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  1. The clue is in the word "Secret". I figured it out that I would NOT know what weapon I would get, but that an ephemora of some sort would be forthcoming. Thus you have a choice, take the larvaling and see what you get, or you can slave trade it to someone for plat. TLDR I think the mechanics are working correctly, but if you complain long enough or loud enough DE may change it down the road.
  2. @[DE]DrewI have the same problem. Purchased the $64 pack just around announcement time (22 April 21). Baro is at his regular relay on Larunda, no show for me on Earth Tennocon relay. I even logged out and back into game to see if it would help. Nope.
  3. It's called a twitch app for your cell phone, let it run while you work. Or do the same for your PC at home if you have someone who can make sure the stream starts on twitch for you.
  4. Except for the fact that laundry list of problems that have accrued for 8 years that DE has chosen not to fix. Sounds to me like a self inflicted wound on DE's part that they could chose to start fixing, as asked for for the past.... 8 years.
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