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  1. Point and fly straight is not a hard thing to do out on the open world. There is no fancy flying mechanics required. Most adults have the basics down from playing vid3eo games back in the 1970's. Second Mr 6 is not exactly inexperienced either. I had one with me the other day doing Thermia Fracs, chasing me on my Archwing on his Kdrive as I leveled up my Mech. So every second frac I would have to fly out to grab another canister for him. Boy it would have been nice if he could have flown himself. If an Mr 0 wants to go into the open world, which I think is a baseless argument anyway as they
  2. @[DE]RebeccaWould it be possible to give those of us with the infinite and the buildable archwing launches to be able to equip both please? Too often I have gone into pugs open world where I come across a fellow baby Tenno that does not have an Archwing Launcher of their own. I have 4K of the bloody things built and I would like to be able to share them out in the field on such occasions. This would be especially useful on the Vallis when new Tenno would like to participate in events such as Thermia Fractures going after coolant canisters and then traversing the immense terrain set to get t
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Neither Bone Widow or Voidrig Hover works with the Space Key VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: This bug has existed since the past two hotfixes. I tested it on Bonewidow and the Voidrig to confirm. When jumping and trying to hover, the space bar hover function fails. EXPECTED RESULT: Press Space bar after jumping, will hover. OBSERVED RESULT: After jumping from a flat or off a cliff face, hitting space bar fails to activate the hover jets. REPRODUCTION RATE:Since the past 2 hotfixes, no hovering is available as host or client.
  4. Being able to add or move a room with out "Child Components" being a restriction would be grand. -Seating pads, to have your characters and NPC's sit, or lay down on designed furniture. -Toggleable light levels: On, Dimmed range, to off. Take a look what Elder Scrolls Online has done to their housing editor as some inspiration also -Pathed NPC roots for NPC's to walk around. -Location and range of placed decorations in a room so that they can be identified, then retrieved or edited menu. (Sometimes objects and decorations get misplaced or hidden in walls, especially in Orbiter.
  5. The frame determines the type of status it will have. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich This will help you.
  6. @[DE]Megan Thanks, but now I have to spend a bloody forma and 25-40 minutes of my time to unpolarise a slot. 7 Forma in already at Rank 37 on the mech, and you gave me an extra vazarin polarity I did not need. Is there any way you can remove a Vazarin polarity from my mech please and just give me the forma? That would be a treat. Thanks
  7. Would you please look up the word "Cringe"? It is cringe to see people use it incorrectly.
  8. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Having left off last night with my Bonewidow ranked 35 heading to rank 38, I went into a Thermia Fracture to finish it off an drop my last forma into it. I check my progress window about half way through the mission, and no Bonewidow progress is visible. Great I think, perhaps it is done. I finish mission to find I regressed in progress. Down to 33. This is not the first time this has happened. Do a complete mission, and have it regress back to Zero affinity. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: Has happened before. Gone back to Zero affinity progression in
  9. You do recall how the SE will drop now right? How much of a spawn rate do you think they will give the Acolytes? My Telepathetic powers tell me that a blue moon would have a greater chance of occurring yearly,(Slight exaggeration of course, but not far from the truth.)So yeah 100 SE will be just fine with DE,as the number of Acolyte spawns will be far less than the Eximus spawns we currently have. I would love to be wrong.
  10. The last thing we need is a wannabe Slaanesh Noise Marine.
  11. I have been getting a skewed distortion divide line through my screen when in motion, (Screen Tearing) panning the camera or bullet jumping. Every movement cause the distortion to move down the screen, top to bottom. It is like the image is folded in on itself at the divide line. Motion blur switched off Vsync switch off. Classic or Beta engine, this motion blur occurs.
  12. Since the new update with the graphics engine, I have been getting a folded image, where the top and bottom of the divide line is skewed or folded over from one another. It occurs when in motion, or panning the camera back and forth. It starts at the top of the screen and progresses down as I pan the camera back and forth. I have motion blur set to off, it occurs now in either Classic or Beta Engine mode. I have adjusted various settings, and no dice. OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer M
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