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  1. Thanks, found it. the UI lay out had me confused.
  2. OP is saying I can not find a means to swap my crew around that fill my crew slots. You can assign 3 crew, you must fully release them, as in they are no longer in your roster if you want to swap to a different crew member that is filling more than one crew slot purchased with plat. Does that sense now mate?
  3. Having fiddled around with the Rail Jack Crew options for a bit, it struck me that there is little option to structure your crew how you would like. We are given the option to purchase additional Crew slots, yet you can not assign purchased and trained crew how you would like. Assign three crew, they are locked in until you release them. They do not get returned to your crew pool. What is the point in giving us the option to buy more crew slots if we can not store them and use them in rotation as we see fit? Unless I am missing something, I think I want my plat back.
  4. Correct you can, and I am asking that they make regular forma able to do that.
  5. @[DE]MeganAgain, some of us would like Universal polarised mod slots for our plexsis, just as we had when Avionics existed. Pre update, we could add any avionic to any slot, as long as we had the capacity. Now not only is our capacity limited, we are locked into builds based on polarity. This is unacceptable DE.
  6. @[DE]MeganWelp, before this update I had a fully maxed out grid with a node filled with an avionic as required. With this mod based plexus, I can slip in 5 fully maxed mods. Sorry DE but that is not good enough. Those polarities should be universal just as the grid was, and the time spent upgrading the grid should be the same for everyone that maxed out the avionics grid. 2 steps forward 5 back. Why should we spend forma on a system that previously did not require anyone to spend more grind time to get forma or spend plat to updgade a system that worked perfectly well?
  7. Agreed. We do know that once DE gets an idea into their heads it can be difficult to get them to change course. I am trying to work within the system they are hell bent for leather going down, to have a modicum of what we liked about the old system. (Compromise)
  8. While I understand you want to simplify and make more accessible the understanding of how Avionics work in Railjack, has the build diversity and flexibility of the system not been considered? The current Avionics system allows you to swap out any module with any other module as long as the node is fully upgraded. As apposed to the modular system where you must spend a forma to "LOCK IN" a polarity to the Avionic module (Now mod) to match and thus reduce capacity costs. It's great you (DE) have decided to include a reactor. I also understand the need for the company to make money, (You've go
  9. Who ever thought that changing the Avionics system to a Warframe polarity system needs a serious talking to. I already spent hours ranking up slots with a viable and valid system, that allowed for fluid and dynamic changes to the build I wanted. My only adaptation I would request is more loadout options to change my configurations more readily. Instead we must now polarise slots (With Forma) to lock in our builds to the slots thus hindering build diversity and variation as we would like. Otherwise you must reforma a slot each time you might want to change. So the ball is now in your cou
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