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  1. I have the same "issue" however it could be a case of DE getting ahead of themselves, in that we do have the infested guns coming which will use the SU weapon parts. Hurry up and wait.
  2. Still have not learned when it comes to conservation have you DE? Avivhea call points with overhead canopies do NOT work in your game. The prey either does not spawn or gets caught up in the canopy, never to be seen. Why not keep it simple and let the critters be in open air? That and make the tranq gun tracker indicate if it is pointed in the right direction, just like the mining tool? Failing that why not play test the call points yourselves and see for yourself what the problems are with these call points?
  3. Marked for Death does not work as labeled or advertised, hence forth it is now renamed Marked for Tickles.
  4. Oh Goody, Marked for Death no longer works as advertised. Marked for "Death" will now be renamed Marked for Tickles.
  5. For Railjack? Yes they buggered off on Vacation. Now, to top it off, after the evidence of two game breaking hotfixes, DE decided to take the long weekend off instead of trying to fix the mess they created. Now it looks like it maybe Friday before we see a fix to anything. I would like to be wrong.
  6. That is not exactly my point. My point is I have seen and been through many ridiculous bugs, this is the first time that "I"have found the game (vaults in particular) to be unplayable after 2 hotfixes broke the game worse than when it was initially released. That is insane and going over and above silly. I am glad you are having your fun. More power to you mate. I wished to continue playing Warframe because I wished to experience the new vault content. I am being denied that content because DE went and broke it to an unplayable state for me. Though it may not make any difference to you, I p
  7. That is all well and good for you, however since the last two hotfixes, for me, every mission(Vault Run mainly, but open world in general), I either fall through the world, it is hit or miss if /unstuck would work, and you only get one shot before a cool down on that, archwing up, and then still get stuck in the oustside mesh of the world, have your warframe disappear,even when not using channeled abilities, ala Vauban. or between vaults have an invalid launch point for your archwing, though there is a hit or miss work around for that by deploying your K drive first. I have suffered through
  8. You're not the only one either mate. I played Vauban, between losing my frame, and falling through the map regularly, all since the last two hotfixes, this is the first time in 5 years that I will claim that Warframe is now unplayable. It is disgusting. I wanted to play vaults iover the long weekend, nope, Warframe is so broken right now, I won't touch it again until DE fixes their mess.
  9. Not sure if this has been asked for or not, but for the mod Necramech Hydraulics, may we have a tap to half jump, and hold to full jump feature please, or a space bar sensitive jump mechanic. Pounding a mech's head into the ceiling for every jump gets old. Thanks
  10. You're not the only one. Mind falling through the map has been a thing since Rail Jack, maybe longer. It has got worse since the latest update.
  11. TYPE: Launcher for Archwing often fails after transference out of mech. DESCRIPTION: The hot key nor the gear wheel will activate the Archwing. This often happens after completing Vault 2, but was also found to occur in the Orb Vallis whilst doing fractures. Jumping out of your mech into either operator form then into warframe or direct into warframe, the launcher will indicated "Invalid Launch point for several minutes. VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: This occurs regularly, not just in Vaults but other open world where the mech ca
  12. Would it be possible when in Operator form to have a Tap 5 to have the Warframe come to the Operator, and Hold 5 for the Operator to return to the Warframe, same feature for a Mech, but perhaps a separate button like 6? It would make some of the Shenanigans dealing with the vaults more bearable, whilst giving us more Operator utility. We have the technology after all.
  13. Lag for 30 seconds on Necramech call down, happens consistently with all iso vault runs I have done. After thirty seconds, necramech synchronizes back to regular speed and action. Completing iso vaults can cause Arch wing launcher to fail call downs, happens rather often, between iso vaults 2 and 3. Invalid launch point. Unable to get inside Vaults unless persistently pushing through the door. Results include black out screen and reset to door entrance. Usually after the 2 to 3rd attempt you can get in. If you are in a necro mech and transferance out to operator mode, then try to get bac
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