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  1. You think someone is planning a DDOS attack on DE. That is what happened when they made the Prisma Skana "available" again a few years ago. It did not stop DE then, why would they change now?
  2. DE has NO responsibility for your trading practices. End of. You trade at your own risk. You know what someone is asking for in trade. YOU chose to accept the price or not. You're worried about Exclusivity, when you have been told on this thread, that Exclusive only applies to the Founders Pack. Nothing else. I swear mate you really like to practice selective comprehension. I will lay this out for you as clearly as I can one last time. DE IS NOT responsible in any way shape or form for your in game trading practices. They provided the forum to trade and that is it. DE is responsible for their trading and financial practices between THEM and the PLAYERS. You have been playing this game for just under 3 years, some of us have been playing for 5, to 8 years. We have ALL had access to these forums and devstreams. You can find multiple threads in history explaining the very arguments you are trying to make and why they are wrong. Only the founders pack is EXCLUSIVE. Only it has real financial value. Trading a founders account is a bannable offence. It does not matter if DE waited 3 years, 6 years or 7 years to make something that was NEVER exclusive, available again. That is on wait for it... YOU. You chose to accept something that has never been claimed to be exclusive and allowed it in YOUR mind to be worth a ridiculous value. Again, this has been explained to you multiple times, as you ask "where?". It is time you log off these forums. Reflect on your bad decisions. Accept your own responsibly for them, and understand you have you yourself ALONE to blame. You will not get validation or sympathy from people here. This game is mostly played by adults. They behave as adults. It is time you did the same.
  3. I put money into this game. A lot of money. I never ever payed over 2000p for anything in this game either. DE is not responsible for your trading habits. YOU chose to accept a ridiculous price for a crap item. DE has warned you multiple times about Exclusivity. YOU chose to accept the responsibility for items traded between you and another player. That is why DE does not interfere in the silly trade for Riven Mods. Another ridiculously priced commodity that people KNOW will fluctuate in viability every 3 months. It was made publicly known this is and would be the case. Many who spend that kind of plat trade for it and put very little financially purchased plat into the transaction. Those that do, should and likely know the risk they are taking. DE takes responsibility for financial transactions that occur between themselves and the player. They are NOT responsible for your bad financial decisions between you and another player. This is where you should step away from this conversation and take time to reflect on this reality, and accept responsibility for your own decisions. This has NOTHING to do with DE and their culpability in the matter. They are not culpable.
  4. You don't get it do you? YOU HAVE NO argument. It has been explained to you many times. You refuse to let it sink into your thick skull. Ever stop to think YOU might be wrong, accept responsibility for your decisions, and learn from them? Calling a spade a spade is exactly that. I don't give a flying fig, nor does anyone else. Your complaint is moot. The reasons for why it is moot have been explained repeatedly. YOU just don't like what you are hearing. This thread needs to be locked up.
  5. If it was bought for collectors purposes and you have one, then you have no reason to worry do you? Yay You! You have primed chamber. Now everyone else can have it to as "Promised" by DE in many devstreams and Forum threads past.
  6. Those are a given as I said founder's pack, but all good.
  7. Roger that, that to me means you are as thick as two planks. If you have not figured out the reality of your situation, other than crying over your own piss poor decision making. It confirms you are willyfully ignorant. More power you mate. This thread is dead. DE will not change their minds about it. Get over it.
  8. I would wager that most of those people that saved plat for primed chamber did not purchase much plat, instead traded for it. Thus in reality they did not really lose any real monetary value from DE's decisions. For those that DID pay real cash to supliment the cost of 50K worth of plat, again, that is their bad decision making.
  9. Pssst, seeing as you appear to still be "New" to Warframe, I will let you in on the little secret about exclusivity. Only ONE item is exclusive in Warframe, that is Excalibur Prime and the Founders Pack. Nothing else. Nada, Bupkis, Zip, Zero, Zilch, is exclusive in this game. If you have not figured out that little tid bit secret by now, then you sir were willfully ignorant or just plain ole telling porky pies. That means if you are stupid enough to invest over 150 plat for ANY mod, then it is on you when said mod takes a tweak or re release. Hell there are Riven mods with better stats than that over priced garbage that work ALL the time for a range of weapons. 50K for Primed Chamber? You are out of your freaking tree.
  10. You mean there was an abolition of the slave trade? Score one for the Lich.
  11. @[DE]Rebecca Thankyou for listening. It took longer than it should but we got there. As an addendum to what is proposed here, would it be possible to chose the element we keep for the weapon we are Valencing? Say a Brakk with toxin, is being combined with a Brakk with cold. We can choose to go either toxin or cold as the final combination? Also, and this might be a fair compromise for DE and the players; there's been a fair few complaints regarding forma to upgrade the weapon mod capacity to max. Would it be possible to upgrade the weapons with each forma added, up to 60%; the reason being compromise as there are people that do buy forma bundles. It would be a win win for DE and players alike. It also gives players options, upgrade through forma, or go for a duplicate if they do not wish to waste a forma on the weapon. Otherwise, this coming update is a breath of fresh air and a very good step in the right direction.
  12. Wrong mate. There was a suction on that tank (See the thick hose connected to the unseen pump to the tank?) creating a vacuum in the vessel where the exterior pressure exerted on the exterior of the tank is greater than the pressure exerted on the interior of the tank. Out in space which is a Vacuum, a decompression of our ship would at the worst create a .... wait for it.... equilibrium of vacuum state in the interior of the ship. It is basic physics.
  13. Thanks Razyen, much appreciated. I am taking my wallet with me too. Surprisingly it seems a few more wallets are leaving too. Be sure to keep us posted how things work out in the future when the money slowly evaporates?
  14. Hmm well that is the thing isn't it. People do care. They have talked until they were blue in the face. So they walk away. Already ahead of you mate. If you read carefully, you will have read, I packed up my toys and my wallet and am taking the exit stage right.
  15. Yep, pretty much this. Everything DE has asked of or from its community, it is considered "Hyperbole" now. We can make all of the fantastic, logical, helpful suggestions that would improve our collective game experience, and it will just go ignored. Someone suggested DE has been around for 7 years, that this is their only game. DE will not let it go down in flames. Well, I have news for you. DE and Warframe were not just made by DE. It took a COMMUNITY to get it on its feet. It took a community and their faith in DE to do the right thing, and invest in DE to make it what it could become. I do not like what it HAS become. Just as a community can giveth, so it can taketh away. Check out how well BioWare and Bethesda are doing. They traded on their banked community good will too. Both companies are far larger than DE. It really does not matter what DE wants, if we (the community) are not in harmony with it, some may hunker down and stick it out, others will leave. I have read and been told by more than one Sir Galahad that Warframe is a Free to play game. Very true that. But this here Whale has payed for his play. So if I am to pick up my toys and go home, I guess I will take my wallet with me. The game pays for itself after all right? When enough whales leave, how will that work out? Hmm get back to me on that one will you? Suffice to say, I am not a happy camper with how Warframe is going. The Devs are NOT listening. There is a community divide and DE seems to go out of their way to make it bigger. Good luck with that. Since October 2017 when DE got their Time Square Claim to Fame, their attitude to the community that built them has gone down the toilet as fast as a kavat can spin the roll. Maybe when DE gets their act together and attitude adjusted, I will bring my wallet back with me. Not until then however. In the mean time, I am done. I am signing out.
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