc.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the stylised animal ornaments atop the railjacks? I see a Wolf or Fox head, a Shark and a leaping Jaguar/Panther
  3. Check your control settings, and see which key allows you two switch perspectives. I do it on PC all the time to make door clearing easier.
  4. Nekros, as he most closely resembles the theme he represents. A scary reaper of death. As for visually appealing over all? Hmm that is a tough one.
  5. To be fair to the criers, they may not be the same group of people. Many vets who complain the game is too easy will also tell you that you do not need a riven. Overkill is overkill.
  6. Dude, I understand the techobabble just fine. I get the hardware issues, I don't think you do. The millions of data lines you spout, are no different from the millions required to give the community what we just got. Get informed yourself before you try taking the high ground. Editing the loadout slots we do have, is still information storage. If I swap out my Banshee loadout in favour of Atlas, the only difference in information stored is now Atlas will have the weapons loaded out for Banshee. If I swap back to Banshee, I do not lose any of her cosmetic, focus, accessory affects she had pre swaping. Another words, it is still data that is stored on the server. All we are asking for is to have access to that data when we want it. It kinda blows out of the water the excuse "The servers" can't handle it, and saying it is for favourites only, is very thin and flimsy when DE is all for giving us a plethora of choice.
  7. Continue to breath out of your mouth if you like, believe what you like. It is no skin off my nose. You harp about favourites. What is the difference of playing favourite to warframes, when it comes to cosmetics over and above more room to access the warframe you want to play then add cosmetics to? There is no difference. The information stored for either or scenario is no different. Every couple years they increase our cap on loadout slots, but always shy of a full set, which tends to lag behind by 5. Live in your bubble mate, it suits you. Again sir you are being intellectually dishonest in this discussion when you ask when has DE ever lied to us? Yes they do come through more often than not. Typically after their feet have been held to the proverbial fire. There have been many instances of such occurrences past and near present. Yes DE is a cut above many developers. The trust they have garnered from we the gamers is earned, and has to be continued to be earned. Thus again I say, if we don't ask, we don't get. It should matter little to YOU who plays with his three favourite frames. There are many others out there who like to play the field. More than you might realise. Many of whom are paying customers with THEIR special request. Just like for years this recent granted request was denied for the very same reasons they/you spouted earlier. That smacks of .... hypocrisy or false information. Regardless, YOUR NO does not mean DE will not listen and or change their mind in coming updates, and release us more loadout options. Anotherwords, quit letting your knickers get in a twist over something that does not affect you in any way in the slightest.
  8. Except for the fact that all the reasons they gave fly out the window based on the fact their servers would be taxed just as much giving people cosmetic slots over and above the loadout slots. 6 more slots in the grand scheme of things would not tax them any more than this notion of the over 34 frames plus primes we already have, and giving them 3 additional cosmetic and load out options, all at 20 plat a piece. It is Beauvine Scatology and you are being intellectually dishonest arguing otherwise. Believe what you like, it does not make you right. You educate people with rubbish, you sir can keep your glue and do yourself a favour, seal your lips with it.
  9. Psst, You don't ask, you don't get. And the squeeky wheel gets the oil. Again it is not going to trouble you if we ask,and remind them on occasion that it is something some community members would like. NOTHING in this game is for everybody, just as this ask is clearly not for you. Bravo you. Again you carry on. I will do me.
  10. Got an answer for everything eh? With a loadout slot I have easy access to the frame I want with the gear set to and appropriate for that frame when I want to play it. It is called convenience. I fail to see how this "ask" in any way shape or form harms, affects or interrupts your play other than to put your unnecessary two cents in. Thankyou and good day to you sir.
  11. Says you. I do not "Main" any warframe. There is the phrase, "Out of sight, out of mind" I use my load out slots, and have every frame I can manage tucked into one. The ones that don't have a slot, tend to get neglected, until a mood strikes. So yes, I NEED more load outslots as it promotes "diversity" in my play and refamiliarises myself with the varying warframes available.
  12. When will people start taking responsibility for their decisions? If you've been around the block with DE long enough, you know things will happen. When I heard them say off the hop that rivens would change, I did not take it for granted that they would stay the same. Hence why anyone would invest over 1000 p on any riven is beyond me. Farm your kuva if you wish, it is a time investment you choose to do. No one is forcing anyone to use Rivens. Overkill is overkill. No one really needs them. You were forewarned, thus it is incumbent upon yourself to be forearmed.
  13. All this, with the exception to the fact that before rivens were released DE CLEARLY stated that rivens were and are intended to be used on hardly used and under-powered weapons, as well as the fact that the dispositions would be subject to change. DE stated ALL of this upfront and centre. So I don't know why people are crying about their new shiny being worthless when they KNEW going in what would and is happening. There is nothing shady, underhanded or opaque about what they are doing. If people would learn to value things properly and handle their plat better, there would be no problem. Personally, I will not buy any riven for over 150plat, and even that is too much.
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