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  1. Perhaps for the same reason we still revere mythical creatures, as well as creatures of antiquity? Fierce creatures are still recognised for their nobility, ferocity and infamy?
  2. Devils Advocate: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D0baqKTVYAAl7fT.png:large DE you do not get to play the victim here. That is still not an apology owed to Rahetalius or the community. Never mind the harm done to those that have been affected by the toxic moderators or your handling of the situation over the years. It comes across as a half hearted admission of guilt. If you really want to fix this situation you must owe up to the error, explain to the community what you have learned from this, and how we plan to fix it. Keeping it humble is how you earn back trust with a community. You've seemed to forget that. I as a Canadian was ashamed by the DE Staff response to Rahtalius' video's. It was despicable, and really displayed how you've forgotten how to keep it humble. We as your community are expected to abide by your terms of service. However those terms were applied discriminatingly when it suited your moderation teams whim's. The silent majority of people wish to come to a mature game to play the game, and not have to deal with SJW/Identity Politics, Marxists doctrines etc, which you DE allowed to infiltrate your moderation team. You forget that those moderators represent you. The blame then goes to you. You too must be held accountable for your actions no matter how distasteful it may seem. Yes public executions are ugly, the irony is, I've watched DEStaff publicly execute people coming to the forums asking about why they were banned, only to have their game or chat vacations extended. How are we to know that they were not banned on the whim of those moderators corrupted rules? Particularly when those people were set up to come to the forums asking for clarification by the support desks tasked to handle these problems. It is hypocritical is it not? It shows a severe disregard for transparency or community care. Let's keep in mind the antics that go on in devstreams and prime time would get you all band from region chat by these same moderators if you were not DE Staff. Personally, I enjoy the innuendo and adult banter. It is an adult game played by adults for the most part. The problem is, identity politics and double standards have been allowed to fester into our community, and DE you are being called to task for it. Those PC police are a vocal minority. Remember the silent majority that support your game? We are being silent no longer. We love this community DE, we love what you have created. We are reminding you of that. You have strayed a wee bit; we are setting you right again. If you recognise that, and think upon it you would realise that. If you really want this to go away, make a public apology to all involved. Own it. Explain in clear detail what went wrong and how you will fix it in a transparent manner. Then do not let it happen again. You will find that you would gain more community support faster and truer than posting platitudes. Remember, keep it humble.
  3. Bravo, intellectual dishonesty at it's finest. My question is why do we have "Feminism" in the first place? Why can we not be humanist? The 3rd and 4th wave Feminists care nothing about Equality. They want power with out responsibility. Do some research.
  4. Do you have Rhino? Stomp. Do you have Loki? Invisibility along with Ivara and her Sleep Arrows, or Shade. Do you have Harrow or Khora? Chain them up. Do you have Inaros? Pocket Sand, or how about Frost? Freeze them in place. Do you have a Melee weapon? Slam attack to stun them in place. Do you have Limbo? Stasis, or Gara, Vitrify. There is more than one way to scan those kitties easy. If you include a drop chance and resource booster, you can vastly increase that very generous 25% and also double what you get. If you use a Helios with the scan doubler, you get twice as many scans. Don't forget there is usually more than one kitty roaming around in their pride. Throw in a Smeeta and you may get more than double. 25% is more than generous, I have more genetic codes than I know what to do with from the old 15% just by doing what I described above. DE should not hand everything to us on a silver platter. Sometimes you have to work for it.
  5. Have some faith in DE. Try not to be a Chicken Little. The Sky is not falling. DE will take our feed back into account as they have said time and again through out the history of Warframe. You want proof of that? Khora was to be released as an IPS frame with the release of a revised damage system It did not happen. Why? Because DE listened to our feed back and retracted it. Melee, and weapon swapping need an update. It looks like on paper DE have come up with a good idea. Let's give it a try. If we do not like it, DE will either tweek it, as I am sure there will be tweeks, or scrap it all together. Relax. DE will see us right.
  6. Short answer, when they get around to it. Hurry up and wait. We may not like it, but it is reality. DE will never give you a concrete time frame, and you should know that by now. It was suggested it would be sometime this year.
  7. Does anyone watch the Devstreams? It was talked about last devstream. Harping on about it will not make it happen any faster than what was explained in the last devstream.
  8. @[DE]Megan Fixed Clients not receiving credit towards the Vallis Spelunker Challenge. This is still not working correctly. I went through every cave, nook and cranny twice, and the achievement did not drop.
  9. @[DE]Megan The new time delay for spawning in the conservation animal now has them not turning up at all. You can make the call, you may or may not hear a reply even if you are told to get your tranq gun ready, and still no creature will show up.
  10. Hunting Pobbers is not working. You can sleep arrow them with Ivara, but tranquilizing them is out of the question. You can be point blank or try and capture them with out it, neither will work.
  11. If Limbo is to be the master of the rift, then why not give him options on stasis? Do the Ivara arrow/ Vauban grenade trick with his stasis. He would have the option for full traditional stasis or the friendly fire half duration at the press of a button. It is an easy solution that would keep everyone happy and make Limbo more of a team player in all situations.
  12. Why not give limbo an Ivara/ Vauban treatment for stasis? Let his 2 toggle between half duration friendly fire allowed and then the full stasis for those pesky riven challenges and traditional Limbo play style? Everyone wins, everyone is happy.
  13. I know you're new to the game and all, but you really need to learn more about warframes. Trinity pre Link rubbish has always been wanted and needed. Bless and EV were and are her bread and butter. The recent addition of ESO gave her a new angle with the Nuking Link. DE has stated she was not intended as a DPS Frame.
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